Beautiful Hairstyles For Nigerian Ladies

40+ Beautiful Hairstyles For Nigerian Ladies In 2023 (Pictures)

Your clothes, shoes, or make-ups are not the only ways for people to notice you when you cat-walk in, your hair matters especially the style that comes with it.

Beautiful hairstyles for Nigerian ladies have now gone global unlike many years back when little attention was given to African hairstyles.

Cornrows, inverted cornrows, French braids, Havana twists, single braids, Dutch braids, mini braids, box braids, micro twists, crochets, sleek ponytail braids, and so many more styles have become prominent on Nigerian celebrities and public figures.

These styles have received a plethora of creativity and continued to heighten the global attention that is given to them. Year-in-year-out, hairstyles for Nigerian ladies have continued to remain relevant in fashion. Sometimes their form changes and oddity, however, they have remained diverse in length, size, structure, and type.

And because Nigerian hairstyles are versatile, simple, and cost-friendly, they pose as a very good option for your go-to styling hair-choices. They can be protective since they do not require continuous combing and chemical exposure, while also aiding progressive hair growth.

Even when beaten on a rainy day, or during a good swimming session, rocking the Nigerian ladies’ hairstyle will not get your hair entangled! Pretty fascinating!

So, if you are looking out for the very latest beautiful hairstyles for ladies in Nigeria, then let’s dive in together!

1. Bantu Knots

This hairstyle has other ways it is being referred to in different parts of the country. It has a resemblance to a particular sea animal called periwinkle.

Bantu Knots is created with a section of hair being braided and thereafter looped around itself on the spot. And then held secured at the root of its section. This look is an afro-centric look that constantly draws the attention of Nigerian ladies. When they are rocked, they display huge bouncing curls that turn out stunning.

beautiful hairstyle bantu knots

2. Marley Twist

In the list of the most popular hairstyles for Nigerian ladies, Marley twist has a huge prominence as a hairstyle with attachment.
This hairstyle is a medium to big sized twist which is done by harnessing the Marley attachment. You may have heard of the afro kinky hair – It is used in place of referring to the Marley attachment.

Marley attachment also has a texture that is rougher in comparison to the kanekalon braiding hair. Women with natural hair who have a preference for the rough texture consider this hairstyle for its close semblance to natural hair. No doubt, it is one of the hairstyles that Nigerian babes, women, or girls love to rock.

beautiful hairstyles marley twist

3. Ombre Braids

When ombre braids took the stage, it was commonly done by making an attachment of colored extensions that are brighter to the tail of dimmer extensions. While this style is still being widely rocked in Nigeria and Africa, there are however now ready-made ombre attachments that can be suitably used for a variety of Nigerian hairstyle attachments.

Even when your stylist is running her magic fingers on your hair, you will be amazed at how cool it is gradually looking as the hair takes on another beautiful colour. Take a walk to where the
elites get all their fun and it will immediately be dawn on you that this is a hairstyle worth investing in Nigeria, Africa, or any part of the world.

Ombre Braids0A0Abeautiful hairstyles nigeria

4. Ghana Braids

Ghana braids are quite prominent among Nigerian ladies’ hairstyle choices. Despite the name, ‘Ghana braids’ – since it is originally a Ghanaian concept, it however cannot be downplayed among the hairstyles Nigerian ladies rock.

They are also called feed-in braids and are done by fixing extensions to cornrows in minor augments unlike making use of an extension portion from the ends to its tips. Almost all cornrow hairstyles are created with Ghana braids styles to produce neatness and uniformity.

Ghana braids are quite complex with a varying pattern on being created on the head. These patterns can go zigzag, horizontally, or vertically.

nigerian hairstyles ghana braids

5. Pick And Drop

This beautiful hairstyle is prevalent among Nigerian ladies, and it is commonly created to produce a curly expression without making use of weaves. Pick and drop is generally made like mini box braids, however, these braids aren’t completely done.

The braids are made halfway while the remaining parts are left unbraided. It can appear straight and conventional, but this look is often curly.

This hairstyle would surely look good, bringing out that innocent look that most men can help but drool on. If you have a daughter too, the hairstyle will also come good on her.

nigerians hairstyles pick and drop

6. Big Bun

The Big bun hairstyle will easily get your crush drooling around! The beautiful hairstyle for Nigerian ladies emits immense beauty on its wearer and has consistently beat the trend of hairstyling year-in-year-out!

