Online Clothing Stores With Free Shipping

10 Best Cheap Online Clothing Stores With Free Shipping

The need for food, clothing, and shelter is inherent, and can not be avoided. This means that Clothing is one of man’s basic needs to survive in the society in which he has found himself.

There is usually a high demand for clothing items around the world. The need to get high-quality items for a cheaper price is instilled in men & women, and clothing items are not exempted. Most people would lie in wait for a holiday season when they can get discount prices on grocery or clothing items and their shipping fees before they’ll purchase their clothing.

The good news is that you no longer have to wait for your favorite store to offer discount sales before procuring cloth items. In addition, there are online stores that offer free shipping on clothing items. In this publication, we will provide a list of the 10 Best Cheap Online Clothing Stores With Free Shipping.

10 Best Cheap Online Clothing Stores With Free Shipping

It is no news that most online clothing stores charge their customers more when shipping their items to their respective destinations. You no longer have to pay a fortune when purchasing your clothing items, since you can get them at cheap prices and zero shipping fee cost using the below websites:

  • Deep Discount
  • ETSY
  • Reebok
  • Macy’s
  • AliExpress
  • Walmart
  • Shopbop
  • DHGate
  • Forever21
  • Newegg

Deep Discount

This is a popular online store where you can buy luxurious cloth items for very low prices. The website’s main focus is on clothing, while it also offers other products as an extension, and you can always find cheap prices here.

The free shipping clause may be based on criteria such as price, and location. But it’s best to understand that you do not need to spend over $20 before you can enjoy the free shipping offer. The free shipping offers are available on all product categories therein.

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Here you can find affordable hand-made clothing from small-scale business owners. Aside from finding readily made available cloth items, you can also find clothing materials on this marketplace while you enjoy free shipping.

There have been diverse controversies on whether hand-made clothing is more durable when compared with machine-made cloth items. Some people opine that hand-made clothing should be more expensive since it takes more time to make them.

The fact remains that pieces of hand-made cloth items are fewer when compared with others, and should be considered a top choice for people that want to stand out amongst other types of cloth designs. Luckily, Shopify is there to act as a bridge between you, and small-scale business owners that offer the sale of inexpensive clothing.


Next on the list is a highly ranked brand that has been in existence for over 7 decades while offering the sales of sports items such as athletes’ foot wears, joggers, headbands, etc. This is a great spot for men and women to find the best fit for their sport.

In addition, the stores allow people to enjoy free shipping when they make online cloth purchases scheduled to be delivered to their convenient destinations, but terms and conditions may apply.

You can be rest assured to get the best durable, luxurious cloth and other sports items at an affordable price.


This is another online shopping store that offers free shipping on high-quality cloth items without you spending much on an order. Most online stores will require you to make purchases above $100 before you can enjoy the free shipping offer. Meanwhile you can ship your clothing items at zero cost even when you make purchases as low as $10 at Macy’s.

The website is not gender biased and sells cloth items for all age groups. Users only need to browse from the list of available categories and enjoy free shipping to over 200 eligible countries.
In addition, people who make high purchases stand a chance of receiving gift card rewards that can be converted to cash or used to make purchases.

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This is a top choice for wholesalers and retailers to get cheap cloth items from numerous manufacturers and designers from around the world. The online store does not offer the sale of its own customized clothing but it allows legible, and third-party sellers to showcase their products at cheap rates.

You may want to be careful by carrying out basic research about a seller before buying an item from him or her. You are advised to browse through the seller’s bio, previous reviews, etc.

You can always enjoy free shipping on your clothing items but the sellers often get to decide this. For example, a new manufacturer or a designer may decide to offer free shipping on his cloth items in order to boost brand presence.


Walmart is an excellent choice, a reputable store that offers sales of items such as medicine, clothing, tech items, and many more. You can make purchases of cloth items while you enjoy free shipping to your preferred location.

People hoping to pay zero fees on shipping should note that the offer may be limited to few cloth items, and you are prompted to spend above $59.99 before you can take advantage of the free shipment.


This is a sub-store of Amazon, and we all know Amazon has been dominating the e-commerce niche since it was established. Here you can find a collection of clothing items from luxurious brands such as Versace, Reebok, etc for everybody which means there are no age or gender restrictions.

People can enjoy free shipping on the Shopbop store provided they meet their T&C which is to spend at least 100 USD.

Shopbop has been owned by Amazon since 2006. It offers luxury brands aimed at people of all ages. If you spend more than $100, the company will ship your order anywhere in the world for free.

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This shopping store focuses on selling unbranded clothing items to people all over the globe. The unbranded clothing items are mostly shipped from China and are targeted at end consumers who want to purchase cheap items.

Retailers and wholesalers can also take advantage of DHGate, and buy cheap unbranded clothing items, while they rebrand them or sell them while taking full legal rights on items purchased. The website also allows users to take advantage of its “free shipping” offer when they make purchases.


At FY, people can get to shop for diverse cloth items in different sizes and different age groups. You can always buy clothing items from new and existing designers while you ship anywhere in the world.

Aside from offering the sales of clothing items, you can also purchase other fashion items that will give you that unique look such as designer bags, pieces of jewelry, and many more. Lovers of artwork can also shop for different wall artworks.

You can ship your clothing items and other items to all parts of the world for free which means the free shipping clause is available to all.


This is popularly known as a tech website where people shop for games, and their accessories, computer system and their accessories, office and networking solution, etc. However, the website also has a section for clothes and apparel where several users can shop for men’s and women’s clothing while they enjoy free shipping.

People who use this website do not need to spend up to $50 or more before they get to enjoy free shipping; however, this offer is only channeled in some selected countries.

In conclusion, we’ve listed 10 of the best stores where you can buy cheap cloth items while you spend nothing on shipping. Wholesalers and retailers are strongly advised to take advantage of the aforementioned online stores in order to make huge profits.

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