How to return or Exchange Amazon Gift

How to return or Exchange Amazon Gift

But wait! Why would anyone want to return an Amazon gift? Well! It might be due to several reasons known to the receiver. Sometimes it’s because it’s not what you want.

But wouldn’t the sender feel a kind of dejection if you return the gift? Well no! Amazon made it possible for users to return unwanted gifts without the consent of the original sender, which means that you can send back that unwanted Amazon gift to Amazon without the knowledge of the sender.

It is common practice to return a gift on Amazon if it does not meet the recipient’s expectations. This can be for any number of reasons, such as an item being broken or not what was expected when buying it. It also may be due to personal preference – some people do not enjoy certain foods and would prefer another food product instead.

Whatever the reason may be, there are several ways that one can go about returning an Amazon gift purchase easily.

Here’s how to return those unwanted presents to Amazon and turn them into something you’ll actually be able to use (which is what the gift-giver really intended for you in the first place!).

First off, make sure you have all your information handy because this process requires accurate inputting of detail so they know what you’re sending back and how many items come with said shipment (if any).

But how do you do this?

The process is quite simple and in the next few lines below I’ll be showing you the simple steps to return Amazon gifts.

Using the Amazon Gift Return Center

amazon gift returns

Once you’ve gone through this step successfully, head over the the Amazon’s Return Center, a dedicated section of the ecommerce website assigned to cater for all things return.

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Next, sign in to your account on Amazon, if you’re new to the website proceed to create an account.

Next, Get the 17-digit order number for the gift item you want to return.

Your gift’s “Order ID” is usually on the packing slip receipt sent when the product was ordered. In a situation, you can’t find this number, you can get in touch with one of Amazon’s customer care operatives to help you with this, however you will need other details such as the tracking number, Name of Sender or Buyer, date purchase was initiated etc.

Next, you need to state the number of items you’d like to return and some posssible reasons for returning them in the options provided.

You must submit a return request if your item was acquired from a third-party vendor; in some situations, the seller will want to examine your rationale for the return before allowing it.

Pick your shipping option.

Pick your return shipping choices, as well as how you want to get the return label, then click Save & Continue.

Each return requires its own return label; avoid mixing items from several orders or deliveries in the same box, since this might cause confusion during the process.

You’ll be prompted to select one near you if you want to return using Amazon Hub Locker. (To do so, your shipment must be smaller than 18-by-14-by-12 inches.)

Once you’ve completed everything, print out your label and authorization if necessary.

If you are without a printer at this stage, Amazon will have a copy as well emailed to you so you can always print it later or forward it to someone else in your office or home to help you print it.

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Package and send your return.

Now, include the return authorization with your gift, make sure the gift is in the same condition as all of its accessories, like when you just received it, and attach the label to the side of the box. Then mail it back to Amazon.

When Amazon receives your return, you’ll get a refund in the form of an Amazon gift card that will be added to your account and ready to use.

But what can you do with Amazon’s Gift Card?

There are many things you can do with an Amazon gift card. You could use it to purchase items for someone else, or you could treat yourself to something nice.

You can use it to buy anything on their website as well, including books, itunes music, movies and even other gift cards.

For example if you have a friend who loves cooking then maybe give them one so they can find new recipes online easily without having to spend all day looking for them (and wasting time trying to figure out if something is gluten free).

Since you may obtain a refund in the form of Amazon gift card, the person who gave you the present will never be notified or alerted that you actually returned the gift.

Exchanging Gift on Amazon

Amazon allows you to exchange qualifying through Your Orders.

If the item doesn’t include an exchange option or you got it as a present, you’ll need to return the original item and maybe place a new order.

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To exchange an item on Amazon

Log in to your Amazon account, navigate to your orders, then to Return or replace items that can usually be found beside the item you’d like to replace.

In a situation you can’t find the item you’re looking for, select the date on which you placed your order from the drop-down menu in the upper part of the page.

Select the item you’d like to exchange, and choose a reason from the drop-down menu.

An exchange order will be made with the same shipping speed as your original item.

Send the original item back using the provided return label. Return the original thing within 30 days to avoid being charged for both the initial and replacement products.

If the thing you want to exchange costs less than your original purchase, Amazon will reimburse you the difference. If the new product is more expensive you’ll be charged the difference.

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