how to recharge 9mobile card

9mobile Recharge Code: How to recharge 9mobile card

9mobile recharge code: If you have been asking questions about how to load a 9mobile/Etisalat recharge card, you are definitely in the right place.

It should not come as a surprise that you keep on forgetting the Glo recharge codes despite your last determination the last time it occurred. Do not be down, it happened to most of us especially when most of the sims we carry about are not our main phone numbers. One could be pardoned for forgetting.

Fortunately for us, technology has made it easier to obtain information online concerning issues like this, which might occur once in a while. You could get info on micro-blogging platforms like Facebook and Twitter or refer to blogs.

Believe me, your options are really big here. Customer care is another medium you can use. Save yourself the effort and time of visiting the 9mobile experience centre, most of what you need can be done online.

We are not ignorant of how big 9mobile is, it remains for me the gsm network with high-quality internet service. Although, not much confidence can be given when we compare 9mobile tariff plans with the rest of the batch. Still, I still hold on to 9mobile because of the ever blazing internet speed.

Before we move to the next part, do note that 9mobile recharge pin card has 15 numbers. The digits/numbers are called recharge pin.

9mobile recharge code to load 9mobile card

Your queries could be how to recharge my 9mobile card, how can I load my 9mobile or how to load my 9mobile/Etisalat recharge card.

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Whatever your query about 9mobile recharge, this section is set to give answers to that. So how do I recharge my 9mobile number using the 9mobile recharge code? Below are the steps to load a 9mobile card:

  • The first thing is to obtain or purchase your 9mobile recharge card.
  • Carefully scratch off the seal to reveal the 9mobile recharge digits. Sometimes, it might just be paper.
  • Dial the code *222* 9mobile Recharge Pin#. After entering the number, you will have to send by pressing “phone icon”
  • You will immediately be credited with the value of the recharged 9mobile card.
  • To confirm, dial *232# to check your 9mobile account balance.

How to recharge your 9mobile line with voice call

Maybe you are not the type that loves punching your phone’s keypad, another alternative is to recharge by calling 9mobile recharge number.

The 9mobile recharge number is a direct recharge line enabled to credit your balance with the value of the recharge card after you might have entered the recharge pin.

  • To load a 9mobile recharge card through this channel, have the 9mobile pin ready first.
  • Dial 222 from your 9mobile line and respond with your recharge pin. Do not forget to add # after entering the digits.
  • Your 9mobile balance should be credited with the recharge card’s value.
  • To confirm, dial *232# to check your 9mobile account balance.

Other ways to recharge your 9mobile line

Rapid growth in technology has actually improved the quality of services, so much can now be done without visiting the retailer.

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You can decide to recharge from your bank or third party apps including Opay app, chipper cash or palmpay. To load your credit on your 9mobile, the most important thing you need is your debit card which houses all your card details.

Using third party apps present you with the comfort and convenience you might not experience if you decide to load your 9mobile card using other methods.

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