How to become a bet9ja agent

How to Become a Bet9ja Agent (Betting Shop Business)

People have always looked for ways to earn easy money online, and betting has been one option that provides them an opportunity to earn ‘free money’ by just predicting outcomes/scores for a game. Bet9ja is the most popular sports betting platform in Nigeria. Turning in over ₦5,000,000 in placed bet slips daily; they’re ranked among the world’s top 100 casino platforms.

Bet9ja has up to 5,000 sporting events and up to 10,000 football games in a week that capture the attention of interested customers. They are the biggest in the country, and the best at what they do; they have succeeded in providing an excellent and quality betting experience for their customers.

Being a large company, they often need agents to promote and handle most of their walk-in betting shops. These agents are often well-compensated because they earn according to the number of bets they place on behalf of customers for a given period.

Who is a Bet9ja Agent?

A bet9ja agent is any person who has been given a license or authorization or permission by the bet9ja company to operate a bet9ja outlet. They are charged with the task of:

  1. Directing customers on how they should place their bets.
  2. Aid old and new customers in placing their bets.
  3. Pass information to customers about odds and games they can bet on, new sporting games available to be betted on, promo available to them, and advising customers about their bet options.
  4. Host virtual bet sessions for the customers
    Educating his customers on betting opportunities.
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They also receive a certain commission from all bets made by customers in his shop. This means that the more his customers, the more the gains.

You may be interested in becoming a bet9ja agent, and you don’t know how to go about it, or you know how but you find the process too complicated for you. Here we will be telling you how to become an agent in very simple steps that will not tire you out.

How to Start a Bet9ja Shop Business and become an agent

Step #1 Fill out a Bet9ja Agent Registration Form.

The bet9ja registration form can be obtained from a bet9ja office or on the bet9ja official website;, where you click on the register button and fill out a form. When you are done filling out the form, you submit it.

Step #2 Get a Shop or Space.

While getting the space, you need to consider a few things like geographical location and space because the shop would be reviewed during the approval process. So go for a place in a well-populated area, a place with a fairly large space to avoid overcrowding, and a place that is not near other bet9ja shops.

Step #3 Submit the Relevant Documents.

The bet9ja administrator’s offices would request some documents during the registration process, which should be submitted appropriately. You shouldn’t leave out any of the documents requested by the office.

Step #4 Wait for Inspection.

After you have submitted your documents, you will wait for the bet9ja office to send any of their representatives to come and review/inspect your shop location or office space. If it meets their approval standards, then you are just on your way to earning daily income.

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Step #5 Interview.

Once you pass the inspection, you would be invited or reached out to by a bet9ja representative asking you a few questions that would give them an insight into how you plan to run your business – your bet9ja outlet. If they are satisfied with your answer, you will be considered for employment.

Step #6 Signing of Contract.

After satisfying the requirements for acceptance, a bet9ja agent contract will be offered to you. You should review the contract to see if it meets your terms and conditions before you seal it with your signature. After signing the bet9ja agent contract, you would be required to pay a certain amount (₦75,000) which qualifies you to get a bet9ja account. Some thermal printers would be used to print bet slips, a bet9ja advert or display banner that you would place in front of your store, and most importantly, a training where you would be taught how the betting business works for both physical and virtual games.


Opening a Bet9ja Shop is pretty straightforward. The only thing that may be a little problem is finding a good location. For most people in Lagos, it could be challenging as most places have been taken. Notwithstanding, anywhere you might find as long as it satisfies the requirements, you are always good to go with your bet9ja business.

It may surprise you to know that it is not everyone who fills out the agent registration form who gets to become a bet9ja agent. Only when you have completed the steps above that you become a verified bet9ja agent.

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