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Top 20 Surest Football Prediction Sites in the World 2024

Losing should not be a normal routine for you. There are still some surest football prediction sites that can help you win your football matches.

People have lost lots of money to bookies and continue to do so as they believe they could recoup all one day. Unfortunately, it never comes, which can be very frustrating.

Out there, almost every football prediction site claims to be an expert at what they do, which they are not. Still, no website could provide you with 100% predictions from time to time, but there are sites that score high having taken the time to study them for a long period.

Conclusions arrived by the experts are based on various strengths and weaknesses of the teams while some adopt Computer Algorithms. Some actually adopt both. With their findings, they try to give you predictions with a higher percent probability of winning,

Why it is important to find a prediction site you can trust

It is almost impossible to know every league, the way they play, how weak the teams are in certain areas, and their overall strength. With these expert predictions from the surest prediction site, you can have a good chance of winning your bet.

They help you to evaluate various teams, winning and losing probability, and the way they love to play and help you come up with the best predictions. Although you are still going to lose some bets even with the most accurate football prediction sites. However, using a site known to always come up with the best predictions is going to ensure that you can have some winning days.

This is why it is very important to know a few websites you can check especially when you do not have the leisure of analysing your game yourself.

How to select the Surest Football Prediction Websites

No doubt, there are lots of sites out there with false claims that they have the surest predictions for football matches. Most of them will only make you lose more of your bets.

To know the best surest and trusted football prediction sites to win bets, below are a few things to consider:

  • The prediction site must have been running for some time to give bettors a reasonable time to ascertain their track records.
  • A very good way of knowing the surest prediction website is the receipts of past predictions. A site willing to keep such must be so confident in its ability to provide accurate soccer predictions. Although be certain they are not made up. You can give yourself one week to know more about them.
  • Another way to measure the best prediction sites is their level of consistency. We understand that it is almost impossible to get it right every time, but one will always expect them to get at least 80% correct predictions. And on a good day, come up with 100%.

A good prediction site would first want to build a reputation, so they would never ask you to make payment especially when they are not giving any free predictions. One can not deny that some sites have a paid plan with a proven track record of winning moments; notwithstanding, there should be free betting tips that can be used as a measure before committing to the paid plan.

Can I make money through Sports betting?

Sports betting is one of the ways people are making money and at the same, it can be a way to lose everything.

While it can be a reward for your passion, punters must try to be in control when betting. Vote responsibly and avoid using multiple prediction sites because that will only prompt you into betting with more money.

Choose fewer games and avoid going to unfamiliar betting markets if possible as well. If you have always had major success in corner kick prediction, maybe you should stick to it to win your bettings.

Also, one of the best ways to make money is to follow one or very few good prediction sites with a high chance for success and stick to them. Sometimes you might want to tweak things yourself if you have better ideas.

Most importantly, football betting should not be an addiction. Lots of money and properties have been lost to it, so it is very important to know your limits. Even with the surest prediction sites, understand that they may not always get it right all the time.

Is there anything like fixed games?

Do not be deceived there are no sure games like it is commonly advertised on social media or web pages. There have been several reports of bettors that paid for correct scores and then went on to put in some heavy money on it only to have their fingers burnt.

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Most of these people are frauds. They work by showing you a perfectly edited betting slip to convince you. Any good graphic designer can easily recreate one. However, some might actually come true after many attempts of wrong predictions, but never be fooled by the claim of it being an “fixed match.”

Do I need to use a prediction site to win my bets?

If you know exactly what you are doing, then there is no reason to find prediction sites for games. Even the surest site for predicted games can still come short at times, and this is where your knowledge could come through.

If the prediction site claims Liverpool to win Crystal Palace away due to their last 5 games, but you have seen Crystal Palace dominant at home, you might want to make some changes like giving Palace 1X or to score at least one goal. Sometimes, it could work in your favour and you would be proud you did make some changes.

