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AccessBet Nigeria Registration, deposit, Withdrawal & Mobile App

AccessBet is gradually gaining ground in Nigeria, after going out in full throttle in a bid to prove a capable competitor to the already established Betting Sites in Nigeria.

Betting is often said with jokes that it is a poverty alleviation programme in Nigeria and other neighbouring countries. No wonder, people keep registering on a daily basis. However, it can also be challenging to win if you are not properly informed about the various impediments that are likely to come up.

Fortunately, there are betting tips to help anyone who wishes to start withdrawing from Accessbet on a regular basis. To even make it easier, ensure you only use the most accurate prediction sites that only a few bettors are aware of. This will no doubt give you a winning advantage and also save your time you would have used analyzing different events.

Accessbet may not have taken the larger market share in Nigeria yet, but it will surprise you to know that they have some of the best features. Accessbet shops are also not much around when you compare with the success of Bet9ja, but the few ones I have seen show how much of a work the team is putting in place to ensure they gain the trust of new and old customers.

In this post, you will be provided with everything you need to know about accessBET including their characteristics, mobile app, and tutorials on how to use their services.


The man behind Accessbet is Cosmas Adetayo, he founded the betting company in 2016 and was registered under TM Gaming Networks LTD.

Cosmas, A graduate of Business Administration, Obafemi Awolowo University Ile Ife has proven to know his onions, to him the course is not just a course but more like a means to an end. He manages Comas Whyte Media LTD, a co-founder of CosBID, and also has several interests in many business ventures.


  1. New customers can get up to 100% bonus on their first deposit.
  2. Download Accessbet mobile app and save on data anytime you want to play bets.
  3. Accessbet offers huge odds on different selections and quick Payouts also available.
  4. Play cut 1 permutation, a feature that ensures you are still paid even when an event is incorrect. T&C applies.
  5. Customers can also create their own personalized football bets on Accessbet.
  6. The accessbet website is very easy to use that anyone would easily get the hang of it.
  7. Play virtual games and put yourself in a position to win every 5 minutes. Virtual games include football leagues, dog race, horse race, etc.
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It is easy to say the reason why Accessbet is getting along with bettors is because of the easy to use interface on their webspace, but others betting sites in Nigeria seem to have done exceedingly okay in that aspect too. Therefore, one could rule that out

What actually makes Accessbet stand out is their One Cut Feature and Fast Pay Out. Not many betting sites have been able to do better in Nigeria except Sportybet.

If you have used 1xbet before you will understand why Bookmakers in Nigeria will need to become more professional and customers concerned. They have everything a bettor needs – have a large base of market options, payout within 30 mins, app, and user-friendly mobile app.accessbet


The questions most punters often ask are what is the minimum or maximum deposit on Accessbet? Also, the minimum or maximum amount one can withdraw from Accessbet and how much they can stake? These are the questions we will provide answers to.

Bettors playing on Accessbet are allowed a minimum deposit of N100 and the maximum deposit can be any amount. However, your minimum stake amount on Accessbet is N50 and the maximum stake amount is N100,000 (One hundred thousand Naira). Deposit is instant. This is not applicable at all Accessbet Shops, the minimum amount you can stake at any of their shops is N100.

Withdrawal is fast, it takes about 5 minutes to get a Payout on Accessbet. The minimum Withdrawal is N2000 and the Maximum Withdrawal per day is N1,000,000 (One Million Naira). However, a withdrawal attempt will cancel the 100% bonus and bets placed with it if the bonus conditions are not completed yet.

The minimum payout is N2000 and the maximum payout is N40,000,000 (Forty Million Naira). Accessbet also will also pay your winnings during the weekends and public holidays.


It is easy to get lost on the internet, especially now that there are several domain extensions. Accessbet uses a commercial domain extension, so you should have no issue forgetting since it is the most popular extension out there.

The Accessbet Nigeria correct site can be accessed on it is available on mobile and PC. If you use Accessbet official app, you will not have any need to remember the links anytime you want to make use of the site.


Most Betting Sites In Nigeria now offer these features including Betking. Betking Nigeria even offers as much as Cut 3 but be aware that the more pay cut you have on your bet slip, the lesser the money you are most likely to win. However, there is no option for Cash Out on Betking when you use this feature.

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Accessbet pay cut is the real deal if you are willing to play safely while betting. It is what most bettors with high stake do, this way they have a chance of earning back part or all their total stake.