Elements harnessed in the creation of the style look epic, and when you step out rocking it, you are sure to turn heads everywhere you set your foot. Big bun is suitable for all occasions – weddings, birthdays, date nights, casual occasions, and even formal occasions. You may decide to hold the bun loosely or retain the plaited hair tightly based on how you want it.

Big bun hairstyles

7. Lemonade Braids

Lemonade braids have been around for quite some time. Nigerian school kids refer to the hairstyle as ‘police cap’, while some others call it ‘side braids’.

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But ever since popular American pop star Beyonce rocked on her album titled Lemonade, the style was hence dubbed that name.

Lemonade braids has a very classy look regardless of who is wearing it. It is also trendy and can be worn by ladies of all colors and races. Not excluding The Young At Heart Women!

Lemonade braids nigeria hairstylist 1

8. All-Back Braids

This simple but classy braided hair-do can be made using extensions. The style will conveniently blend with every trendy lady’s face.

The big braids are designed backward and rolled back into a big bun at the end. This appearance ensures to keep your hair away from your face, while still dishing out that gorgeous appearance on you.

beautiful hairstyles nigeria africa

9. Crochet Hairstyle

Nigerian ladies have continued to rock the crochet hairstyle for over five years now, and they have continued to retain that appealing look on their wearers. The style is very convenient, simple, and time-saving.

The crochet hairstyle is done on a base of cornrows with a latch hook employed to install an attachment on the style base. The style can be created using braided or loose hair and can be made with creatively new techniques on distinct hair braids.
Whatever hairstyles you are considering for the weekend, crochet hairstyle also deserves to be on the list since it has just a stunning look.

Crochet Hairstyle beautiful hairstyles

10. Senegalese Twist

As the name implies, Senegalese twist hails from a Senegalese hair concept that is created with extensions that turn out wool-like. They are medium-sized twists with attachments. And are often just two hair strands laced together.

Nigerian slay queens are well familiar with this hairstyle. They have tiny features, can be lengthy or short in form, large or medium, and can appear in different colors. They are often neatly created with a good and smooth appearance of multiple shapes and can be worn over any hair texture.

These twists are protective to the hair and can be stunned for different kinds of occasions. And you do not have to worry about maintenance, because they are easy to maintain.

Senegalese twist hairstyles in nigeria

11. Box Braids

This model box braid is one hairstyle Nigerian ladies can empty their purses for! The style is popularly worn by world celebrities and public figures.

It has attachments added to the base of the hair and wholly braided to its tip. You may choose to have them straightened or curled, and long or short. For an even more stunning turn-out, add beads or cuffs as accessories.

Not many men or fans could resist such looks. If you are a wife or mother already, who says you can’t have all the fun knowing that people can’t help but be stunned by the new look.

box braid hairstylist nigeria

12. Dark Weaves

Nigerian ladies often use dark weaves to protect natural hair and also for that quick classy change in hairstyle. They can be used to create a simple and easy adjustment in look for almost every occasion.

This hairstyle has a myriad of brands which you can easily transform into when you have a professional hairstylist within your reach. And they can be a perfect choice for your next occasion!

Whatever owanbe you are planning this weekend, you can be the centre of attention. Who knows, you may hook up with a charming prince.

dark weaves hairstyles

13. Pixie Cut

The pixie cut is famously recognized by Nigerian ladies currently. While several trendy ladies love it, for the sake of culture, not very many take the courage to style their natural hair this way. But then, ladies who may not be so confident to try it can employ the use of wig caps or weaves.

Ensure that your hairstylist is well skilled at giving you the best of this hairstyle, if not, their hairstyle will turn out poorly and may be destroyed.

pixie cut hairstyle in nigeria 1

14. Down-To-Three Platinum Hairstyle

Mary J. Blige popularized the platinum down-to-three hairstyle from New Orleans. The style stole fame at the Essence festival. And African ladies have ever since continued to find themselves enmeshed in the creativity of the hairstyle.

The color is quite catchy and appealing on the Nigerian streets, but then, you can get creative with other colors. You can opt to tie the extensions neatly or leave them out hanging.

