Crackstreams – Best Site to stream UFC, NFL, and Major Sports Events Free

With Crackstreams, you have a great online platform where you can stream and watch Sports Live for free.

Crackstreams provides a free platform for users from around the world to watch major sports events including UFC, Golf, Tennis, NBA, Boxing NFL, MMA, MotoGP, and soccer.

For several years, they have been resolute when it comes to delivering links for users to see their favorite events online. For their consistency, users visit the site in their thousands every day and are currently one of the best around.

Despite the challenges by regulatory bodies that similar sites like Crackstreams face, it has remained a fans’ favorite and we do not see that changing anytime soon.

What is Crackstreams?

Crackstreams is known around the world as a free sports live streaming site where you can watch or stream events that you would have paid for.

If your only source to watch sports events has always been through Reddit NFL Streams, Reddit WWE Streams, Reddit NHL Streams, Reddit NBA Streams, Reddit Cricket Streams, Reddit UFC Streams, Reddit MMA Streams, Reddit Boxing Streams, Reddit MLB Streams, you can add Crackstreams as another good alternative.

Before a game starts, you will need to visit the crackstreams site for links to view the upcoming live sports games. As a sports lover, you will always find something to watch, but for sports like boxing which are not regular, you might need to mark your calendar.

The site URL used to be but has been banned. The new site is now up and running which we would be sharing in this article. Nothing yet has changed as you will also be getting the same value you are used to getting on

We would also provide you with other links to use in the event one is down, but not excluding an alpha link which always remains active for most of the time.

Different Sports Events available on Crackstreams

1. Soccer

Soccer is the most followed sport in the world. On Crackstreams, you can watch all the live actions from the popular football leagues which include the English Premier League, Serie A, La Liga, and more.

In the US, it is known as Soccer while it is mostly known as Football in most countries colonized by the British. Therefore, it is safe to say soccer and football mean the same.

2. Boxing

Lately, more people have taken to Boxing as it is now getting the publicity it deserves. With the success of various icons like Muhammad Alli, Mike Tyson, and more, it is understandable why it has gripped more fans from around the globe.

The current boxers like Anthony Joshua, Floyd Mayweather, Fury, Oleksandr Usyk also have amassed great followers, which now makes it even more attractive. If you are one of the fans of boxing, you can enjoy the show live on Crackstreams boxing.

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3. UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship

UFC no longer needs an introduction as it is one of the most popular sports in the world. It was founded in 1993 and has become bigger among sports events and currently ranks ahead of MMA.

There is some section of fans that love to see people dueling for the belt with so much ferocity. If you are the type, you can get all the actions on Crackstreams UFC.

4. MMA – Mixed Martial Arts

It is always a strong topic when MMA is being discussed, especially the similarities it shares with UFC. Notwithstanding, we are not here to argue about that, but to let you be aware that the sport also gets a place on Crackstreams.

And if watching this hybrid combat sport for free is what you are linking for, there is no other place to be rather than on the widely known streaming sports site called Crackstreams MMA.

5. NBA – National Basketball Association

Basketball may have taken shape in the United States, but more countries now have their own team. So far, the US, Bahamas, Australia, Philippines, and Canada are among the few countries that have so much passion for the Sport.

Basketball can also be enjoyed for free by going to dedicated links, Crackstreams NBA on the site. It is completely free to watch NBA as well as it is for others.

6. MLB – Major League Baseball

Baseball is also another sport that has garnered fans across the continent. Although not quite that massive, it is still undeniably popular in countries like the United States, Japan, Dominican Republic, and Canada.

Fans looking to see actions as they happen can make use of Crackstreams MLB. The events can also be accessed on most devices giving you ample time to connect before the game.

7. NHL – National Hockey League

Whatever kinds of hockey games you are looking for, the place to be is Crackstreams NHL platform. Hockey is a game played between teams that are using a stick to try and gain dominance against each other.

As a hockey fan who has his favorite team going against another, use the link and start watching the sports.

8. NCAAF – National Collegiate Athletic Association Football

And for those who follow NCAA Football, it also comes as one of the sports you can stream and watch for free on Crackstreams.

The sport is only popular in a few countries unlike the ones played in Europe. This explains why Crackstreams NCAA does not come up on search results frequently. Crackstreams also show NCAA Men and Women’s Basketball for those who are interested in the game.

9. NFL – National Football League

NFL is another type of Football event popular in America. The game is normally made of 32 teams, halved between the NFL and AFC.

It is difficult to see many empty seats when the game is being played due to the lovely entertainment and competition always provided by the teams. If you have no time to watch your team compete against another, you can always send your support through the Crackstreams NFL.

Why is Crackstreams the best to watch sports for free?

If you have been a long-standing user of the sports streaming website, you will have some reasons why you choose to stick with the site. However, from our end, we have been able to pinpoint certain benefits.

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Firstly, there is no form to fill for using the Crackstreams site. This also implies that no data collection takes place, all you just need to do is go to the website, find the link of the events you want to watch, click and have fun.

Users will also find the video quality very smooth and clearer as it is mostly shown in High Definition. The audio is clearer on Crackstreams.

It is amazing that with the plethora of events available on the website, the cost of using the service is free. This is another reason why Crackstreams will always remain one of the best platforms to see all your favorite players in action.

