Common Farm Tools And Equipment Names Uses

20 Common Farm Tools And Equipment: Names & Uses

Farming tools help stimulate the production of foods or crop produce, as well as the promotion of economic growth. People in the Agricultural sector get to produce food for themselves and the general populace.

A farmer without the right set of types of equipment will struggle with farming processes such as cultivating, harvesting, etc.

This publication will introduce you to the 20 common farm tools and equipment as well as their uses.

20 Common Farm Tools And Equipment: Names & Uses

Everyone knows farm tools come in different shapes and sizes while some work mechanically and some work with the use of electronics. The following tools are required to be owned by every farmer;


20 farm tools and their uses

A shovel is a common farm tool used for digging soil, coal, and so on. It is a handheld farming equipment that serves a variety of functions and is used by farmers, construction workers, etc.

It features a handle with a wide-edged blade for digging purposes. Farmers can dig up sands quicker with this farming equipment, and it is not to be mistaken for a spade.


20 farm tools and their uses

Every successful farmer utilizes fertilizers on their farmlands to speed up the germination process of all crops. Fertilizer saves farmers the time of waiting for a seed to germinate before growing to the stage that’s ready for consumption.

Farmers are to plant fertilizers alongside their seed before closing the soil. In addition, fertilizers do not only help the plant grow but also help increase the size of crop produce compared with seeds planted without fertilizers.


20 farm tools and their uses

A cultivator is a farming equipment that helps carry out activities such as processing of soil, and extermination of weeds. Farmers no longer have to use traditional methods in pulling out or cutting down weeds in their farmlands.

The machine has further replaced the need for livestock in helping to prepare the soil for cultivation purposes and also reduces the labor time of farmers.

They also help improve soil quality to facilitate the healthy growth of plants. This is achieved through the process of aeration when soil is mixed with water and oxygen.


20 farm tools and their uses

A wheelbarrow is used for transporting items from one place to another. It consists of a wheel and a wide space suitable to contain lightweight and heavy-weighted farming types of equipment, farm produce, etc.

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A wheelbarrow makes it easy for a farmer to convey all necessary items from one place to another. It can also be used to market and sell farm produce after harvesting has taken place.


20 farm tools and their uses

The sprinkler is considered important because every farmer needs to water their plant before germination can occur. Farmers with this equipment can cover wide areas while watering their plants, it is super fast and effective.

Thanks to advanced technology, most sprinklers have been redesigned for convenience purposes, and you don’t have to walk around while watering your plants in your farmland or watering the flowers in your garden.


20 farm tools and their uses

Sprayers are watering equipment used in farmlands as well as gardens. There are two types of sprays which are mainly the motor type and the backpack type of sprayers.

Both sprayers are used to water plants and flowers. It can also be used to kill plants or weeds after mixing the right chemicals with the water in the tank. Sprayers generally help reach a wide area when watering and it’s also the best solution when you’re trying to eliminate weed from your plant produce.


20 farm tools and their uses

A tractor is a heavy-duty motor that is used for various things such as construction, and agriculture, it can also be used as a tow truck. Tractors vary in speed, size, and design but they are considered the strongest machine for farmlands.

Tractors are gasoline powered and it requires driver support who will direct it to function effectively. You can use tractors to pull down trees, prepare farm fields, and so on.


20 farm tools and their uses

This machine tool helps farmers with harvesting functions, and it can be used to harvest different types of farm produce such as beans, cereals, and so on. With the invention of technological developments, farmers no longer have to undergo the stress of mowing, harvesting their crops.

The machine has played a major role in helping farmers harvest their farm produce without having to manually use other handheld equipment.

Agricultural roller

20 farm tools and their uses

This is an important farming tool used in flattening or smoothing the soil surface. Before mechanical rollers were introduced, this farming equipment was pulled by horses to flatten soil.

Today, people can now attach agricultural rollers to tractors, and it has helped minimize the growth of weeds in specific areas. Agricultural rollers may also be water-filled, but these types of rollers have low storage tanks.

