how to borrow airtime or data on 9mobile

How to borrow airtime and data on 9mobile 2023

What do you do when you run out of airtime or data on 9mobile network especially when you are in a remote location? Do you just wait till you are able to purchase airtime or borrow a phone?

It does hurt a lot when you are in the middle of something only to have them stopped due to lack of airtime/data. Luckily, 9mobile grants you a pass to borrow airtime and data. This service allows you to pay back anytime you want.

On 9mobile, you can borrow N50, N100, N200, N500, N1,000 & N2000 but the amount each individual is likely to borrow depends on how frequently he or she recharges.

For someone whose recharge is never above N100, the loan amount allowed to be borrowed on 9mobile network might not be more than N50 to N100. Therefore, just like most loan providers in Nigeria, what you can borrow will depend on the frequency and value as well.

Having a good credit score is a key to get even more on 9mobile. Therefore, load airtime, buy data, purchase products, keep your line active and you might just be in a position to get as much as N2000 airtime or data loan on 9mobile.

Benefits of borrowing on 9mobile network

  1. It is easy and convenient to access.
  2. Customers can borrow up to N2,000
    9mobile loan can be accessed via SMS or USSD option.
  3. Pay back using recharge card vouchers or an electronic top-up.
  4. Data and airtime can be borrowed on this platform.
  5. Payback anytime and any day.
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What are the charges for borrowing on 9mobile

Just like every business, especially loan, there are charges attached to the loan. This is to enable the company to pay for the cost of running the business.

9mobile charges 15% on every airtime or data borrowed. The amount is deducted immediately you recharge your 9mobile number. In the event that the airtime is not enough to pay for the full cost and charge, your loan will run until full payment is completed.

How to check if you are eligible to borrow 9mobile airtime or data

Customers who wish to borrow data or airtime will be able to check their status using the code provided by 9mobile. This code provides you with information about your eligibility including the airtime or data you can borrow.

To confirm how much you can borrow from 9mobile network, dial *665# or send ‘status‘ in SMS format to ‘665

How to get 9mobile airtime/data and pay later

This is not a cheat but part of the business strategy to improve her relationship with the customers.
Customers are allowed to borrow data and airtime on 9mobile/Etisalat as long as they are qualified, to borrow airtime or data from 9mobile, follow the following steps;

  • Ensure you are a very active 9mobile subscriber by using and paying for products.
  • Dial *665# from your phone.
  • Check eligibility by replying with 2.
  • Reply with 0 to go back to the main menu.
  • Reply with 1 or 2. 1 for borrow airtime and 2 for borrow data.
  • Select 4 to enable loans.
  • After enabling loan, reply with 1 to choose your loan amount.
  • Use the various options available on the menu to suit your needs.
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