If you ask me what colour also goes with black, I will be obliged to say Gold or Blue. Even as a Graphic Designer, I have always been one of their biggest fans.

best hairstyles in nigeria

15. Knotted Side Bun

The knotted side-bun is a creative and classy way you should tie your hair extension strands. You may want to consider styling them into a neat side bun, with the remaining hair being tied into a circular knot at the back.

Doing this saves you from any form of discomfort that could be created from the hair falling over your face, while also covering up facial features that are less appealing. The hairdo holds the veil and tiara perfectly and is hence a nice pick for Brides.

knotted side bun hairstyles in nigeria

16. Twin Braids

Identical cornrows with two sections woven backward on the head are called ‘twin braids. They can appear as just two or can be braided on each side in a format that is popularly known as ‘clap’, which would also be extensively braided as one.

This cool look is sure to fit whatever shape you have and you can also be on those with receding hair. If you must try this hairstyle, do patronize a stylist that you know have been in the game for some time.

twin braids hairstyles africa 1

17. Sleek Ponytail

This huge ponytail hairdo is an interesting way to pattern around the high bun creating one giant attachment braid. The kanekalon hair is vital to producing this look without cutting them like box braids.

And with that method, the ponytail comes out eventually thick and long.
Apply gel to your hair and pack it together in a bun while also braiding the attachment around it and to the locks of the hair. Make it more attractive by harnessing accessories as you want and then, get slaying!

Sleek Ponytail hairstyles 1

18. Fulani Braids

The Fulani braids is one of the beautiful hairstyles for Nigerian ladies that have gone conventional for its attractive looks. This style is known for its connection to the Nigerian-Fulani hair culture in the northern part.

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While you are not going to find a particular style that is basically Fulani, you’ll however find their uniqueness in the way they combine beads and also braiding the hair frontward instead of backward. The Fulanis either employ the use of all or one of these structures to produce that unique and appealing look.

So, consider rocking the Fulani braids on your next date or prom night. Get creative also with the use of beads.

fulani braids hairstyles

19. Faux Locs

Faux locs has a kind of expensive look. And if you are going to opt for the hairstyle, then you must be able to exercise enough patience in getting the hair done. This may require several hours of sitting on a spot! Unfortunately, so many ladies can’t afford all that time.

And because of this reluctance, the hairstyle isn’t mainstream. Hence, rocking the hair will always open doors for you and give you a unique appearance when you step out in the streets. You can wear temporary faux locs too to have this look instead of having to loc your hair permanently.

You’ll be required to wrap the attachment braid in a section of the hair to create that loc appearance. Kanekalon attachment can also be used in creating that real slay look.

Faux locs hairstyles nigeria 1

20. Different Braids Sizes

This gorgeous different braids sizes hairstyle is quite popular too. It has small and huge sized cornrows that were previously rocked by high school students alone. But today, this hairstyle is now being worn by women both in Nigeria and in the diaspora.

You can also style this hair in such a way that it would be easily embraced as Fulani braids. Celebrities and public figures find expression with the lengthy different braids sizes, and it will perfectly fit into all occasions. You do not have to make it as long as that of the model in the image, but a good length would do just fine.

Different Braids Sizes

21. Unicorn Dreams

Just as modeled in the picture, the hairstyle is very colorful and has unicorn dreams and fascinating ponytails. If you have a thing for rainbow braids, then you could make the ponytails as a matching makeup to dish out that unique look.

You can’t step your foot into any event without being noticed with this hairstyle. And it doesn’t appear fitting for formal or official occasions.

unicorn dreams hairstyle

22. Shuku Ponytail Braid

The shuku ponytail braid is also simply known as ‘shuku’ in Nigeria. The hairstyle migrated into the country after it became quite common in the United States. Shuku ponytail braids are created by braiding the hair into an upward bun.

They can be done as feed-in braids to make them look smarter and more appealing. You may also have the ponytails come low or high and huge. It can turn out as you want it. What is important is how skilled your stylist can make the hairstyle topnotch and attractive.

shuku ponytail braid 1

23. Zig Zag Braids

Unlike the classic cornrows, the zigzag cornrows are a more creative outlook. The classic cornrows are straight in appearance but the zigzag has a ‘Z’ shape that continues down a straight pattern.

