Checkmate Gaming – Best Online Game To Win Real Money

Checkmate gaming, fondly called CMG Gaming by game lovers was announced in 2016. It has enjoyed massive success since then and quickly forces its way into becoming the most played online game.

All its success was down to the years of experience and exposure of the company coupled with the vast changing in technology as opposed to what has been common years ago. The graphics, game modes, the settings and play platforms are now sophisticated and responsive which is aided by the commitment shown by the team.

For the game lovers, this is the best online game you will ever get. Checkmategaming tops the chart among the competitive online game. CMG Gaming provides games lover with the opportunity to play the game for real money through weekly or daily online ladders, wagers and tournaments.

How to get started and win cash with CheckMate Gaming (CMG Gaming)

  • Sign up.
  • Create a team & select players on Checkmate gaming (CMG Gaming).
  • Compete to win.

Sign up:

Since you are competing to win for cash, make sure you provide correct details. The details required are your usernames, password, working email address, birthday and time zone. In the USA, there is about 11 time zone, choose the appropriate one that falls within your location.

Fill in all the required information, it might be good if you read the terms and condition before submission.

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Click Checkmate Gaming to sign up.

Create a team & select players on Checkmate gaming (CMG Gaming):

Adding players depends on the requirement of the competition. You must create a team to know the numbers of players to be added to your team.

To add players to your team

  • Locate CMG User Menu and click on My Teams.
  • After creating a team, move to the profile page of the team and select Manage Team.
  • Click on the roster.
  • Choose your preferred members by adding their CMG username in the Add New Member.
  • Click on Invite button to complete selection.

Do note that teams that can join depend on the competition, it can be 1 versus 1, 2 versus 2, 3 versus 3 and 4 versus 4. Teams participating in the tournament mostly fall within 32 to 64 teams.

How to locate a team or look for one if you do not have.

There is a page on your Checkmategaming dashboard tagged, “The Free Agent”. The free agent can help you build your own pack.

After registration, you can go here to find players who know what it takes to win. Choosing the right set of people maximizes your chance of winning some cash.

Compete to win

Now that you have your team assembled, the next step is to compete into winning real money while enjoying every bits of your time.

Who says game has to be all fun with no real money coming into hands? You can earn as much as $600 playing your number 1 online competitive game.

For more frequent questions answered, visit the page dedicated for this by clicking on

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