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How To Monetize Your Blog With Fomo Ads

How does Fomo’s Publishing program work?

Fomo publishing program is a program that allows you to monetize your blog. Currently, they have been making some waves among site owners and blogers.

They have a growing list of brands who want to advertise their products and that is to your own advantage.

Fomo has been nice, as at the time of dropping this post, you are paid $2 for every 1000 ad impression.

For page views, you get $6-$10 for every 1000 interactions. Much more than what most ads network pay. The good thing is that it works perfectly with adsense.

What is more, you can earn for your referring. Guess what, it is $10 for every approved publisher who embeds the snippet.How to monetize with fomo

Requirements to be Fomo’s Publisher

Unlike some ads networks, on Fomo you do not need to have massive traffic before being considered for the program.

How to manage your Fomo ads on your site

You do not need to do much except you want to do. The team selects the best ads that is suitable for your blog or site.

If you do not a particular ad or brand, you can contact the Fomo team for help and they will remove it from your site.

How do Payouts work?

The fomo team pays every month or every $100 earned, whichever is sooner.

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No minimum revenue or site traffic threshold, but you are free to set a threshold if you prefer not to receive smaller payments.

How to be part of the Fomo’s family

It is simple and fast. Just make sure you have an active working site. To join, simply click on and then register.

If you have questions, a place is provided in the comment box, we will be available to help.

Now ready? Take advantage of this great offer and simply sign up. It is quick and easy to earn with Fomo


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