Android apps to hide an app

The best Android apps to hide apps

Have you been seeking to know the list of the best apps hiding applications for Android devices? If yes, then this article is made for you.

A lot of people out there using the app hiding apps on their android phones have different reasons why they want to hide their apps. But all these centers on “PRIVACY SECURITY PURPOSE”

In this post, you will get the list of The best Android apps to hide apps that you can use in getting your privacy secured even if someone else is with your phone.

What do we mean by Android app to hide apps?

The apps we are talking about here are those apps that will help you to lock or hide your other apps on the phone (Android). By hiding your apps, especially Bank apps, you are making it difficult for anyone to access your account.

As the word, “Privacy” has no meaning for some, it is on you to find the perfect guard for your important apps. Some people will never ask for permission before accessing all sent and received messages on your social media apps. To correct that, we have a series of apps that perform these functions, but today, we will be analyzing just 7 of such apps that help you hide your apps from prying eyes.

The best Android Apps to hide Apps

Below here, you will see the list of the top 7 best android app you can use in hiding apps in your android phones. They are;

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1. Vault

If you check on Google Play Store, Vault is one of the apps you can use for apps hiding. One of the major reasons is that it has the highest number of downloads, about 100 Million plus and still counting. Opps! That alone should tell you that it’s unarguably the best app hiding app for android users.

Other than the app hiding/locking feature which is the most conspicuous one, users of Vault can as well hide their private photos, videos on your phone. Literally saying, the app has an advanced and secure folder feature to store and sensitively conceal your vital information.

2. AppLock Pro

Developed by Eywin Apps, the AppLock Pro android app is another android app hiding application that you can count on to hide any apps that you do not want to be found. This app has over 10 million users on the Play Store, which is enough to make it to the list of the best android apps to hide apps.

There are several features embedded, but the most loved by downloaders of the app include Spy Camera, Lock Features, Fake Error Message, and AppLock Lock Timer. The app also has a user-friendly interface to make things easier for its users to access.

3. Calculator Vault: App Hider – Hide Apps

The calculator vault app is another best-rated Android apps hiding app that has a wide number of users. On Play Store, the app has about 4.4 stars Reviews and over 10 million downloads. The apps hider has lots of features that you can make use of, they include Password protection, Hide apps from recent, Hide Videos and play Videos, and many more.

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So, if you’ve been looking for a good App Hider for your android phone, then I will recommend that you try using the Calculator vault. It remains one of the most sought on the Store and the over 10 million users can’t be all wrong.

4. Clock Vault

Clock vault is a digital product of WS Infotech which was developed to help android users to hide their intended apps. Clock Vault is a great privacy protection app that can help you mask things you want to keep from prying eyes. Your pictures and videos can be hidden so no one will be able to view them. Aside from that, apps like gallery, contact, email app, messenger, browser, and many more can also be hidden from people’s thumbs.

Its description on Play Store has it that the app allows you to hide photos, videos, apps, and generally any stored file on your phone that you wish to hide. And this has been confirmed to be true after a thorough check out.

5. Ultra AppLock

Ultra AppLock is another mobile app that is good for hiding other android apps in it. The app has some advanced features for app hiding and over 10 million people are using Ultra AppLock worldwide. Ultra app lock is easy to use and mobile-friendly for everyone.

The app is good for all-around protection as it does not only protect your installed apps but also goes as far as giving in default apps some guard. If you have been finding it difficult to hide apps like SMS, Photo, Note, etc, maybe you are yet to discover Ultra AppLock.

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It also has some outstanding features that Users are going to love, they include the following – Break-in Alerts, Disguise Lock, Fake Icon, Battery Saver, Invisible patterns, etc.

6. App Hider

With this app on your phone, you can hide some of the android apps that you don’t want others to access when they are with your phone. Having such privilege will bar anyone from using services they are not allowed to do so. App Hider is very reliable to keep your important apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Messenger from the reach of anyone.

Another great feature you will get from the app is being able to clone apps for multiple usages. This could save you some space on your phone as you will be able to install an app with two great features on your Smartphone.

We find App Hider good at doing what it says it does and is no doubt of the best Hiding Apps you can use to hide any app you do not want people to find easily.

7. App Icon Hider

ThinkYeah Mobile is the developer of App Icon Hider. However, if you are searching on Google Play Store, its display name is “Hide App – Hide Application Icon” and it has over 10 million downloads with about 68, 000 reviews from its users.

The Apps Hiding App is free even with all the features that make a great hiding app present in it. Among the key features of the app are being able to backup and restore your data, phone boost, and cache clean feature. Not many have these great features, this is why the app will always remain one of the Best Free Android Apps To Hide Apps.

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