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Heritage Bank Loan For Personal And Business Loan

There is nothing wrong with seeking out loans, almost everyone at one point has borrowed money. Emergency loans can be a way out, which you can get from Heritage Bank.

Whether a personal or business need, there is a bank that cares. Those projects do not have to wait. With heritage bank loans, the unpaid bills can finally be sorted out.

The next question is who can access the loan? Everyone with a regular income can access the loan, they include salary income earners and self-employed individuals.

Therefore, the article will guide you on how to procure your next loan.

Below are how to get a loan from Heritage Bank:


HB Salary Advance can make sure you do not have to wait till the ending of the month to do what you should do now. Sometimes, emergency needs just happen and there will be no choice but to attend to it quickly.

It could be a faulty car, children’s school fees, upkeep, or for home improvement. Heritage Bank Salary Advance is available for all salary income earners and also has a low-interest rate.

To get heritage bank salary advance loan, the applicant’s salary account must be domiciled with the bank, must have been working for the current employer for at least six months, and must be confirmed as a permanent staff of the company. Casual workers or interns are not eligible to apply for HB Salary Advance until they become a full worker.

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Applicants can get up to 50% of their net monthly salary and a single obligor limit of N500,000 with a tenor being 30 days or the next payday. The next payday means when you receive your next salary. No security or collateral is needed to obtain this type of loan.

To apply for HB Salary Advance, visit the bank during their official working hours or reach out to them via their platform. Heritage Bank Customer Care will be more than glad to help you with your loan application.

how to apply for heritage bank loan


Call HB Cowry a loan that can be used for whatever, be it personal or business, you are not wrong. HB Cowry (Personal Loan) is a loan given to confirm staff of the bank to meet up with their various commitments.

Features Of Heritage Bank Cowry (Personal) Loan

  1. Heritage Bank Cowry (Personal) Loan is available to salary income earners from age 22 to 55 years old.
  2. Customers can only get up to 50% of their monthly salary and with the limit being capped at three million naira only.
  3. The applicable interest rate is 2.5% monthly and a 1% late repayment fee each month borrower defaults.
  4. A signed undertaking by Borrower’s employer to keep salary domiciled with Heritage Bank and gratuity/severance/terminal benefits paid to the bank in event of default
  5. It has a maximum tenor of 12 months with an equal monthly repayment of principal and interest.
  6. Minimal documentation and requires no collateral.

How to apply for Heritage Bank Cowry (Personal) Loan

Visit any bank around you to apply for Heritage bank loan or simply get in touch with Heritage Bank Customer Care.

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You will be required to complete small documentation which will be used to process your loan application. Upon successful application, the loan will be disbursed into your account immediately.


In case you are wondering how people in the same field as you manage to get a brand new vehicle, the truth is most of them got it via Auto Loans. Every bank has this loan product and so is your darling heritage Bank.

Heritage Bank Auto loan is the facility given to a confirmed staff of a reputable company or government establishment to purchase new vehicles from CIG Motors Limited (manufacturers of GAC branded vehicles).

Successful applicants will be required to make a down payment of 10% as part of the financed amount while the bank completes the rest. The interest rate on HB auto loan is 24% per annum. Other fees include a management fee, commitment fee, 0.5% of financed amount, etc.

Features Of Heritage Bank Auto Loans

  1. Discounted vehicle pricing and competitive interest rate.
  2. Manufacturer’s warranty is to be provided by CIG.
  3. It comes with free tracking and vehicle registration.
  4. Salary account must be domiciled with Heritage bank for at least 3 months period.
  5. Lump-sum repayment & pre-liquidations is allowed without penalty.
  6. Customers can take up to 33% of net monthly income with a maximum limit of N10,000.
  7. Maximum tenor of 48 months with an equal monthly repayment of principal and interest.


To apply for a heritage bank auto loan, visit any heritage bank within your neighbourhood and have a chat with the customer care agent about applying for the loan.

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You will be required to complete the necessary documentation before the loan will be approved.


Heritage Bank Home Appliances Loan is a loan designed for salaried employees that have their salary accounts domiciled with the bank. This loan allows them to be able to acquire home appliances using the loan provided by the bank.

Customers can get up to 33% of their net monthly salary, but not more than one million naira per individual. The loan tenor is between 6 to 18 months with a very competitive interest rate.

To apply for Heritage Bank Home Appliances Loan, simply visit the nearest heritage bank or contact HB customer care via their online platforms. No need to dial USSD code, however, you will need to complete documentation.

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