borrow airtime from 9mobile

How to borrow airtime from 9mobile network (morecredit code)

If you ever thought about how you can borrow airtime from 9moile when you run out of credit? 9mobile morecredit is the answer to that.

No matter how frequent our 9mobile recharge is, we will one day run out of credit but knowing the right information could help out.

Imagining making that very important call only to end prematurely, that is not entirely the issue. The real issue right now is there is no reseller around neither is your card available for possible airtime top-up from chipper cash or palmpay.

Like I said the right information would give you an edge, and that is where 9mobile morecredit comes in.

9mobile morecredit is a service by 9mobile that allows a subscriber to borrow credit when they run out of credit and expected to pay back later.

Like I have always done on every article, I will be thorough enough so you can have the whole picture of 9mobile morecredit, eligibility criteria and how to borrow airtime from 9mobile. Meanwhile, I hope you realise 9mobile was formerly called Etisalat.

If your query is how to borrow airtime from Etisalat, you are in the right place and hopefully, you will get what you are looking for.

What you should know about 9mobile morecredit

There is not much difference between 9mobile morecredit and the rest, a facility that allows you to borrow airtime from 9mobile.

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There are certain laid down instructions that must be adhered to before you can be allowed 9mobile loan. This will be shared in a section on this page, tagged eligibility criteria.

As a 9mobile prepaid subscriber, you can borrow from 9mobile which you can pay back later. The loan amount available to you will depend on the frequency of your 9mobile recharge and how much you recharge. It will be impossible for someone who recharges between N100 to N200 to get a loan offer of N2000.

If you want more, you must be able to go even further and with a good credit history, that way you will be able to borrow a bigger 9mobile airtime loan.

Payment can be made anytime, you will not be bothered about paying back. However, be aware that it could impact on your credit rating if you are not paying back on tim. 15% service charge will apply on every airtime you borrow from 9mobile. For instance, if you borrow N100, you will get N85 after deduction of the 15% service fee.

Eligibility criteria to borrow credit from 9mobile

  • Those who wish 9mobile credit must be prepaid customers.
  • The 9mobile number must have been registered and activated.
  • There must be no debt that is yet to be repaid back.
  • You must have been a 9mobile customer for at least 2 months.

How to borrow Airtime from 9mobile / Etisalat

  • 9mobile morecredit can be accessed via SMS or ussd code.
  • To borrow via SMS, text ‘STATUS’ to 665 and follow instructions.
  • Alternatively, you can dial *665# from your phone’s dialer pad.
  • Select 1 to borrow Airtime.
  • Select 1 to choose your loan amount. You can borrow N50, N100, N200, N500, N1,000 & N2000.
  • Confirm your loan. Do note that service charge of 15% is applicable on the 9mobile loan.
  • To know how much you are eligible to borrow, dial *665*1# and reply with 2 to get a precise loan amount you can borrow.
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