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How To Borrow Airtime From Airtel, Glo, 9mobile And MTN

We all have been a situation whereby we run out of credit and still need to make urgent calls or send messages.

The good thing is that Telecommunications (Airtel, Glo, 9mobile and MTN) have made sure this is temporary by allowing us to borrow Credit or Airtime as you may call it.

You are probably thinking you can recharge straight from your bank? What happens in the event of no network or internet access and you still need to get things done.

There is no harm in knowing how to borrow airtime from any of the networks you choose to use. It provides assurance that you can never be stuck when you need it most.

Be it known that the networks have different requirements you are to meet before allowing you to borrow Airtime or Credit.

In this post, we will able to provide you with the way you can successfully borrow Airtime from Mtn, Glo, 9mobile, and Airtel.

What you should know before borrowing Airtime on MTN, Airtel, Glo & 9mobile

Borrowed Airtime cant be used to subscribe for a data plan or any other services that may be rendered by your Network Provider other than Calls or SMS.

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There is 10% to 15% attached as service charge depending on the Network Provider. i.e when you borrow NGN100 on 10% service charge, you will only get NGN90.

Airtime loaned to you will immediately be deducted immediately you recharge your account.

How MTN Users can borrow airtime

Eligible Customers on MTN are allowed to borrow Airtime when their account balance is too to continue On-going calls.

The borrow airtime can be used for all chargeable activities.

Requirements to borrow on MTN

  • Sim must be on prepaid and be registered with MTN
  • Customers main account must be between 0 and 12 and MTN do take into consideration the average monthly spend of Customers
  • Customers must have paid up earlier borrowed airtime and charges before being eligible for another.

How MTN USERS Can borrow Airtime

  • To borrow Airtime from MTN, simply dial *606#
  • A menu will be displayed which is to guide you accordingly.
  • MTN charge 15% of service charge on borrowed airtime. For example, you get NGN85 on borrow airtime of NGN100.

How Airtel Users can borrow airtime

Airtel also allows you to borrow airtime when you need it most. The loaned airtime can be used to make voice calls or send SMS. Below are the various tips to help you get started

Requirements to borrow on Airtel

  • Sim must be at least 3 months old and you must be a prepaid customer.
  • You must actively recharge your airtel number before you will be eligible and must be active.
  • For Airtel users, you pay 10% on the service charge.
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How Airtel USERS Can borrow Airtime

  • Simply dial *500# and Follow the prompt.
  • Another method is dial *500*Amount# i.e *500*100#

How Glo Users can borrow airtime 

Just like MTN and Airtel, Glo allows you its eligible customers to borrow airtime.

The borrowed airtime can be used for all chargeable activities.

Requirements to borrow on Glo

  • To be eligible, you have to be on the network for not less than 4 months.
  • You are charged 10% of every borrowed airtime allowed on the network.
  • The amount you can borrow will be based on your average monthly usage. I.e if your average monthly usage is 200, the amount you will be eligible to borrow is 50. For 800, it will be 200.
  • Divide your monthly usage by 4 months to get the idea of what you can borrow.

How Glo USERS Can borrow Airtime

To borrow airtime on go, dial *321# or you can as well use the format below.

  • *321*PIN*50# for N50
  • *321*PIN*100# for N100
  • *321*PIN*200# for N200
  • *321*PIN*500# for N500
  • *321*PIN*1000# for N1000

How 9mobile Users can borrow airtime 

Eligible customers on 9mobile / etisalat can borrow airtime.

The customer can borrow NGN50, NGN100, NGN200, NGN500, NGN1,000,
NGN1,150 and NGN2600. Airtime can be paid back through e-top up, recharge voucher or through transferred airtime.

Requirements to borrow on 9mobile

  • To be eligible to borrow on 9mobile, check eligible status by sending “Status” in SMS format to 665.
  • Sms will be sent immediately confirming whether you are qualified or not.

How 9mobile USERS Can borrow Airtime

  • Having confirmed your eligibility status, dial *665*amount# to borrow airtime from 9mobile. For instance *665*100#
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