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GTBank Quick Loan Code For Personal And Business Needs

If you are asking how do I get a loan from GTBank? I can assure you it is very simple especially if the loan product falls under Personal Loan. A business loan can be a bit cumbersome because of what is at stake.

GTBank loan is your way out when faced with any form of financial difficulties or inability to meet emergency and business needs. The GTbank has been tailored to cater for both salary income earners and self-employed people.

The Gtbank loan can be accessed via USSD code, mobile app, or through completion of loan request form at the bank. Whatever, you need to do, you can have them all using the financing options provided by the bank and also guarantees you all the security you have ever wanted in a loan.

The list will comprise GTBank personal and business loans. Therefore, whatever you are looking for, you should find them on the loan options available for all borrowers.

1. GT Salary Advance

GT Salary Advance is available to staff of private companies and government agencies who have a GTB account with the bank.

The bank understands that customers sometimes will need to make a decision that revolves around money. Since money is not always available, then it is on the bank to provide such temporary cover.

Therefore, qualified salary earners who have salary accounts with GTbank will be able to access funds which they can use pending the time their salaries are received. Do note that it always comes with a short tenor, 30 days precisely.

Customers who need this facility will only be able to access 50% of their net monthly salary with the minimum salary of N25,000 for public sector and N50,000 for private-sector employees. No collateral is required to apply for Salary Advance.

How To Apply for GT Salary Advance

To apply for GTBank Salary Advance, dial the USSD Code *737*8*2# on the phone number attached to your bank account.

Customers can also login to their GTBank online banking platform to begin the application or contact Customer Care.

2. GTbank QuickCredit

If you feel that GT Salary Advance tenor is not enough, you can go for GTBank Quickcredit. Self-employed and salary income earners are eligible to apply for the loan.

Quick Credit gives you funds up to N5,000,000 at an interest rate of 1.33% monthly. Meanwhile, the minimum loan amount is N10,000. The maximum loan amount for non-salary earners or self-employed can access is N500,000.

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The payback period is 6 to 12 months, having this flexibility means you pay back at your own pace instead of being rushed.

Although, it is a personal loan but who says you can not divert it to your personal hustle?

Requirements to get Gtbank QuickCredit

  1. Customers must maintain a minimum monthly lodgement of N20,000 or earn a minimum net monthly salary of N10,000.
  2. Customers must not have any history of dud cheques.
  3. Customers must not have any unpaid obligations.
  4. Customers must have satisfactory credit reports.

How To Apply For GTbank QuickCredit

  • Customers can apply for GTbank QuickCredit by dialing USSD Code *737*51*51#.
  • Customers can also apply for the loan via GTBank Internet Banking, GTworld, GTbank Mobile App, and Habari App.

3. MaxAdvance

MaxAdvance is a product that is designed to facilitate personal loans to the staff of corporate organizations and public sector employees. To enjoy this facility, you must be a staff of an organization whose staff salaries are with the bank. This package is available to both staff of private and government establishments.

The minimum amount that Gtbank can give to successful applicants on MaxAdvance is N100, 000 (one hundred thousand only) while the maximum stands at N10,000,000 (ten million naira only). Also, customers can enjoy a minimum tenor of 3 months and 48 months for maximum tenors.

The documents required to get these facilities are an Application form and Employee Undertaking that salary and terminal benefits will be domiciled with the bank. MaxAdvance has no limitation as to what the loan can be used for, you can decide to use it for personal and business needs.

To get started on GTbank MaxAdvance, contact a GTBank customer care representative via any of their online platforms. You can also visit the bank to make your findings.

4. Gtbank MaxPlus

MaxPlus is a facility that is designed to provide personal loans to public sector employees and staff of corporate organizations.

When you need a larger loan facility, this could be the best loan product to go for. Although, the loan is termed a personal loan it can be used for almost any conditions that require money. The best part is that it requires no collateral.

Gtbank MaxPlus is only available to platinum customers whose salary accounts are with GTbank. Qualified applicants can get between N6 Million and N30 Million in loan with a tenor of up to 48 months.

Customers will need to complete minimal documentation, the forms to be completed are Application form and Employer Undertaking to domicile salary with the bank.

The forms can be requested or downloaded online but since you will still need to visit the bank for submissions, then you should ask customer care for forms and complete it there.

To apply for GTbank MaxPlus, go to any GTbank branch near you and meet the loan officer or customer care for guides.

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5. GTB Computer Acquisition Scheme

Serving NYSC members who want to acquire smartphones, mobile phones or computers can apply for Computer Acquisition Scheme from GTBank. If your NYSC salary account is with GTBank, you can get up to N60,000 from the bank payable between 3 to 10 months.

The repayment plan is based on equal monthly installment of loan and cost of the loan over the tenor of the facility which shall not exceed 33.3% of Corps member’s monthly allowance.