Also, Crackstreams can be accessed on any internet-enabled devices such as PC, Mac, Android, and IOS (iPhone and Ipad). This makes it easier to use no matter where you are. Besides, access is via the website and most enabled devices have support for major browsers.

Crackstreams show ads like most streaming sites, but unlike others, they can be very considerate. And most ad blockers apps should stop the showing of ads.

Regardless, despite the many benefits users can get on the sites, it is not without its shortcomings which we would also be pointing out in subsequent sections.

Features of Crackstreams

  • The platform is easy to use and very responsive.
  • The homepage contains live games that are scheduled to take place.
  • Streaming of content is in premium video quality and also comes with great sound.
  • Access to over 7 popular sports events from around the world.
  • Ads are also shown on Crackstreams except that it can be managed.
  • No sign-up or registration is required to use the free sports showing site.

Is Crackstreams illegal?

Yes, Crackstreams is an illegal site to stream and watch any sports events. If you are watching privately, you may not get into trouble. Most issues come from sharing the content or downloading it on your phone.

Besides, it is uncommon for any user to get penalized for using the site. The fight for copyright claims is mostly against those who host and distribute it to the public. However, it is still very important to take caution.

Is Crackstreams safe to use?

Despite the intention of the developer to create a platform where users from around the world can watch their favorite game for free, the ads shown on the page come with issues.

The ads settings make use of popunder and popup ads, thereby leading to users easily being redirected to a page where they may mistakenly download files that contain viruses and malware. This behavior is known to give users a bad viewing experience. Although it can be avoided, you will need to take great caution to avoid clicking any ads.

Working Links of Crackstreams

Below are the current sites of Crackstreams where you can see games live:


How to stream Crackstreams on Android

1. Launch your favorite browser from your Android phone.

2. Enter or type in the field. There are other similar sites that work just like

3. Select the live game you want to watch from the homepage. Alternatively, go to the menu and select based on the sport type.

4. Click the event you want to watch and then the “Play Icon” to start watching the sport.

How to watch and stream Crackstreams on IOS

If you are using devices such as iPhone, and Ipad, you can follow the below guide to watch your favorite sports:

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1. To stream live games on Crackstreams using your IOS devices, open the iPhone-owned browser, “Safari” or any good browser you prefer to use.

2. Enter on your browser and wait for the site to load.

3. Find the live sport you want to watch and click on it to play.

Streaming crackstreams on Firestick

This section provides you with a guide on how to watch CrackStreams on FireStick:

1. Go to your Firestick’s home screen > Find option > Search for Silk Browser. As you type the search words, the app name will come up as a suggestion.

2. Click “Download” to install on the Firestick. The app name is Amazon silk – web browser.

3. Once installed on your device, you will now be able to watch CrackStreams using the Silk Browser.

4. Now go back to the home screen and launch the app. If it is not there, click the Apps option. Open the Silk Browser by tapping on it.

5. On the App’s home page, go to the Search bar and enter any of the current working CrackStreams URLs provided in this article. We suggest or

6. You can now begin to watch your favorite sports content for free.

Note: To avoid being taken by surprise, we suggest you make use of one of the best VPNs. Using Firesticks without a good Virtual Private Network could pose issues with Regulatory Bodies and your Internet Service Providers (ISP) as they are always on the lookout.

How to watch Crackstreams content on Windows

To watch sports content on Crackstreams, simply open any browser from your Windows Computer. Enter any of the working Crakstreams links on the browser search bar. Tap the link you want to watch for access.

It is also the same process when on a MAC. Apple’s Safari works well and if you decide not to use it, you can always download 3rd party browsers like Opera, Chrome, and OmniWeb.

Similar sites like

There are lots of alternatives you could use in place of, and below are some great options:


Another site like crackstreams that exhibits quality is VIPBoxTV. It is a great option if you are looking for something similar to what they offer. On the site, you will be able to stream all sports online at no charge.

Although not a legal site to watch content but does a good job at providing users what they are looking for. Video and sound quality are also great.


2. Stream2Watch

The free sports live streaming site, Stream2Watch is a good one to bring all the actions to your screen. On the platform, you are just a click away from watching major sports events which include Basketball, UFC, Boxing, Baseball, and Golf.

It is also not a site authorized to share content like this, but resourceful enough to bring the view to you in good delivery.


3. CricHD

The name “CricHD” can be misleading, as most people believe that only free cricket matches are shown until they visit the site. It is a hub for most sports including football, basketball, rugby, bike, and motor.

Put aside the doubt and get a good live show on a site as good as crackstreams at no cost. The site is also very fast and easy to use even for the underaged.


4. SportSurge

SportSurge is so good to the extent that it is becoming a worthy rival to the popular Crackstreams. When next, you are looking for some actions to come to your screen, you are surely going to get it there.

SportSurge also runs ads, this is to ensure you continue to enjoy premium access to all your games. It does not run popups or any disruptive ads known to negatively affect Users’ experience.


5. MamaHD

MamaHD is a site you should use if you are looking for extensive sports events to watch for free. Aside from popular sports, you will find others such as Canoe racing, Water polo, Darts, and many more.

The only downside to using the site is the annoying ads that always show at every click. Aside from that, it is a great site to use especially for those who are looking for a great one with no payment option.


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