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Connecticut state in USA: Interesting things to know about CT

Connecticut, one of the 50 states in the United States of America is yet another with lots of interesting things you may want to check out.

CT as it is often abbreviated is a Southernmost state in the US. The word, “Connecticut” is from various anglicized spellings of “Quononoquett”, a Mohegan-Pequot word for “upon the long river”, which is basically in connection with the Connecticut River.

Connecticut was first inhabited by multiple Native American tribes, however, the first European people that first settled in during their humbled beginning were the Dutchmen who created a temporary settlement called Fort Hoop.

In the state, there are skylines, forest hills, and many more that make the state extraordinary along with modern expressways, typical farmlands, and offices. Therefore, it is safe to say it is a very decent place to work or live irrespective of what your agenda is.

Businesses have no reason not to blossom there and the icing on the cake is that it is close to Boston and New York City which could provide opportunities for locals who are wishing to expand.

The Capital of Connecticut is Hartford and the most populous city is Bridgeport. The official nickname used by Connecticut is The Constitution State, other nicknames are The Nutmeg State, The Provisions State, and The Land of Steady Habits.

The Motto of the state is Qui transtulit sustinet (Latin) which means “He who transplanted still sustains” in English words.

People from Connecticut (Demonym) are usually referred to as Connecticuter, Connecticutian, or Nutmegger.

Land Area and Population

Connecticut has a total area of 5,567 sq mi and has land and water occupying 4,849 sq mi and 698 sq mi respectively. The estimated number of people living in the state is 3,605,944 which is the estimated result of the 2020 population census. With the count, the state of Connecticut is the 29th most populous state in the USA.

The state is bordered on the East by Rhode Island, South by Long Island Sound, North by Massachusetts, and on the West by New York. Some major cities with the highest population in Connecticut are Bridgeport, New Haven, Hartford, Stamford, and Waterbury.

Connecticut State Flag

The Connecticut State Flag consists of a blue background, otherwise known as Blue Field. Then a coat of arms integrates three grapevines with each carrying three bunches of purple grapes. Below the coat of arms is a Ribbon that has the Latin word “Qui Transtulit Sustinet” slanted into it.

Connecticut state flag

The notable components of the flags are without their specific meaning. The three grapevines are believed to be the first three area towns or oldest settlements in Connecticut: Harford, Wethersfield, and Windsor.

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The Latin word on the flag is the motto of the state interpreted in English as “He who transplanted still sustains.” The motto of Connecticut was inspired by psalms 80 in the bible.

The major design in form of the coat of arms has to do with the 1711 seal of the colony of Connecticut. The state flag of Connecticut was approved in 1897 by the Connecticut General Assembly. And since then, it has not been unchanged after a few alterations in the past.

Most Popular Cities in Connecticut, USA

For some, they are just looking for the best cities to have some fun while others are just planning to move in for the comforts and opportunities they can get from Connecticut. The state is not that big, but still one of the most livable states in the US. Therefore, whatever you are looking for, rest assured that the beautiful cities below have got you:

1. New Canaan, CT

New Canaan, Connecticut occupies a total area of 22.5 sq mi and is about a 60 minutes ride from Manhattan. The city is known for many things and among them are offering a wide range of architecture, a good amount of public parks, and even more.

With all the successes gathered over the year, it is not unusual that it often appears as one of the richest cities or towns in the country. And if you are a family man or a woman looking for the best place to live in the US, the city should not be missing on your list. The citadels of learning there are top-notch, so you can expect to find a school that fits so well for your children or wards.

It also offers something close to endless fun for anyone who is wishing to rock. The singles are not left behind. There are several places you want to go as it is a town with many restaurants, antique shops, a boutique, an old Bow Tie Cinemas movie theater, a book store, and many more.

New Canaan in CT is surely a nice place for anyone irrespective of whether you are unmarried or not. You will always fit in even if you just move in. And in just a matter of time, you are just going to wish you had moved in before now.

2. Hartford

Putting Hartford on the list of the most interesting cities in Connecticut is not that hard simply because of what the city portrays and what it can offer.

Hartford is the capital of Connecticut, somehow, you can expect that to have some massive influence on the growth and development of the City. It is also worth noting that the state capital is one of the oldest cities therein, and boasts of out-of-the-world museums, awesome restaurants for good foods and drinks, and good shopping spots.

