9mobile moreflex plus

9mobile more flex plus tariff plan – charges, migration code + benefits

If you love 9mobile more flex prepaid package, you are going to adore the new 9mobile more flex plus.

9mobile moreflex plus is another plan that gives more data and airtime. This package offers similar benefits as 9mobile moreflex, although one can easily see the difference if one looks well enough.

While the moreflex offers great value for voice calls, the 9mobile moreflex plus decides to take a different approach, such an approach is toward providing more data cap for the internet.

Most of us will rather have data on our phone than airtime for calls, SMS, or payg service. Voice calls are cool but data can do much more; even with data, one can decide to make voice or video calls using the many apps available on the store.

Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and telegram are just a few of the social media that allows voice and video calls on its platform. It just makes it better to have a 9mobile moreflex plus package that do not just give out for voice, SMS and payg but also more data to surf the internet.

Talking about making some big statement, this is a big one and we are glad that 9mobile is gradually taking a bold step to keep their customers and get more share from the already saturated market.

Benefits of 9mobile more flex plus

  1. 9mobile moreflex offers more in data that can be used for any site or apps.
  2. Migration to anyone plan if not satisfied is very easy.
  3. Enjoy both worlds of voice and data.
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Charges on 9mobile more flex plus

Customers on the 9mobile more flex plus can make calls to any network (onnet & offnet) in Nigeria at just 45k per second.

SMS charge is N4 for one page while it is 0.002k per kilobyte for pay as go service. Not the cheaper alternative if we compared the rate with 9mobile moreflex, but remains the best for browsing.

9mobile more flex plus bundle

1. Moreflex plus 500

  • Value: 500mb + N1000
  • Activation code: *320*1*1#
  • Price: N500
  • Validity: 7 days

2. Moreflex plus 1000

  • Value: 1.5gb + N2000
  • Activation code: *320*1*2#
  • Price: N1000
  • Validity: 14 days

3. Moreflex plus 2000

  • Value: 3gb + N4000
  • Activation code: *320*1*3#
  • Price: N2000
  • Validity: 30 days

How to opt into more flex plus from 9mobile/Etisalat

It only takes a few seconds to migrate to 9mobile moreflex plus, to activate follow the steps;

  1. Migration can be done from any device that supports USSD but it will make sense to use internet-enabled devices.
  2. Dial *320# from your phone and wait for the system response.
  3. Follow the prompts to start using enjoying more data and voices on the 9mobile network.

How to opt-out of 9mobile more flex plus

  1. Dial *344*0# from the already activated sim.
  2. Customers still remain on the plan until after dialling any of the migration codes from 9mobile.
  3. To migrate to another plan, dial moretalk – *244*2#, talkzone – *244*8# or morelife complete – *620*1#
  4. The migration will be activated and completed after following the above procedures.

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