how effective is facebook ads

How effective is Facebook advertising for business?

Most times, the challenge faced by new business owners is not knowing what type of marketing they should run. During their research, some might even come across facebook ads as one of the ways to improve business.

Are Facebook ads worth it? This is one of the common questions asked by business owners and brands.

If you want to know what is working, transform your business and generate more customers than you will ever make using online means, facebook ads you should use.

Facebook marketing remains one of the best out there, simply because of its ability to put your business in front of potential customers.

It is estimated that over two billion active people are on Facebook, more people are joining every day. This should mean something to you if you can envisage the benefits and opportunities lurking around.

If you are not able to, then you are about to find out how effective Facebook advertising can be for businesses and brands.

Facebook has always been good for making money and you are about to find out why it should be part of your business strategies.

Why Facebook ads is the best for your business?

1. Reach out to anyone in any part of the world

You can be anywhere in the world without stepping out of your comfort location.

Facebook can potentially increase your income and also with the capacity to put your business right on top. Aside from selling to people in your neighborhood, you can make money on facebook using facebook advertisements.

Does it seem like magic to you? Well, not magic. You get to target based on demographics and interests, which of course is the best tool on the platform.

It provides various ways to target your potential customers. Among them are targeting based on behavior, location, age, education, and gender.

2. It is cheaper

Facebook ads are not free but you can get it running at a very good and affordable fee. No advertisement platform with such a huge number of users will give you that cheap. Although, if you intend to get your business across more users, you will need to raise the amount.

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However, with just $1, you can get more than you bargained for if you know your onus. Targeting countries like the USA, UK, and Canada might not get you more due to how the world, most especially facebook and google perceive them.

To get more leads, you might need to choose countries other than the ones mentioned. Digital marketers often target African and Asian countries because of their capacity to pull more traffic at a reduced fee but none can be compared to the quality traffic from tier one countries.

3. It is easy to set up

You are probably wondering why everyone is switching to facebook ads. The ease of set up is one of the major reasons for these diversions. Meanwhile, why spending so much on designs, printing, and distributions when you can just have it the easy way on facebook ads?

No technical or coding knowledge is needed to complete the setup. All it takes is to be familiar with facebook ads, here you go, you can have your ads set up in no time.

Even when you are in a fix, there are lots of applications you can count on. Need a quick design? Dump the graphics designer and get on board with a design app called canvas.

This ensures you come up with perfect designs even with no prior knowledge. All you need is to be creative a bit and you can have it in no time.

If you are bent on using video ads, plotagon is available on Play Store and Apple Store. It is an animation app that lets you create your own story. Express yourself using the actors with animated movies and use it for your video ads.

Content is king, to be at the top of your game. Understand that you need to know how to create solid content. Setting up facebook advertising is very easy, but the real hard part is knowing what to flow with the image or video depending on what you go with.

4. Facebook offers analytics for monitoring

Most of the time, we don’t know what will work. Social media specialists will have no choice but to set it up based on assumptions.

Check out this scenario.

A young woman was trying to sell underwear using facebook advertising platform. The most thoughtful thing is to select young ladies in their 20s and 30s. This could be a disaster as when we do not take into account the other women and also some men who love to surprise their women.

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Advertising can go wrong on facebook due to wrong targeting. Instead of making it much of a big deal, it can be a chance to restrategize. Thanks to facebook’s watchdog, simply called analytics. This can be valuable for going after new leads and improving awareness.

5. Make waves with facebook ads using video

Does a picture say a thousand words? I am not going to deny that but think of the many possibilities with videos. It is like having several images with sounds in just one.

If you have been on facebook for long, you should by now realize that most ads come in video format. This is because most people prefer watching moving visual images as compared with still images.

Images are cool, but you will get more conversions if you are good at creating video ads. Videos are simply more capable of telling a story than images, and then the sounds make it just awesome.

For something I have no idea, I would rather watch a video than staring at images to get it done. Luckily, Facebook allows users to create video ads to get more engagements.

6. Your customers are on facebook

As of 2019, it is estimated that about 7.7 billion currently occupy the earth and to be around 8 billion in 2025. Among them, we have over 2 billion users on Facebook and most of them are regular users.

Most people can decide to ignore other social media platforms, but not facebook. Facebook remains one of the apps that never get you tired.

People will always be around to check friends’ posts on their timelines, post, chat and make video calls. These potential customers are right there on your facebook. With Facebook advertising, you can expand your business.

Think of how much time and resources you could save. Instead of going about the traditional methods of advertising, you can employ facebook ads to help get it done in no time.

7. Facebook ads support remarketing

Many of us have visited sites on search engines and later saw them showing up as ads on our facebook. This is a method used by Facebook to ensure your businesses still have another chance.

Have you missed out on convincing the customers using your blog? Facebook offers you remarketing. Remarketing is just simply a way of advertising your products to potential customers after the other attempts. This is really good for getting more conversions.

8. Facebook ads give voice to everyone

Not everyone is ordained with the gift to make face to face marketing. Making direct marketing to customers in person can be challenging for most people, especially people that are not used to it.

With Facebook advertising, you longer have an excuse. You can get your ads to reach the right people in no time, the ability to create perfect content with great format to back them is one of the ways great salesmen use to ensure they sell out in no time.

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9. Facebook advertising can give your website a big push

What is the essence of having a blog if no one is reading your post? The essential thing is to have enough traffic. With Facebook ads, you can easily get people to your blog.

One of the benefits of using Facebook ads to generate traffic is google does not have any problem with using AdSense to generate traffic.

Another benefit is that you get to gain more authority and trust, which is simply a way of telling Google that your content deserves a place on the first page.

When people engage with your blog through Facebook, this is also a great boost for your blog which can positively boost your business.

10. Facebook ads can conveniently give you exposure

Advertising can be said to be one of the major parts of a business. The decision to start a business or become an authority may not amount to anything until one understands how best we can connect with customers.

Facebook advertising gives you the perfect tools to make it a success. Face to face marketing is currently losing its flavour, no thanks to the various ways available online to bring products to the customers. Imagine the scenario of having to move from house to house, getting your stocks to the stores and paying warehousing fees.

Facebook advertising has simplified all. It allows your customers to be informed about the products and even reach out to you. Such exposure could be possible with businesses and brands who know that advertising still works.

11. Facebook advertisement helps to keep your customers close

Competitors are always looking for ways to topple your business. Is it not right you always run your ads so customers can be aware you are still open for business. Facebook allows you to keep an advert as long as it takes.

The more engagement you have with your customers on Facebook, the more they are likely to patronize you.

It also helps to gain new customers. New customers would love to read reviews through the comments section. Having a few customers could be the key to getting more customers.

12. Facebook advertising can help your business survive

To continue to be in the game, you need a plan. Creating awareness for your business is one of the long term plans you should consider.

Facebook ads really worth it, and you should consider using it to boost your business profile. However, there are other social media platforms available to serve ads but you will not get a larger platform other than on facebook.

Some users will come across your products on facebook but may not need it at the moment. Advertising on Facebook ensures you are to be considered when they need the products. It is a smart way of making your business survive in the already crowded market.

You won’t realise how important a business name is until it becomes what anyone can remember when they need a product. This can only be achieved by putting effort into advertisement.

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