You can include your own creativity to this hairstyle. And this could include accessorizing with rubber or wooden beads for a more appealing look, and even adding straight cornrows on the sides or anywhere suitable.

Zig Zag Braids hairstyles

24. Multi-Sized Cornrows

Rocking your cornrows in one size is a nice pattern. But combining the hairstyle with big braids of different sizes rocks even better!

Create this hairstyle with extensions to give you that bolder finishing for an even more appealing look.

This is another hairstyle any girl should try considering that it has this aura of greatness. The best part of it is that there are many professional hairstylists who are good witth this style. Therefore, you should not have issue with locating a hairdresser in Nigeria and Africa.

Multi Sized Cornrows hairstyles

25. Braided Locs

Unlike the perception of many Nigerian ladies, your locs do not have to always hang loose every time you rock them. They can come out versatile and efficient on their use.

You can knot them up, curl them, and braid them. You may also consider weaving each strand into a flat cornrow pattern or a box braid look.

Therefore, it all depends on what you want to do with locs, but if you are down for this, then quickly call your hairdresser and book.

braided locs hairstyle

26. Mini Twist

Naturalist ladies find this convenient. But this doesn’t mean that it cannot be worn by every other lady. Mini twist emits more beauty with your natural hair as the locks of the hair are curled into itself instead of them sticking out.

The hairstyle is preferably worn by Nigerian ladies as a protective style to avoid hair breakage and manipulation. When unraveled, the style also creates a unique appearance. So, you have just one hairdo rocked with two styles.

mini twist hairstyle

27. Half Cornrows And Single Braids

This multipurpose hairstyle is as functional as wearing a single braid on you. Half-single cornrow braids come out with your hair with cornrow on halfway and with braids on the remaining part of the head.

You can also have a switch up look to a low or high bun, and an all-back style. And for the most comforting outcome, your hair will stay away from your face.

This is also one of the top rated and best hairstyles in Nigeria. It is suitable for any kind of occasions and can be worn confidently to the office.

Half Cornrows And Single Braids hairstyle

28. Feed-in Multi-sized Braids

Nigerian ladies who are on the lookout for an astounding style that will also help to secure the hair in the long term should consider the feed-in braids. It is also neat, easy, and simple to rock for Nigerian ladies.

It often involves cutting the hair down into multiple sections and having them braided down. The hair has extensions that are fed into each of the braids near the roots.

Feed in Multi sized Braids0Ahairstyle

29. Striking Multiple Braids

This hairstyle is very stunning. The beautiful hairstyles for Nigerian ladies have a tiny plethora of braids with its gold color giving the look a stylish appearance. There appear three starting patterns that drift into a collection on the right side.

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Men often fall in love with the wraps around their ladies head that emphasizes glamor and a unique look during outings.

Thefore, you can have your man to yourself with beautiful hairstyle as this. The last time I checked, every man wants her girl to look good all the time.

Striking Multiple Braids0Ahairstyle in nigeria

30. Pompadour Hairstyle

The pompadour hairstyle is commonly viewed as a loose hairstyle which has been rolled into a big bun and tucked in.

But then, a pompadour doesn’t have to appear loose always. You can infuse some creativity into the style by making it with a combination of single braids coming off at the center and cornrows on the sides, which is also rolled up and tucked at the crown.

This hairstyle would fit for almost all occasions – dinners, date nights, formal, balls, and even church occasions. This is a multi-purpose hairstyle that could potentially save you some money instead of changing hairstyle frequently when it is not even due for such.

Pompadour Hairstyle

31. Ninja Bun Braids

If you want to create the ninja bun braids, you’ll pattern your hair into two sections. Braid a part starting from the crown of your head till it reaches the middle, and braid the other section from the point of your neck towards the top until the middle section.

Then secure the bottom of both braids with an elastic and also create a knot for the bun. Finalize by doing the same for the second section.

If you could not find a way around it, then you should meet a professional or a friend who knows more than you do.

ninja bun braids hairstyle nigeria africa

32. Braids And Fringe

I love this hairstyle on women no doubt especially if it was crafted neatly to reveal the ambiance that comes from the style. Oh, I almost forgot to reveal the name of the hairstyle. Well, it is popularly called Braids And Fringe by those who truly know their hairstyles.