Nevertheless, for websites that tend to get at least a greater percentage of the prediction, you might want to go along with them. Besides, you can’t be knowledgeable in all leagues, and this is why these sites always have teams of experts that will help to analyze matches and then come out with the most possible predictions.

Best Surest Football Prediction Sites in the World

  • Freesupertips
  • Sportsmole
  • Betgenuine
  • AFootballReport
  • SportsMole
  • BettingClosed
  • Stakegains
  • Liobet
  • PredictZ
  • Tipsbet
  • Prosoccer
  • MightyTips
  • ConfirmBets
  • SportyTrader
  • Tips180
  • Stats24
  • Vitibet
  • SoccerVista
  • FootballPredictions
  • VirtualBet24

1. Freesupertips

Surest prediction sites

Freesupertips is one of the sites to get at least 80% to 100% of the surest predictions. They have been running for years and are known to provide a thorough analysis, stats, tips, or predictions of various sports events.

On their page, you will find various betting markets to select from. Whatever your betting market preference, all you just need is to click the link to get Football Betting Tips. Other sports are also available, but since we are concentrating on Football, then football it is for us.

To get some super mega accumulator tips, all you just need is to click “All football tips.” Other important places to visit on the page include Accumulator Tips, and Game of the Day Tips. Meanwhile, always pay special attention to Game of the Day Tips especially if you love to bet on a single game for today. It is an easy way to make money for bettors who love to wager with high amounts.

2. Betgenuine

Surest prediction sites

Betgenuine is a site where you can get soccer betting tips and accurate football predictions for free. The site is known to display statistics along with informed tips to help you win.

There is also a premium plan for users who wants to fake the extra miles, but the free plan should be more than enough for you. Betgenuine is not 100% correct most times, but it is one of the places you can count on.

They provide predictions for almost all leagues including Eredivisie, Lig Portugal, Superligaen, Egypt PL, and Parva Liga. The site is an absolute success when it comes to leagues that most prediction sites will not touch.

3. AFootballReport

Surest prediction sites

When looking for a prediction site that can be very thorough, you are sure to find AFootballReport among them. The site does not just give you straight tips on what to expect, it provides analysis and past statistics for Football Matches.

The site covers almost every league in the world and provides various betting market options like over 1.5, Ov 2.5, first-half goals, second-half goals, GG or NG, Corners, Cards, etc.

Predictions from AFootballReport are usually provided using statistical methods as already stated. For instance, if a team is known to always want more of the ball when playing, how weak they are in certain areas, last previous games, and some other stats, these are then used to draw up the predictions.

4. SportsMole

Surest prediction sites

It was recently I discovered SportsMole and so far, they have been so good at what they do. It is almost difficult not to see them as one of the sites to get some sure games.

They do not only provide predictions but analyze the game like a pundit or an expert will do. They also provide a predicted lineup so you can be sure who might make the team.

If you are looking for a prediction site that could be very broad, this is a site you want to check. We agree it may not always be right, but you will always get the best analysis along with their predicted scores.

5. BettingClosed

Surest prediction sites

BettingClosed is one of the best football tipsters in the world. A site where you could get predictions of matches played in 130 leagues from all over the world for free. If you have to pay for games, it is about time to look elsewhere, fortunately here is one for you.

The site is very easy to use. BettingClosed understands that not everyone will know every league which could become very difficult while making your selection. Therefore, they provide a flag for each selection making it easier to play your games.

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Various betting markets are also available. You can check predictions on various betting markets: 1X2, Mixed, Over/Under, and more. However, punters seem to naturally warm to Over/Under because it tends to give them a better chance of winning. You should also pay more attention to double chance and select fewer games.

6. Stakegains

Surest prediction sites

Stakegains predictions are close to being called reliable. So, it is a perfect website to get a daily dosage of predictions. While it could be very tempting to select from TODAY’S FREE MAESTRO FOOTBALL PREDICTIONS on stakegains with over 15 predictions, the safest bet is to always go for the 3 odds bankers and classical double.

