how to know if my etisalat 9mobile sim and phone support 4G LTE

How to know if your 9mobile sim and phone support 4G network

You can improve your 9mobile internet speed with 9mobile 4g-LTE.

How do you know your 9mobile sim and phone support 4G when you have been on the network for some years? The best way is to check if your 9mobile / Etisalat sim operates on 4g.

4G-LTE is the fourth generation of mobile network technology with the potential to give you greater browsing experience than what you enjoyed on 3G.

With 9mobile 4G-LTE, you can get up to 10 times of your 3G speed for browsing, streaming and video downloading. However, there are common sayings that 4G always drains the battery which is not true. New smartphones are equipped to manage the speed of this service, so you won’t know the difference between the two when switching from 3G to 4G.

If you are a new 9mobile customer, you should be on the 4g network. Old customers who are convinced their 9mobile sim is not on 4g will need to visit any 9mobile experience centre near them. 9mobile offices are in all states in Nigeria, you just need to make some queries about the address of 9mobile offices.

All GSM networks in Nigeria including 9mobile can have their sim upgrade at no charge. You do not even need to present any form of Identification or sim pack to get it done for you. Your 9mobile sim is your passport towards obtaining the 4g 9mobile sim card.

After the sim upgrade, you can begin to experience better internet service like never before.

Benefits of 9mobile 4G

  • Browse at a better speed.
  • Enjoy quality voice calls anytime.
  • Download, stream and upload without hiccups.
  • Listen to music effortlessly.
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How to know if your 9mobile sim and phone support 4G network

  • Go to Settings on your smartphone.
  • Click “Network & Internet”
  • Select “sim card”
  • Scroll down to locate “mobile data” and click on it.
  • Choose “9mobile”
  • If the LTE or 4G comes up when browsing, then your phone and 9mobile can use 4G.
  • To check only for 9mobile sim card, chat or call 9mobile customer care for help.

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