To apply for NYSC loan from GTBank, simply reach out to the customer agent. Application can also be carried out during the NYSC orientation activities in camp.

6. GTMortgage

If you are a salary earner or business owner with earnings domiciled with GTBank, you can purchase or have a home in Nigeria using a loan facility by the bank.

GTMortgage is a product that offers term loans to part-finance applicant’s acquisition of residential property in locations acceptable to GTBank. This means that you will need to have a percentage amount of the money while the bank completes the rest. GTMortgage can also be used to acquire flats in locations approved by the Bank.

Customers who wish to enter into an agreement with the bank must be ready to provide the following documents – Completed Application Form, Offer Letter to Sell property from a vendor, Title Document of Property, Search report from GTBank Legal Group, and Valuation report from any of the Banks approved estate valuer.

Successful borrowers can choose whether they be paying monthly, semi-annually, or annually with tenor ranging from 1 to 20 years. The minimum loan that GTmortgage can provide is five million naira (5,000,000) and one fifty million (150,000) is the maximum loan amount.

To apply for GTmortage, visit any branch of GTbank around you and talk with any bank agent.

7. GTbank Premium Advance

If you are a GTbank platinum customer, you can apply for GTbank Premium Advance. The loan comes with up to N1 Million overdraft with a 1 year Tenor (subject to clean-up every 30 days). It also has a competitive interest rate, 2% flat fee on N1million upon first utilization.

Do understand that Premium Advance is a revolving overdraft facility placed on your Debit Naira MasterCard.

To qualify for Gtbank premium advance, the average monthly salary for applicants should not be less than N1million in the last six months. It is also important that your salary account is with the bank and with no existing loan with GTbank or any other banks.

Customers can apply for Premium Advance by downloading Employee Undertaking Form and Application Form. The forms are to be submitted to the bank after completion.

8. Gtbank Travel Advance

As you would have noticed by now, whatever the reason for the loans, GTbank can back you. Another loan product you can access is Travel Advance.

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Travel Advance is a time loan designed to meet the travel needs of our customers who have salary accounts with the bank. It is available to customers for Travel either for Airline Ticket, Hotel, Tours, etc.

The tenor of the loan varies, you have the option to choose between 30days, 60 days, 90days, 180 days, 210 days, and 360 days. The interest rate on GTb travel advance is 20% per annum which may be subject to money market conditions.

To check the travel allowance limit you can get, simply login to Gtb Internet Banking and input the exact amount required for payment purposes. Customers can get N250,000 to N3,000,000 on Travel Advance.

Applicants will only be able to use the Airline or Travel Agents listed on Internet Banking when applying for the loan.

How To Apply For Gtb Travel Advance

  • Login to Gtb online internet banking using your login details.
  • Click ‘Travel Advance under Investments and Quick Loans’.
  • Select ‘Travel Advance’ and initiate a New request.
  • Complete the required details.
  • Validate the loan request by inputting the 6 digits on your token and submit.

9. GTbank QuickCredit for Small Business

QuickCredit for Small Business is a time loan designed to support the working capital needs of small and medium enterprises. The SMEs include eduction, trade, service, and healthcare.

Customers must have been operating an account with the bank for at least 6 months and the age of the business for at least 3 years.

Depending on the turnover of the business, customers could get N250,000 to N10,000,000 in loan facility on QuickCredit for small businesses. For business owners in Trade, Services, and Food sectors, the repayment period is up to 6 months while Healthcare, Fashion, and Education Sectors get up to 12 months. The interest rate across the board is 1.33% per month (16% p.a.).

To request for Quickcredit for small business, login to GTBank Automated Payment System (GAPS)/GAPS-Lite.

GAPS is an acronym for GTBank Automated Payment Systems. It is a Corporate Online Banking service that gives corporate clients access anytime. If you have not registered, simply do now via the provided link by clicking ‘Register’.

10. Food Industry Credit

Food Industry Credit is a time loan targeted towards SMEs within the Food and Drinks Industry in Nigeria to meet the working capital needs of the businesses.

A food business is one of the most profitable businesses in Nigeria and we all know that not everyone has the required amount to expand the business especially when there is a need to create more spaces or add spices to the business. With a GTB food loan, you can finally do that.

The minimum loan amount is N50,000.00 (Fifty Thousand Naira Only) and the maximum loan amount is N2,000,000.00 (Two Million Naira only). The maximum tenor for Food Industry Credit is 180 days (6 months) and 9% per annum (0.75% per month).

To get a loan from GTBank for your business, your business must have been around for at least a year, registered with CAC and the business must have a satisfactory CRMS report of owners, sponsors, and directors.

How To Apply To Food Industry Credit

  • To apply for Food Industry Credit, simply click on Food Credit on GAPS Lite.
  • Follow the prompts to complete the application process.
  • Once successful, GTbank will disburse your money instantly.

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