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Jumia loan: How to get a quick loan from JumiaPay App

Jumia loan is here.

We all have days we desperately need an emergency loan to take care of a very demanding situation. Sometimes it might be for school fees, house rent, wedding, home improvement or for medical fees.

Although most loans are tailored towards salary earners, it doesn’t mean there are no others who geared towards both salary earners and business owners. For instance, we have C24 loan, Fast credit, Kiakia loan, and Credit direct that answered to both.

A loan is always a good option when things are not exactly as planned. It gives you a temporary cover until you are able to pay back. However, borrowers need to be careful of the adverse consequences if not well managed.

Just like other loan apps in Nigeria, you will be able to get the cash when you have a good credit score. A credit score helps loan providers to decide whether you should be given loans or not.

Loan providers and financial institutions will want to know how much risk they are being exposed to before stamping your loan request.

What they do is checking up on your past loans to see how much commitment you made in ensuring repayment of cash borrowed.

If you have been already reported to credit bureau, getting a loan might be difficult.

Therefore, when loan providers ask for your mobile number and BVN, it is to check credit history to determine the next line of action.

Why you should choose Jumia Loan

  1. It remains the largest online shop in Nigeria with the largest collection of stocks.
  2. As one of the biggest investors in Nigeria, you can rest assured that your data will be treated with utmost discreet.
  3. The application process is very simple and straightforward that even a kindergarten will find it very easy to use.
  4. In just 5 minutes after applying, you can have the loan sent to the bank account of your choice.
  5. No one will ask you to submit collateral for jumia loan.
  6. The repayment plan is very easy and even more easy to understand.
  7. Interest rates as low as 1% per day. The best part, no boring paper to fill.
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Why loans get rejected?

  1. The major reason why most loans are refused is when the system is unable to score you high due to histories of defaulting on loans.
  2. Another reason why a loan may be rejected is when an applicant submits incorrect details.
  3. The credit score is very low. This could happen when there is not much that can be said about your financial transactions.
  4. When applicants have no legitimate source of living.
  5. The terms and conditions guiding loans as at the time you applied can also be reason why your loan request is rejected. When this happens, ask for reasons why you were denied.
  6. Loans may also get rejected when you have already been reported to the Credit bureau.

How much loan can I get from Jumia?

You can get up to N100,000 from jumiaPay in less than 5 minutes. It is only in special circumstances that it elongates.

Accessing up to that amount will also depend on your financial details which will be studied upon registration.

To get a loan, you will have to make use of Jumia One which is available for download on the Google play store.

How to apply for Jumia LoanJumia nigeria loan

Applying for jumia loan only takes a few minutes. To apply for loan, follow the below steps:

  1. On your android smartphone, and click on play store. Search for “JumiaPay”
  2. Download the app and install on your device. It only takes about a few seconds to download and install depending on your internet speed.
  3. Open the app and complete the registration process. Jumia Pay is basically used for airtime purchase and payment of bills. It was recently that loan service was added to it.
  4. Tap “loans” and provide all information needed for the system to process your request.
  5. Go to your email to complete the loan request. Please, always submit correct details when applying for jumia loan.
  6. If you are approved, the loan amount will be sent to the bank account you provided during registration.
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Other services provided by JumiaPay App

#1 Airtime and data purchase

it is not just about loan from jumia, you can also buy airtime and data for yourself or for family and friends. It comes with a 5% to 10% bonus when you purchase airtime on Jumia one.

#2 Invest in money market funds

If you have some cash to spare, you can invest in low-risk investment plan managed by Axa Mansard.

The pooled investment funds will be invested in various securities such as real estate, treasury bills, bonds, etc.

#3 Make payments for your TV, Electricity and Internet

Afraid you won’t be making payment for your utilities on time because of your tight schedules?

You can do just that on your Jumia one and even get cashback. Making payments come with no hassle plus the major dealers are available on the app.

#4. Make provisions for food, travel and entertainment on jumia one

This is just a small part of jumia one. The company is not resting until it delivers all of the consumers’ needs. Pay for food, movies, events, hotels, flights, and many more on the app.

You also get a chance to win prizes on the app when you shake once every 24 hours. This gives you ample opportunity to win something back at no cost to you.

#5 Use jumia services

Do you have items you no longer need? Market them on jumia deals and make quick money. It works in the same fashion as Olist Ng, although not as popular as Olist Nigeria.

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The job section is also a cool place to visit especially for unemployed persons and those who wish to change jobs.

Lastly, if you are good at taking great pictures, writing great content and designing graphics, digital marketing, modelling and upload services. You might want to have your store placed on Jumia prod. Make good cash from jumia sellers during what you do best.

Jumia loan contact details

  1. Phone number: 01-2772366
  2. Email: cs.one.ng@jumia.com
  3. Website: https://one.jumia.com.ng/

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