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Dstv Padi Channels List 2024 | Price and Package

In this blog post, you will be provided with the list of channels you can watch on Dstv Padi Nigeria, their numbers, payment mode, and renewal price in 2023.

There is always this notion that DStv can only be used by people of affluence, which is untrue. So far, we have been able to review the various DSTV packages and everything you need to know. Among them, there are about two to three packages like DSTV Confam and Yangi that are very affordable, and most households and businesses will not mind going for such packages.

Notwithstanding, if you are still not okay with their prices, we are sure you will love DSTV Padi. The package is the most affordable among the various DStv plans and also possesses a decent bouquet containing both local and foreign content. This is a package that we are sure you will love as it is very cheap.


DSTV padi is the least expensive TV plan offered by DSTV to low-income earners and small businesses.

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It can also be used by people who just want to keep it simple for the moment until they are ready for the bigger and better plan. Once you have subscribed, you still get to watch your favourite Nigerian dramas and movies and other interesting content that could make you lose track of time.


DStv Paid is very cheap and even costs less than the amount Average Nigerians spend on monthly data.

With just a subscription fee of N2,150, you can buy the DSTV Padi in Nigeria. The plan will last for 30 days.


Here is a list of selected TV channels along with their channel numbers in your previous message:

Movie Channels:

  • B4U Movies – Channel 451
  • eMovies – Channel 138

General Entertainment Channels:

  • Africa Magic Hausa – Channel 156
  • eToonz – Channel 311
  • Cloud Plus – Channel 294
  • Trybe – Channel 195
  • Televista – Channel 194
  • Africa Magic Igbo – Channel 159
  • Africa Magic Yoruba – Channel 157

Lifestyle & Culture Channels:

  • Spice TV – Channel 190

Sports Channels:

  • SuperSport Blitz – Channel 200

Kids & Teen Channels:

  • Big School – Channel 317
  • JimJam – Channel 310
  • eMovies Extra – Channel 140

Documentary Channels:

  • Nat Geo Wild – Channel 182

Music Channels:

  • AFRO Music – Channel 326
  • URBAN TV – Channel 328
  • TRACE Naija – Channel 325

News & Commerce Channels:

  • Joy News – Channel 421
  • CHANNELS – Channel 420
  • NTA News – Channel 419
  • TVC News – Channel 418
  • Arise News – Channel 416
  • BBC World News – Channel 400
  • News Central – Channel 422
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Religion Channels:

  • TV Mundial – Channel 680
  • Emmanuel TV – Channel 390
  • Lumen Christi – Channel 350
  • Dove TV – Channel 349
  • Eternal World Television Network – Channel 348
  • ISLAM CHANNEL – Channel 347
  • SBN – Channel 345
  • TBN Africa – Channel 343
  • Day Star – Channel 342
  • FAITH – Channel 341

Local Channels:

  • e.TV Extra – Channel 195
  • Wasafi TV – Channel 296
  • K24 TV – Channel 275

Free Channels:

  • NTA 2 – Channel 369
  • Sunna TV – Channel 351
  • WAP TV – Channel 262
  • Arewa 24 – Channel 261
  • OGTV – Channel 260
  • Wazobia Max – Channel 259
  • Galaxy TV – Channel 258
  • ONMAX – Channel 257
  • LAGOS TV – Channel 256
  • MiTV – Channel 255
  • AIT – Channel 253
  • Silverbird – Channel 252
  • NTA I – Channel 251

Audio Channels

  • TransAfrica Radio – Channel 872
  • Rhythm – Channel 870
  • Star – Channel 869
  • RAY FM – Channel 868
  • Radio France Internationale – Channel 866
  • Channel Islam International – Channel 865
  • World Radio Network – Channel 854
  • BBC African Languages – Channel 852
  • BBC Afrique en Français – Channel 85*
  • BBC World Service – Channel 850
  • Voice Of America – Channel 853
  • BBC World Radio 2 – Channel 851


The DSTV Padi, unfortunately, will not air the Sports you love. The package is meant to give you mild entertainment and it is understandable considering the price.

However, with just a few thousand added to that, you can subscribe to DSTV Confam to be able to watch some live football and other events. We already have an article on that. Check the end of this post for links to other packages.

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Yes, you will be able to watch Big Brother Naija on the package called Padi. Meanwhile, all DStv plans show it.

If you have a running subscription, simply punch 198 on your DStv remote or press the button on your decoder to locate the channel.


If you own an internet-enabled device and a debit card, renewing it is very easy. Just download a reputable payment platform like Opay and Palmpay and go to Tv to renew your DSTV Package. You can also subscribe using your bank app.

However, other options exist if you do not have access to such apps – Internet banking, USSD, or payment at any official DSTV office. The most important thing you need is your DStv smart card number.

Look under the decoder for the number. The smart card number is also known as IUC number. Another way you can check for the number is to press the Ok button on the remote and go to Information Central. Click the Ok Button again to view your IUC number. Copy it out.


There are over 45 channels on DStv Padi to watch, consisting of both indigenous and foreign content.

Among the video content, you can watch on the channels are Kids’ shows, Sports highlights, Nollywood dramas, and movies.

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