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Glo Recharge Code: How To Load Card

Glo Recharge Code: If you are just joining the Glo network or just a mild user of the network, how to load your Glo recharge card is part of things you need to know, aside from checking your Glo balance.

How many times have we all been in a spot when we needed to recharge our Glo line, but unfortunately, we could not remember the Glo recharge code. Remember, it is not peculiar to you. However, there is a need to talk about recent change, which involve Nigerians’ preference for online recharge instead of using the old way.

Who will blame them though? It is convenient and even faster than being left with a choice of locating a reseller and then dial the Glo recharge code.

There are now some apps like palmpay app, opay and chipper cash that makes Glo recharging very easy. To recharge through these third-party apps, you just need to connect your debit card and you are good to go. 

Glo recharge code to load card

If you are not satisfied with the third party apps, this might be the time to know the recharge code to load a card on Glo network.

When you join the glo network, your recharge code is the most important code you should know, especially if you plan to stay on the Glo network. If you always have issues with remembering the code, you might need to put it down on the phone’s notepad.

In case you have not noticed, every smartphone has a notepad, it is more like a diary to me. I always love to keep important info there including numbers I might easily forget.

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If you are short of airtime and feel you want to recharge using the conventional way. You will need to get the Glo recharge pin from the local store. The Glo recharge Pin has 15 numbers and could come in form of a fancy card or just a light paper, the most important thing is the digits.

How do I load a Glo recharge card?

  1. Purchase your recharge pin from reller.
  2. If the card is sealed, carefully scratch to reveal the digits. Sometimes, it might just be paper.
  3. Dial *123* Glo Recharge Pin# to load your glo card, that is *123*999988887777555#. You will need to press the “phone icon” after entering the code plus recharge number.
  4. Once done, your account balance will be credited with the value of the recharge card.
  5. To confirm if the card loading was successful, dial #124*1#. You will have the balance displayed on your phone’s screen.

New way to load your Glo recharge card (voice call)

If you are having a problem with loading the Glo card using the Glo recharge code, I guess it is time to start something else. I normally use this once in a while, most times not that it has something to do with the normal recharge code. It is just a way for me to try new things like I always do.

This way which I will tag a new way is by dialling the Glo recharge number. This idea has been out for a while but not many people knew it even existed. It was part of the reason I used “new” to describe it.

  • To recharge your Glo line, dial 123 from your phone’s dialer pad.
  • You are going to be asked to provide your 15 digits of the Glo recharge card.
  • When done, you will have your balance updated with the new glo recharge card.
  • To confirm if it was successful, dial #124# for account balance.
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