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Hartford offers several attractions. You are going to find Mark Twain’s House & Museum and the Wadsworth Atheneum very perfect, making you not want to leave anytime soon. The state capital occupies a total area of 18.05 sq mi and is also a good place to visit or move in.

3. Greenwich

Greenwich is also a city that is popular in the US and part of it has to do with being one of the classiest towns you can ever come across. A walk through the open the City should be enough to make anyone feel like this is a place to be.

Beyond that, it is also very close to New York, which makes you wonder how lucky the region is. We all know the booming state of New York and having the privilege to cut through easily makes it very pleasant. Greenwich to New York is just about an hour. The total area of Greenwich is 67.2 sq mi which is big enough.

The lovely Greenwich is also without its own attractions. For your kids, endeavor to start from Bruce Museum. You can later take it to the Bush-Holley House Museum for more fun. Ensure you have your camera ready as there will be a lot of pictures to take to relive the memories later.

The Greenwich Audubon Center, Putnam Cottage, and Greenwich Ave are among those places you should not miss if you have all the time. And if you are just moving into Greenwich, there are lots you will discover as time goes on.

4. New Haven

We are not sure whether New Haven deserves to be in number 4 as it also has enough to compete with the table toppers. Notwithstanding, it is now here and remains one of the popular cities you do not want to miss when next you are in Connecticut in the United States of America.

New Haven occupies a total area of 20.13 sq mi and is the third-largest city after Bridgeport and Stamford. It is a place where the renowned Yale University sits along with top-notch schools known to provide value to students in terms of learning and extracurricular activities.

We are very sure that your kids would love Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History. There are lots to see there which could also be of paramount interest to your children or wards, especially the inquisitive types. Also, you may want to check out the Great Hall of Dinosaurs.

There are lots the beautiful city can offer whether you are in for a short stay or otherwise but you will need ample time to unveil all that it can provide.

5. Stamford, CT

And here we have Stamford, another lovely city in the beautiful Connecticut State. With lots of interesting things to do in Stamford, we won’t be surprised if you took to the City in no time. The city occupies a total area of 52.03 sq mi and is one of the most populous cities in the state, second to Bridgeport.

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To be honest, you can find almost everything you need in Stamford, Connecticut. Be it something to see out some time like a movie house. It could be you want to do some shopping or eat at some good restaurants. Stanford in Connecticut is one place to get all that.

For stores and restaurants, Bedford Street is a place to start from. Once there, not sure you will be looking for another as you can get them all there. For shopping, all you just need to do is find your way to Stamford Town Center.

And for the attractions, Stamford Nature Center, Mianus River Park, and Cove Island Park should not be missing from your must-do list.

10 Interesting Facts About Connecticut

1. On August 22, 1902, Theodore Roosevelt made history by becoming the first president to ride in an electric automobile through the streets of Hartford, CT. This was done while still in the Office.

2. One of the most important decisions to safeguard lives and properties started in the state. The first law as to the maximum a driver can go while driving was imposed in Connecticut in 1901. The law restricted drivers to at most 12mph while on the road.

3. The state of Connecticut is home to the inventor of the revolver who goes by the name, Samuel Colt. The state is the largest producer of guns and other arms.

4. George W. Bush, the former U.S. president was born in New Haven in Connecticut.

5. Connecticut is home to the first Americanized dictionary ever. Noah Webster, who is the author of the first American English dictionary was born in West Hartford.

6. ESPN, the first world international basic cable sports channel was inaugurated in Bristol, Connecticut in 1979. The headquarters of WWE is also in the state.

7. The state had two capitals, New Haven and Hartford between 1701 and 1874. Currently, the latter is the Capital of Connecticut.

8. The First Car or Auto Insurance in America was issued at Hartford in 1898. With the achievement, It is no coincidence that the state capital is called the “Insurance Capital of the World.” The state is home to the Headquarters of several insurance companies.

9. Connecticut has taken some steps in the history of USA. It is also the first state to issue permanent license plates to car owners in 1937.

10. “Arsenal of the Nation” was the name that Connecticut was fondly called. The nickname became popular in the 19th and 20th centuries because the state was home to several firearms companies including Joslyn Firearms and Volcanic Repeating Arms Company.

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