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Pick-mattock (Adze)

20 farm tools and their uses

This farming equipment is similar to a pick ax except for the horizontal shape of the blade which is used for digging and cutting wood. However, a pick-mattock can also be used to carve trees, and other wooden materials.

Looking back in history, the pick-mattock was majorly used for carving wooden materials, but people now use it for various tasks such as digging soil in farmlands, and gardening.


20 farm tools and their uses

A machete is considered a hand-held weapon as well as a piece of farming equipment. Before the advent of modern technology, a farmer without a cutlass was considered incompetent.

Machete is easy to handle making it flexible enough to carry out different agricultural functions. It consists of a straight blade that is used for wielding grasses, cutting down crop produce, and planting seeds. It can also be used to cut down trees, dig up holes, and so on.


20 farm tools and their uses

This agricultural equipment is not common among professional farmers because they tend to settle for alternate methods. It is designed to pick up manure, hay, and so on. The farming equipment can also be used to protect livestock and the farmer against wild animals or pests.

Most pitchforks come in different sizes, and it comes with a detachable head making it possible to swap different pitchfork sizes in one handle.


20 farm tools and their uses

Looking back in history, this tool was used for cutting down trees and splitting wood into pieces. The modern-day ax can be characterized by a sharp-edged metal head that is majorly used for deforestation, and cutting wood into different sizes.

An ax is considered heavy to lift, and it requires the maximum use of force before its functions can be used appropriately.

Pruning shears

20 farm tools and their uses

Pruning shears allow farmers to creatively cut out specific branches from a plant. You can use this tool to maintain the size & shape of your plants in your farmlands or flowers in your garden.

It can also be used to trim or shred off dead branches without causing further damage to the plant. Farmers or gardeners are presented with 3 choices of pruning shears that will help speed up the germination time of plants and flowers, as well as beautify the farm areas and garden.

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20 farm tools and their uses

A pickaxe is an essential farming equipment that is used to achieve various agricultural purposes which include breaking up hard soil, cutting down trees, etc. A pickaxe handle is made of wood, making it more flexible and easy to work with when compared with an axe.

Farmers can always sharpen their pickaxe heads to improve their efficiency. Pickaxes are mostly used in areas where we have dry soils or clay soils, and it is considered a top choice for mining purposes.

Set of harrows

20 farm tools and their uses

This farming equipment is used to prepare soil before the planting of seeds occurs. This aid the growth of plants and it also helps remove unwanted weed that may hinder the rapid growth of plants.

There are different types of harrowing equipment such as a poly disc harrow, disc harrow, etc. All of these sets of harrows are designed to improve production processes in farmlands.

Spading Fork

20 farm tools and their uses

This farming equipment is known for helping farmers dig out roots from the soil, it is also a necessary tool for gardeners. The primary function of a spading Fork is to dig soil and to help mix air with sand, and water.

Before setting out to dig dry land, you can use this equipment to simplify the digging process. The fork is made of steel with a 4 horizontal shaft and can also be used to move hays.


20 farm tools and their uses

This is one of the oldest farming equipment that is used to dig, create heaps, and eliminate weeds. It is usually made of 100% steel, but some are designed with a wooden handle.

The hoe is flexible to use, durable, and very important on farmlands. Every farmer requires the use of a hoe to cultivate and harvest crops in the long run.


20 farm tools and their uses

This farming equipment is used to lift, and level, the soil on the farmland. It can also be used to filter out unwanted weeds after they’ve been cut down with a mower or other equipment for cutting down grasses.

A rake can be used as an alternative when a pitchfork is not present.


20 farm tools and their uses

A chainsaw is a modern-day farming equipment that performs the function of an Ax. It is a handheld machine that helps cut down trees faster while eliminating the use of an ax, or machete, and it is majorly used in forests, farms, gardens

There are electrically powered, battery-powered, gasoline-powered chainsaws that can be used to cut any wooden material. You can also get a smoother cut with the use of a chainsaw.

In conclusion, this publication examined 20 farming items that are important for cultivating, harvesting, and managing a wide area of farmlands.

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