how to check bvn with glo number

How to check BVN with Glo network

If you have registered for your bank verification number (BVN), then you should know how to check your BVN with Glo network using the assigned USSD code.

You never know when you will need it, especially when there are some establishments that always demand it. It could be when you want to secure a job or get a loan. Most loan apps always request for BVN before loan approval, this is to verify your information and protect you from fraudsters.

BVN acts as a universal ID for all your bank transactions and the directive is provided by the Central Bank Of Nigeria. It has a 11 digit number.

Everyone that owns an account with any registered bank in Nigeria should understand that it is highly compulsory to have a BVN number, failure to do so might result in your account being placed on temporary block. Registering for BVN number is totally free, do not pay any officials to get it.

This is to further help the Nigerian government and the bank to fight against illegal transactions and also shield you from unscrupulous people.

Getting your BVN via your Glo phone number is easy, far better than rushing home or trying to find a piece of paper where you wrote it on. It is even more economical as you are charged just N20 when you check your BVN on your Glo line.

How to check your BVN via Glo network

  • Dial *565*0# from the Glo number you dropped during your BVN registration.
  • The system will display your BVN number and also send it as a text message to your phone.
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