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Gotv Supa Channels List, Price and Package 2024

In this guide, we will update you with the list of channels you can watch on GOtv Supa including the price and payment methods available to you. If you have always wanted to switch to Dstv, but could not due to reasons best known to you, now you can get something close to what you have been missing on DSTV.

We have been paying very close attention to the package for some time now and we are not surprised that it is currently gaining ground. The addition of the few premium channels added by Multichoice has no doubt made it a better choice.

If you are wondering how many channels were added to Gotv Supa, which is meant to be an upgrade, it is only 8 channels. However, there is still an argument on whether the Gotv package is really worth it. This is why we will be providing the Gotv Supa Channel List 2023 so you can conclude whether the plan is exactly what you need based on your interest.

Gotv Supa Channels List 2023

Here’s a list of TV channels categorized for easy reference:

General Entertainment Channels:

  • African Magic Family (Ch. 02)
  • African Magic Hausa (Ch. 04)
  • African Magic Yoruba (Ch. 05)
  • African Magic Urban (Ch. 06)
  • African Magic Igbo (Ch. 11)
  • Real Time (Ch. 12)
  • TL Novelas (Ch. 13)
  • Telemundo (Ch. 14)
  • Televista (Ch. 15)
  • ROK2 (Ch. 17)
  • ROK GH (Ch. 18)
  • Novela Magic (Ch. 20)
  • BET (Ch. 21)
  • CBS Reality (Ch. 22)
  • Star Life (Ch. 23)
  • Zee World (Ch. 25)
  • E! Entertainment (Ch. 26)
  • TVC Entertainment (Ch. 27)
  • Big Brother Naija (Ch. 29)
  • WWE (Ch. 36)
  • Discovery Family (Ch. 50)
  • Trybe (Ch. 97)
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Movie Channels:

  • M-NET Movies 4 (Ch. 03)
  • ROK (Ch. 07)
  • African Magic Epic (Ch. 09)
  • TNT Africa (Ch. 16)
  • KIX (Ch. 19)
  • B4U Movies (Ch. 24)
  • Documentary, Lifestyle, & Education Channels:
  • Spice TV (Ch. 10)
  • Nat Geo Wild (Ch. 51)
  • Discovery ID (Ch. 52)
  • Honey (Ch. 57)

Sport Channels:

  • BLITZ (Ch. 30)
  • SuperSport Football (Ch. 31)
  • SuperSport LaLiga (Ch. 32)
  • SuperSport Select 1 (Ch. 33)
  • SuperSport Select 2 (Ch. 34)
  • ESPN (Ch. 37)

Kids & Teen Channels:

  • Disney Junior (Ch. 60)
  • JimJam (Ch. 61)
  • Nickelodeon (Ch. 62)
  • Nick Jr (Ch. 64)
  • PBS Kids (Ch. 65)
  • Da Vinci Kids (Ch. 66)
  • Cartoon Network (Ch. 67)
  • Nick Toons (Ch. 69)

Music Channels:

  • MTV Base (Ch. 72)
  • HIP TV (Ch. 74)
  • Sound City (Ch. 75)
  • Power TV (Ch. 94)

News & Commerce Channels:

  • Al Jazeera (Ch. 40)
  • BBC World News (Ch. 41)
  • CNN International (Ch. 42)
  • Arise News (Ch. 44)
  • TVC News Nigeria (Ch. 45)
  • NTA News 24 (Ch. 46)
  • CHANNELS (Ch. 48)
  • NTA Parliament (Ch. 115)

Local Channels:

  • Sunna TV (Ch. 84)
  • LAGOS TV (Ch. 90)
  • NTA International (Ch. 91)
  • SILVERBIRD (Ch. 92)
  • AIT (Ch. 93)
  • ONMAX (Ch. 96)
  • Wazobia TV (Ch. 98)
  • Galaxy TV (Ch. 99)
  • OGTV (Ch. 100)
  • Arewa 24 (Ch. 101)
  • WAP TV (Ch. 102)
  • RSTV (Ch. 103)
  • EBS (Ch. 104)
  • BCOS (Ch. 105)
  • ITV Benin (Ch. 107)
  • BISCON TV (Ch. 108)
  • Liberty TV (Ch. 110)
  • Tiwa n Tiwa (Ch. 111)
  • R2TV (Ch. 112)
  • RAVE (Ch. 113)
  • NTA 2 (Ch. 114)
  • Prime TV (Ch. 92)

Religious Channels:

  • FAITH (Ch. 80)
  • ISLAM CHANNEL (Ch. 81)
  • Emmanuel TV (Ch. 82)
  • Dove TV (Ch. 83)
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GOtv Max Audio Channels:

  • Naija FM (Ch. 301)
  • Wazobia FM (Ch. 303)

Enjoy your TV viewing with these channels! 📺🎶📰🎬

What is GOtv Supa?

GoTV Supa is a newly released TV subscription plan by multichoice, endowed with a list of impressive channels that anyone would love irrespective of what genres they are interested in.

With this package, you have access to several contents, ranging from general entertainment, movies, lifestyle, sport, education, News, Kids and teens content, religion, and even more.

The addition of Kix, a 24 hours Chinese movie channel makes it even more interesting. If you are a fan of martial art movies and you have been looking to make a switch to DStv for that, then there is no longer the need as it has now been brought to your doorstep.

How Much is the Gotv Supa Package?

The price of the GOtv supa is N5,500. By paying for the subscription which will only last you for a month, you are going to enjoy access to over 80 channels made up of different selections.

Once the plan expires, you can decide to go on with the plan or downgrade to other plans if you think it is worth the upgrade. There are four other plans you could choose on GoTV if you decide to change to another plan.

How to renew Gotv Supa Package?

To renew your Gotv Supa Package, you will need your IUC number. The IUC number can be gotten from the surface or underneath your decoder device.

Another way to retrieve your IUC number is by pressing the Menu on the remote, proceed to Information Central, and then click the Ok button. The IUC number will be displayed on your screen.

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Now that you have your IUC number, subscribe or renew the GOtv super plan using a reliable payment gateway. There are lots of options, you could make use of, however, we will be suggesting Bank Apps, Palmpay, Or Opay for their effective service delivery. Besides, being able to subscribe in the comfort of your home is a big plus.

Alternatively, you can also use your bank ussd to subscribe if you do not have an internet-enabled smartphone to subscribe.

Can I Watch Bbnaija On Gotv Supa?

Yes, you will be able to watch Bbnaija On Gotv Supa on Channel 29. The other packages also show Bbnaija at no cost. All the excitement, suspense, and thrills are available whenever the show is on.

How many Channels are Available on Gotv Supa?

There are over 80 channels on the GoTV Supa. The channels are 6 Sports Channels, 6 Movie Channels, 3 Music Channels, and 68 Other genre Channels.

If you are bent on having all-around entertainment along with touches of other genres, the Gotv Supa package is one worth considering the list of channels.

Does GoTV Supa show Football Matches?

Yes, you can watch matches on the GoTV Supa. There are about 6 sports channels to choose from. The channels are ESPN, SuperSport LaLiga, SuperSport Select 1, SuperSport Football, BLITZ, and SuperSport Select 2.

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