With such plans, you have a greater chance of winning your bets. Most popular leagues are covered and are always reviewed by football prediction professionals and experts. If you plan to maximize your gains with low risk, then you should give the site a chance and start booming.

7. Liobet

Surest prediction sites

Liobet provides 3 to 4 odds of best predictions for sports lovers who only wish to double or triple their money. We have followed them for a long time and we can assure you that it is one of the surest prediction websites.

They work by providing 4 games every day with a greater possibility of being marked green. Whether live betting or in play, Liobet is a good one for you. On the site, you will see past results that confirm that they are very open and honest.

8. PredictZ

Surest prediction sites

PredictZ is one of the most popular and most used prediction sites in the world. Over the years, it has successfully been a spot for punters to get the best predictions with no charges.

The site does more than what it is originally for as visitors are also provided statistics of matches to help them with making better decisions when staking their bets. If making winning a habit is what you are looking for, then PredictZ should not be missing out on your list.

9. Tipsbet

Surest prediction sites

Betting is only fun if you are not losing more than you win. With the surest prediction site like Tipsbet, you can win much more than you invest initially.

The site gives over 20 predictions taken from leagues from around the world. All are carefully picked to ensure your winnings. Although it may be very tempting to go for all the games, we encourage you to pick a few ones to have a better chance of winning. Tipsbet is good at what they do, and you can be sure of at least 70% to 90% correct games.

10. Prosoccer

Surest prediction sites

Prosoccer with their understanding of the game combines in-depth statistical research to provide you with the best predictions. They also provide extensive sports news as well as free tips, livescores, and links to stream and watch your favorite sports.

Whether you are a regular bettor or someone who is looking to have more profits on his or her investment, Prosoccer is easily a good and one of the sites you can get the surest betting predictions.

They cover most of the leagues and competitions including:

  1. English Premier League
  2. LaLiga
  3. Serie A
  4. Bundesliga
  5. Ligue 1
  6. Champions League
  7. Europa League
  8. Sky Bet Championship
  9. MLS

11. MightyTips

Surest prediction sites

Whether you are new to sports betting or have been around for a long time and you need to do better with your bets, MightyTips is a top one to consider. The prediction site is blessed with well-experienced tipsters that analyze games very well.

The team understands how hard it is to make money and they want to do their best to provide you with the most possible surest predictions. They are bettors themselves, so you can always expect the best.

There are so many pages on the website, but we suggest you take Football Accumulator Tips for Today very seriously. Good for high-stakes bettors who only want to double or triple their money.

12. ConfirmBets

Surest prediction sites

ConfirmBets is often praised by several football fans from around the world, thanks to their professionalism and consistency. They provide tips on various markets such as Home win, Away win, Over 1.5, and more.

If you always put some decent dough on betting and need 2 to 3 odds to give you a better chance, then this is a site for you.

We have followed the site for some time now and we can’t help but have them on our list as one of the most reliable ones out there.

13. SportyTrader

Surest prediction sites

Bettors can enjoy the Best Betting Offers and Free Tips on one of the most popular prediction sites, SportyTrader. The site has been running for over a decade and has established itself as one of the top out there. The experts are always working around the clock to provide bettors with the best possible help while trying to get a reward for their passion.

To make this happen, the SportyTrader has tapped into the power of technology to come up with specialized tools that can be used to ensure as many winnings as possible. Their knowledge is so wide in online sports betting so you will find the website very informative. A good place to find predictions for most leagues and competitions as well as other Sports.

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14. Tips180

Surest prediction sites

Tips180 seems to know what they are doing when it comes to betting predictions. They offer free and paid plans to bettors. The website is dedicated and ranked among the most accurate prediction sites.

It is not important to go for the premium as the free betting tips would be more than enough. However, if you are a high risk taker, you may want to consider the premium plan as it is highly analyzed to ensure the best chance of winning your bets.

15. Stats24

Surest prediction sites

Football betting is never easy. It does not matter how long you have been playing and this is why we are encouraging you to use Stats24 which is one of the leading prediction sites in the world.