No other betting website would have done better than they did in terms of various options available on their platform, maybe a few. Accessbet has the most popular market options that bettors love to select.

Also, it is rare to not see most of the football leagues you are familiar with. It also has a Simulated Reality League. The Simulated Reality League is a new virtual sport that tries to express what is applicable in real-life sporting events. On Simulated Reality League, you will be able to check the teams’ stats, league table, form, and other analysis to help you make a decision.

The Simulated Reality League plays out for 90 minutes. If you wish to play events from SRL, you can combine both real life and virtual sports events in your selected bets. It has almost every feature that real-life sporting events would have. The only disadvantage is that Simulated Reality League results can only be viewed on the app or at any Accessbet Shop.

It also comes with major sports options from all over the world including the game we all adore. The list is made up of Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, Baseball, Ice hockey, Handball, Volleyball, Golf, Floorball, Rugby, Aussie Rules, American Balls, Cyclings, Darts, Crickets, Boxing, and other special sports.

Live betting and daily matches are among the most stimulating options on the menu. If you are looking to play only the games that are to take place today, the link to click on the “Menu Bar” is daily matches. For games that are currently running, you will have to tap “Live Betting”. The odds on live betting is always unstable due to factors like time, injury, scoreline, etc. These factors influence the odds.


1. To sign up or register an account on Accessbet, you will need to go to

2. Click on the profile/account icon located at the top of the page.

3. Click on “Register”.

4. Enter your username, password, names, mobile number, and email address.

5. Confirm you are 18 years or more by selecting the box.

6. If you want to enjoy a 100% First Deposit Bonus, you will need to click on the box. Min deposit is N500 for a bonus. T&C applies.

7. Click on “Sign up,” and wait a bit.

8. A message will pop up on the screen, “Account Created Successfully”, Check your email for activation link to complete set up”.

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9. On opening the message sent to your inbox, click on “Activation Link”

10. Your account has now been activated. This is how to open an Accessbet Account.


Since it has already been established that the minimum amount you can put in your Accessbet account is N100, then here is how to fund your Accessbet.

  • To deposit money into your Accessbet account, log in to your account.
  • Click “Account Menu” or “Username”
  • Tap “Deposit and Withdrawal”.
  • Select a payment gateway, you have Paystack (Card, Bank, Inline), Monnify (Card, Bank), and Gladepay Inline).
  • For this guide, we will select the ” Paystack game”, since people are gradually accepting the use of debit cards for online transactions.
  • Enter the deposit amount you wish to put into your Accessbet Account.
  • Click on “Accept” if you wish to go on with the transaction.
  • Enter your Debit Card Number (Verve, MasterCard, or Visa Are Accepted), date when the card expires, and CVV which is at the back of the card.
  • Click on “Pay+Amount”
  • This is how you deposit on Accessbet.
  • You can check your ” Accessbet Deposit Status” by going to “Account Menu” > “Transaction History” > Set the date the deposit is made.


1. To withdraw your winnings from your Accessbet Account, login to your account.

2. Click on “Account Menu”

3. Click “Deposit and Withdrawal”

4. Click on “Withdrawals”

5. Select your Bank.

6. Enter your “Account Number” and select the account type. Account type can be either “Current” or “Savings”.

7. Enter the Amount you wish to withdraw from your Accessbet Wallet.

8. Click on “Next”

9. Complete your withdrawal request.


Another exceptional betting option to play is Cut One Permutation on Accessbet.

  1. To play Cut One, Select your games from the site. You can go through “Sports” to have access to the available events or simply scroll down to reveal matches.
  2. Above your selected games you will see accumulator, click on accumulator.
  3. You would see options like singles, doubles, triples, 4 to come, 5 to come, 6 to come…. and so on look for the option 9 to come, click on the option.
  4. Go down to the Total stake and add the amount and then click next.
  5. Ensure you put the money in Total stake. Please don’t put the money on stake.

For Example 9 to come means 9 games out of 10 would come. If you select 8 games, Click on 7 to come (Cut 1 option). If you select 7 games, Click on 6 to come (Cut 1 option). If you select 6 games, Click on 5 to come (Cut 1 option).


If you fancy a mobile app than using the website, Accessbet mobile app is available for download on their platform.

To download the app, visit from your browser.

Go to the top of the page, click “Get Accessbet app now” to enjoy fast and instant access to your dashboard. You can click this link to begin your download.

Understand that this is an APK file, you will need to click on the file after downloading for a complete installation. It is completely free of virus and malware.


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