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How To Transfer Money Using Gtbank Transfer Code

You are probably wondering If GTB Bank also makes a provision for its customers when it comes to sending money to other customers using the simple, quick and secure way possible.

The answer is YES, and the way to go about it is via the GTB Transfer code. The GTB transfer code is the code needed to send money to GTB’s or other banks’ accounts using the easiest process.

When it comes to combining technology with banking, one could say GTB has not been found wanting in this aspect. For years, they have been providing the best possible ways to ensure that customers can easily bank without having to depend on the bank.

One could attest to it through the provision of GTB shortcodes, GTworld app, internet banking and other channels that were provided by the bank.

What You Should Know About Gtb Transfer Code

If you decide to stick with GTB via ussd code for your banking activities including sending money from GTB’s account to another, then you have no reason to be bothered about internet or what type of phone you should use. Any phone that is able to unveil the network provided by your sim card is good enough for you. Now that I have mentioned this, fancy phones are unnecessary but could do for worlds of GTB mobile app and GTB shortcodes.

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To use the GTB transfer code, there are certain conditions you need to fulfill but the underlying one is to ensure that you have a mobile number linked with GTB’s Account. If you have lost or no longer using the mobile number, correct the situation by meeting your bank’s officer for account information update.

Another thing of note is customers who are just using *737# code will need to first register for their security pin. When you first dial the GTB’s ussd code, the system will stimulate an action which will guide you towards registering for the security pin.

Charges On GTB’s Bank Transfer

There is no free meal in any part of the world, there is always something attached. Same goes with the GTB transfer code.

The charges have been recently readjusted, so you will find the way the charges have been structured very lovely. Well, I did and I have grown to love the new charges.

So, here are the service fees when you transfer money from your account to another account.

As a GTB customer, you will be charged N10 when you send an amount lower than N5,000 and N25 for transfer between N5,000 and N50,000. For an amount above N50,000, you are charged N50 per request.

How to register for GTB USSD security pin

If it is your first time of using the service, you will need to create a GTB security pin. The GTB security pin is used to authenticate transactions that include GTB bank transfer and purchase of airtime for family and friends.

  • To get your own personal 4 digit security pin using the GTB code, dial *737#.
  • Select 10 for PIN.
  • You have about 4 options here but let us concentrate on 2 options – choose 1 for create pin using debit card or 2 for create pin without using debit card.
  • For the purpose of this post, we will select 1 which is Create PIn – debit card.
  • Enter the last 6 digits on your GTB bank debit card.
  • Create your security pin. Ensure you use the number you will easily remember.
  • Your pin has been successfully created.
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Gtb Transfer Code: How To Transfer Money To Another Bank’s Account

  • To transfer money from your account to another GTB account, simply dial *737*1*Amount*Account Number#.
  • For bank transfer from gtb’s account to other banks account, dial *737*2*Amount*Account Number#.
  • The system will ask you to select the bank you are sending money to.
  • The account name of the recipient will be displayed before authentication. You just need to confirm it.
  • Enter the last 4 numbers on your debit card or security pin to authenticate the transfer.
  • The money transfer is now completed.

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