MYTHDHR your schedule How to Access my Schedule on Home Depot

Here is a guide on how to check your schedule on Home Depot, but first, we will want to discuss to a great length the role of Mythdhr.

Home depot as you probably know now is the biggest home improvement retailer in the US with several workers working under them. The company has its headquarters in Georgia.

As someone who is looking to buy products for renovations, alterations, and reconstruction, the place to go is Home Depot. Aside from that, they also take on services to help customers get the best from their properties. With such years of experience, one could expect nothing but the best from the company. is one of the support systems known to handle the affairs of their large set of employees. Once you have been slotted into the payroll of the company, you will be able to access the site and also check your schedule.

Mythdhr is many things and this article would unveil some important stuff worth knowing and how you can benefit as an associate of the prestigious home improvement company.

What you can do on Mythdhr

As Home Depot strives to offer the best products and services at very reasonable prices, they are also not leaving behind one of their key components, the workforce. The online platform, Mythdhr was created to make it easy for their numerous associates to carry out certain tasks that could see them carrying out their various assignments easily.

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Below are some benefits of using Mythdhr: Employees self service

1. Associates will be able to review their information with home depot.

2. Make edits to your tax withholdings.

3. Employees will be able to change their mailing addresses.

4. Employees who are willing to purchase shares from the company could get 15% off the price of the stock.

5. Home depot inc provides coverage on dismemberment and loss of life arising from accidents.

6. Manage information on direct deposit.

7. Activate or apply for your payroll card.

8. Associates will be able to print and access old payslips and tax statements.

9. Check, review, and print all documents as regards Leave of Absence (LOA).

10. Access to life, dental, and medical insurance.

11. As an associate of Home Depot, you can enjoy vision insurance coverage. This will help to ensure that your eyes are taken care of.

12. Sign up or enroll for Homer Fund deduction.

13. Associates and their entire household members can also access the Care Program.

Things to adhere to when using Mythdhr Self Service (ESS)

When login to the Self-service platform, below are the guidelines to follow:

  1. Avoid using a third-party device, that is a computer or device that is not yours to access your information on Mythdhr.
  2. Never use public wifi to access the page as hackers might have positioned themselves to steal information at any weakest point.
  3. If you must use any device that is not your own, always log out and if possible, delete your browsing history.
  4. Also, ensure that you print documents to a secured printer location.
  5. When making changes or accessing your account, ensure no one is looking over your shoulders.
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What you need to Check your Mythdhr Schedule

1. Mythdhr website. The correct website is

2. Store or location number.

3. Your login details – User ID and password.

4. A decent internet connection

How to check myTHDHR Schedule

MYTHDHR schedule

There are lots you can do on mythdhr, and among them is checking your schedules as an associate. myTHDHR is an associate website that allows you to carry employee self-service, otherwise known as ESS.

1. To check your Mythdhr Schedule, simply visit on your computer, mac, or mobile device browser.

2. Click Kronos – Time, Attendance & Schedule. You will be redirected to the schedule page. It is the first tab on the menu.

3. Enter your sign-in credentials in the fields below. Your user Id, password, and store/other location.

4. Click ‘Sign in’ to login.

5. Alternatively, you can also visit to access the myTHDHR Schedule page.

Once you have been able to provide the correct login details, you will be redirected to the resource you intend to see.

MYTHDHR support

If you need help or you can no longer access your account due to incorrect login details, there are available agents that could help with your request.

For help through a phone call, simply dial 1.866 myTHDHR (1.866.698.4347). You can also send a message by email to this address,

There are specific periods to follow if you are to successfully connect to a customer care representative. Channels are open from 8 am to 8 pm from Monday to Friday. No access on weekends.

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