Along with this, Stats24 also offers free tips on other popular sports including Basketball, Tennis, and Handball. Even if you are not familiar with how to select good games for your bet slip, Stats24’s 100% free prediction would serve you well enough. They are trusted and tested to be one of the websites with the most accurate betting predictions.

16. Vitibet

Surest prediction sites

One of the edges Vitibet has over its competitors is that it is available in many languages. Therefore, making it easier for almost anyone in any part of the world to use the site. Then comes the other advantages such as being home to up-to-date Sports Stats.

The site combines stats and algorithms to provide the best values for bettors. For every prediction, you will be provided a percentage, a measure of the Probability of Occurrence.

17. SoccerVista

Surest prediction sites

SoccerVista is a self-acclaimed prediction site that does a good job of dishing out football statistics, picks, and information that you might need to win your selections.

It covers almost every country in the world where the games we love and adore are being played. You can select the name of the country to bet on your favorite league or simply access the game by date. Alternatively, go to the predictions of the day and start making your selections.

18. Windrawwin

Surest prediction sites

As one of the biggest tipster sites, Windrawwin is no doubt in a league of its own as it provides various betting methods. They have high-priced odds yet with a good chance of happening as well as lower-priced odds.

High-priced odds are bets that bookies have deemed that the likelihood of it happening is very low while low-priced odds are bets that could easily be won. Nevertheless, there is no such thing as a sure bet, but Windrawwin will analyze games and provide you with the best tips.

The prediction site allows you to select games based on League, Small Odds, High Odds, Accumulator Tips, Kick Off Tips, Tips Trending Now, etc. There are also tips for other sports including NBA, NFL, Tennis, and Golf.

19. FootballPredictions

Surest prediction sites

So far, we have given you a good list, and you do not want to also miss out on FootballPredictions, another site that offers you daily free tips on matches.

The predictions will be at least 85% chances so one can conclude them to be safe bets. Still, nothing is sure when it comes to bets. Some factors can change how a game ends like Red cards, injury to key players, bad officiating, and wrong decisions by players.

No matter what may occur, always know that FootballPredictions will always do their possible best because they want you to win your bets. They cover all leagues and are also a good source of information and news on Football.

20. VirtualBet24

Surest prediction sites

VirtualBet24 is always hailed as one of the most reliable sports prediction websites in the world. Like the rest, they can’t guarantee you that your bettings will always be marked green, but are known to be one of the best out there.

Instead of wasting your time analyzing games to determine an occurrence in a match, you can save a lot by depending on the site for the best Football Sports Betting Tips.

FAQ for these Surest Prediction Sites

Which of the Sites are the Surest prediction sites?

These are the common questions often asked by Bettors, but unfortunately, it is very difficult to get a website that provides correct predictions daily.

Most sites will give you the vibe that they are the best at what they do which is not always true. Still, some good sites are known to be a bit consistent in giving our correct ones. We have been able to follow some sites and we can’t help but be amazed at the good jobs done by these prediction websites: Freesupertips, Betgenuine, and Sportsmole.

Is there any such thing as 100% sure predictions?

No prediction site can guarantee you that predictions are sure to come through. Even the lowest odds could have a bad day. Some factors could decide the outcome of even most of the most accurate and carefully selected predictions. They include:

  • Injuries to key players.
  • Red cards are being given to the favorite.
  • Poor selections and tactics from the manager.
  • Renewed determination from teams predicted to be on the losing side.
  • Wrong substitution and weather conditions
  • Teams having a bad day, etc

Even after studying records between teams aided by other stats to select games, some things are not meant to be and there is nothing anyone can do. Sometimes, bettors need a bit of luck to win their bets.

Should I use different prediction sites at once?

In a bid to try several sites at once, you might be hurting your account balance. The rule of the game is to bet responsibly.

A few sites, possibly two or three may not hurt much but when you start using all sites, you are going to lose more than you won. Just carefully follow one or two if possible and then decide which is best for you.

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