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How to send MTN call me back using USSD code

You do not have to grumble over no airtime when there are ways to have someone call you back.
MTN call me back is another great feature from MTN Nigeria that allows anyone on the network to request another to call them back.

MTN is fully committed to bringing to you some awesome features to help you enjoy your stay on the network. The tariff plans including my favourite, MTN pulse and MTN Xtraspecial are just few of the awesome packages available on MTN but what I really love most is the 4g blazing speed. Internet life has been smooth since I upgraded my sim to 4G at MTN office.

Let us get back to the main reason why we are here, which is how do you send a call me back to another MTN number. There is no shame in running out of credit, although it can be very annoying especially when you need to make urgent calls.

Having airtime on your phone especially for voice calls purposes, provide you with the means to reach out to anyone at any time. When you are out of one or you could not get one at the moment, you will always find MTN call me back USSD very dependable and even quicker.

What you should know MTN call me back

  1. It is free and simple to use
  2. It can be used whenever you want.
  3. All MTN customers could make use of the service.
  4. It can be a real lifesaver during an emergency situation.
  5. The USSD code has been reworked and now works even better.
  6. The USSD code is very easy to remember.
  7. It can only be sent from MTN number to MTN number.
  8. The USSD code for MTN call me back is *133#
  9. Customers do not need to have airtime or bonus before sending MTN call me back.
  10. You do not need to be on any special tariff plan before using the MTN call me back.
  11. You can now send MTN call me back as much as possible.
  12. How to send MTN call me back using USSD code
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How to use the MTN Call me back

Step 1

Dial *133# and wait for the system response. The waiting period is normally between 1 second to 3 seconds.

Step 2

Reply with the number you are sending a call me back to. The number must be an MTN number.

Step 3

You will be presented with about 5 choices. You are to reply with a number corresponding to your choice.

  • Call me back – 1
  • Call me back. I love you – 2
  • Send me credit – 3
  • Call me. I have a gist for you – 4
  • Call me. I need your assistance – 5

If you reply with 3, it implies you want the recipient to transfer airtime or recharge your MTN line. If you need someone’s assistance urgently, you could also go with 5. Whatever the reasons, the options are enough to kickstart communication.

After sending you will be notified on the screen. The message normally goes like this, “yello, you have successfully sent call me back request to 2348030565464

Step 4

Immediately you made your choice, the recipient will receive the message if online. If his or her device is switched off, they will get it when they are available.

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