Bolt Inspection Centers in Abuja

Bolt Inspection Centers in Abuja: FCT Address List 

There is a growing number of Bolt Inspection Centers in Abuja now set up to find the current conditions of vehicles that will be operating under Bolt.

Being a bolt driver is one of the ways one can engage in a money-making venture. With just a little effort, one can make NGN 70,000 to N100, 000 in a month which is more than what most businesses or jobs can offer.

The starting point is usually the most difficult which always involves taking some steps to become a bolt driver in Nigeria. Among those steps, there will be a need to give up your vehicle for checks at any of their approved bolt centers in Abuja.

Therefore, we will be providing you with a thorough guide on what to expect, and the nearest inspection center in FCT.

Why is Inspection necessary as a Bolt Driver?

Quality service is always expected as long as you are with Bolt. The company will always prioritize quality and customer satisfaction with the focus of ensuring the safety of everyone including you.

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When customers have faith in an enterprise, this can lead to an increase in demands which could bring about more earnings.

In Abuja, finding a place to get your vehicle inspected for quality is not that difficult. Most of the checks will involve the working conditions of the cars, the parts, cosmetic checks, and other things that are needed to be put in place.

How much is Bolt Inspection Fee in Abuja?

To get your vehicle inspected by an Inspection Agent at their respective location, you are to make a payment of N1200.

The inspection team is open for business from Monday to Saturday between the hours of 9 am to 5 pm. Endeavor to go early to avoid having to wait a bit due to the long queues of drivers that might be waiting for similar services.

Requirements for Bolt Inspection in the FCT

  1. All vehicle documents must be carried along.
  2. Both old and new bolt drivers are also expected to carry their driver’s licence.
  3. The vehicle must not have a noticeable dent and scratch.
  4. The Air Conditioner, headlights, and horn must be in perfect condition.

Steps to get your vehicle inspected at the Bolt Inspection Center in Abuja

1. Check your Vehicle beforehand

Before taking your vehicle for checks and approval, the wisest thing is to do some investigation on your own to determine its chance of being approved fit to convey passengers.

As you might have known, they are one of the most important steps. If your vehicle does not pass the test, it will not be approved on the Bolt Platform. Endeavour to look through and find out if there are things out of place and provide possible solutions.

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Things that will be investigated are shared below:

1. Suspension and Brakes: what are the conditions of the brakes and suspension? These are among those important checks that will be conducted to ensure that lives and properties are protected.

The inspection agent will conduct a test on the conditions of shocks, vehicle alignment, park light engagement, and grinding noise. If they were passed, it is not over as more tests still need to be conducted.

2. Functionality: How are the turn indicators, headlights, brake lights, and dashboard electrical components performing? These are to be looked at thoroughly by the Agent in charge at the Abuja Inspection centre.

3. Electrical components functionalities: Inspection will also be conducted on some components of the vehicle such as mat conditions, AC, mirror, windscreen wipers, car horns, vehicle stereo, and whether the car is odor free.

4. Fluid level check: The inspection agent will also conduct an investigation on the fluid level of the vehicle to find out if they are exactly as they should be. Checks on engine coolant, brake fluid, automatic transmission fluid, windshield washer fluid, cabin air filter, and power steering fluid will be conducted.

5. Safety check: For the safety of the driver and passengers, the agent will also examine and ensure that spare tyre, fire extinguisher, jack & accessories, and hazard warning triangle are available.

6. Cosmetic check: Badly damaged or dented vehicles won’t be allowed on the Bolt platform, so the vehicle interior and exterior will be inspected. Therefore, expect these areas to be checked thoroughly and also ensure that your vehicle is clean as well.

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2. Locate the nearest Bolt Inspection Centre in Abuja

There are not many Bolt Inspection Centers in Abuja when you compare it with Lagos State, but the available ones are in strategic positions making it easy for anyone to locate one near them.

If you have confirmed that everything is in place with your vehicle, the next step is checking out the bolt inspection centre close to you. Notwithstanding, we will have a list prepared for you to make things easier.

3. Make Payment

You will need to pay N1200 before being provided service by the FCT inspection agent. Failure to do so will mean you won’t be attended to.

After payment, then the inspection will commence the operation. Once completed, an Autogenius inspection report will be sent to your email box.

4. Upload your report if you are an existing bolt driver

After inspection, an inspection report saved in a PDF file will be forwarded to your email. Retrieve it and upload it to the driver portal on your bolt mobile app.

The doc is to be scanned or snapped using a clear camera. Find an editing app on your App Store to shape it before uploading it. The report is only valid for 6 months.

List of Bolt Inspection Centers in Abuja

Below are the addresses of where you can get your vehicle inspected as a Bolt Driver in FCT:

1. 2350 Ahmadu Bello Way Gudu

2350 Ahmadu Bello way, House 27 Autos Gudu Abuja.

2. AFEME Workshop

AFEME Workshop, Mogadishu Cantonment Asokoro, Abuja.

3. B0759 Katampe District, Katampe Road, Jahi, Abuja

Behind PPAFan (Precious Peoples Assembly For All Nations Church, the Junction before next Cash & Carry by ABC Cargo

4. Esides Workshop

Plot PFS 5 Kubwa 2nd gate tipper garage, Kubwa, Abuja.

5. Jak Autoworld

Lebrex plaza 47 Ajose Adeogun street utako.


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