how to hide and delete all old facebook posts

How to Hide and Delete all your Old Facebook Posts

Have you ever posted something on Facebook and you later felt it should not be there?

Many of us have been there. This at times happened at a time when we had little or no knowledge of a particular topic before making content for our audience. This can be very embarrassing, and the option left for us is to delete or hide the particular Fb posts.

Facebook is a great platform that we all use to share our thoughts and pictures as well. The lure is so strong to the extent that we have made it our diary book. For most people, it is a platform where we relax our stressed minds and even get a good laugh.

Some are there for gossip while also using the opportunity to bond with family and friends through our posts. Whatever the reasons why you share your posts, they can be hidden, clear, or deleted in one swipe which we would be sharing in this article.


If you are on a mobile app, you will be able to clear and delete any posts on Facebook you do not want to see again. Below are the steps to follow:

1. Launch your Facebook app to initiate the removal of Facebook Posts. If you are yet to log in, you will need to do so using your login details.

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2. Click your profile. This can be done by tapping your display image next to ‘What is on your mind bar’. Alternatively, you can click the hamburger menu to go to your profile.

3. Tap ‘the three dots icon and go to ‘Activity Log’

4. On the activity log page, select as many old Facebook posts you want to delete and click ‘Trash’ at the bottom of the page. If you are looking for a very old post, you can use the filter option to search by date, categories, or people.


1. To remove all old Facebook posts you do not want to see or share with your audience, log into your Facebook Account using login details.

2. Go to your profile and click the meatball icon next to ‘Edit Profile’

3. Click ‘Activity Log’. Only you can see all your activity log and you can filter based on the date posted, and even remove likes, comments, and more.

4. Since we are here for how to clear Facebook posts, tap ‘Filter,’ and then click ‘Posts’

5. Go to the post you want to delete and click the ‘arrow pointing down. If you can not find what you want to delete, you could select by month and year.

6. Click ‘Move to trash’ to delete your Facebook posts. Do this for all posts you want to remove.


1. To clear or hide any old Facebook posts you have shared, simply open your Fb app.

2. Go to your profile and click the meatballs menu icon next to ‘Add to story.’

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3. Tap “Manage your post” or filter as you deem fit.

4. Click the meatballs menu icon next to the post you want to hide from your Audience, and then tap ‘Hide from the profile’

5. To hide your Facebook posts on a computer or browser, go to activity log > tap ‘filter’ > tap ‘posts’ > click the arrow pointing down next to the post you want to hide and click ‘Hide from timeline’


Any post you have deleted goes to your trash. Facebook will keep your deleted messages for 90 days which is more than enough time for you to decide if you still want it back or not. After 90 days, you will not be able to restore it.

Below are the steps to recover a post you mistakenly remove from your profile:

  • To restore any post that you have deleted on Facebook, simply go to your profile.
  • Tap the meatball menu icons, otherwise known as three dots icon, and then, ‘Activity Log’
  • Click ‘Trash’
  • Select the available posts you want to restore and click ‘Restore’
  • To restore your deleted Fb posts via computer or on a browser, find your way to the activity log as explained in previous guides in this article > Go to ‘Trash and to the post you want to recover > click the arrow and then, tap ‘Restore to profile.

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