If you have short hair, then you should opt for this hairstyle. And since it is not a must that your braids must turn out long. You can make them short gorgeous bangs with your natural hair for the desired length, instead of cutting the hair to make that possible.

Braids And Fringe nigeria hairstyle stunning

33. Goddess Or Crown Braids

You may have heard of crown braids. Well, Goddess braids is another name for crown braids, and it is because of their royal appearance.
In braiding this simple and easy-to-do hairstyle, you’ll have to braid across the fore edges of the head.

Crown braids don’t consume a lot of time to be done. And you may consider adding extensions to it to create bigger buns for a more attractive look. But then, with a perfect hair volume, that may not be necessary.
In less than one or two hours, you can have this hairstyle done and ready to go out.

Goddess Or Crown Braids

34. Side Didi

The side braided didi or side didi as fondly called is very popular among ladies who slay in south-western Nigeria. The hairstyle has a close resemblance to the French braids that is done sideways.

And except you’ll just prefer some extensions created for the hairstyle, the hair is done often without hair braids. The style proffers a gorgeous dimension to the hair in a very unique pattern.

Inverted Hairdo0A0Anigerian ladies hairstyle

35. Inverted Hairdo

Inverted hairdo (also inverted cornrows) is commonly used in place of French braids. Just like the conventional cornrows, it is presented in a zip-like form with a flat finishing.

The hairstyle can be used to produce other hairstyles like updo styles and Pompadour. And it can also be turned into rows as is commonly worn by the Nigerian slay queens.

Inverted hairdo hairstyle nigeria

36. Braid-Out

After you take down your braids, what appears as a result, is the braid-out hairdo. However, you are not likely to achieve this style simply by loosening braids that have been previously highlighted in the entries.

But you’d get top-notch results by simply creating sections of your clean hair-braids by harnessing efficient hair products. You should receive fluffy curls with lots of volumes as a result. Ladies who would rather have their natural hair would opt for the braid-out.

braids out nigeria

37. Triangle Braids

Think of triangle braids like a sister to box braid. But triangle braids are reflected in triangle patterns which are later woven. They eventually turn out with so much gorgeousness and creative appearance.

You can also do the hairstyle by infusing multiple extensions with different sizes and lengths that would sit majestically on you. The triangle braids are perfect for wedding occasions and great for formal settings too.

triangle braids hairstyle 1

38. Dreads

Dreads or dreadlocks have been worn for ages by both men and women. There are however ways that they are made to come alive with the modern creativity that are often infused into the styling. They turn out in rope-like strands of hair that are fashioned by infusing dreadlock extensions into the natural style.

Many also create this hairstyle by just leaving your natural hair uncombed for a very long time. It would gradually form into dreads. However, whatever method you settle for, be sure that your hair must be constantly and properly washed to keep it free from being infected by germs or unwanted organisms especially since you are rocking it for a long time.

Keep dreadlocks to avoid going to the salon multiple times in a month. And the beautiful thing about this hairstyle is that it is always trendy!

dread locks hairstyle for ladies

39. Beaded Braids

Many Nigerian ladies can rock beads all over their outfits. If you are a bead lover, then you’ll definitely fall in love with beaded braids!

You can rock a classy and outmoded physique while still selectively infusing accessories into your hair so as to avoid being excessive with the ornaments.

beaded braids hairstyles in nigeria

40. Havana Twist

Braids are quite predominant among hairstyles for Nigerian ladies, but twists are a great option too! Twists are far much simpler and easier to loosen. You make them by dividing the hair or the extensions attached into two parts, and then you continue to overlap both hair strands.

They can turn out in Marley style, Senegalese (as earlier mentioned), Havana, and others. Havana twists are not as coarse as the Senegalese twist. They appear and feel quite rough, but surprisingly still look good after being rocked for several days!

While Marley is not the same with Havana twist, they can be erroneously taken for each other.

havana twist hairstyle

41. Layered Braids

There are different ways you can stand out with cornrows. One of the ways is to braid in steps! Braiding in steps gives your hair a more adorable look. And aside from the attractiveness, the hairstyle can also be rocked for a fair long time without looking odd.

By combining with matching earrings, jewelry, African print designs, and classy shoes and bags, you are set to make your outing a very memorable one!

Layered Braids hairstyle nigeria africa

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