Where to invest money in nigeria

How to Invest Money In Nigeria 2024

Making money has always been the dream of every Nigerian but the question is what have you been doing to achieve that? One of the ways to earn and make money is to invest in at least one profitable venture in Nigeria.

If you have been spending all you earn without putting money aside for business. I am afraid you are not ready to make money. Despite the various challenges often met by emerging entrepreneurs and established business owners, Nigeria is still one of the best countries in the world with several untapped businesses.

Therefore, whatever your plans for your dreams, we will be pointing out where to invest your money and make a good profit back. Making good returns on your investment is a step towards becoming rich.

Before we go forward, it is important for you to make findings of whatever investment ideas you are nursing. Every business idea comes with its own challenges and procedures. Figure things out, read and learn from established investors, and start making money at a good interval from legit businesses.



The cryptocurrency industry has experienced big change and is currently one of the best ways for investors, students, and business owners to invest their unused money in Nigeria. One of the most interesting aspects of this venture is that you do not need to have big capital. With cash as little as N10,000, you could start making a profit.

However, investing in cryptocurrency demands patience and the ability to speculate when to buy or sell. Normally, Cryptocurrency is a buy-and-hold investment. You buy coins like Bitcoin, hold them for a long time, and then sell them when their value increases. This line of business has a big potential, especially bitcoin. For instance, when Bitcoin was first introduced, it was sold for less than $3, but today its value keeps skyrocketing and is currently worth over $32,170.70.

Although this is not the only way to make profits in Nigeria, it can make you a lot of money depending on how much is invested. Cryptocurrency is almost unpredictable like most businesses, but it could be worth it in the long run.

There are more than 3,000 cryptocurrencies in the world today. You do need to start with Bitcoin. You can take your chance with other coins as well. People who took a chance with Bitcoin when it was just new and held it for long made some good returns. The advantage of starting with other cryptocurrencies is that you do not need to invest heavily as their price is still at the range where everybody could still afford it. Still, you need to invest in Cryptos with potential.

Whatever your stance, you should ask experts before investing. You can also follow cryptocurrency sites like coindesk.com to know more about the current state of each cryptocurrency and their prediction for the future.

Betting Business

The betting business is becoming lucrative in Nigeria especially now that the majority of Nigerians see Sports Betting as a way to make money quickly. In truth, it is another way to make money, but only for those who bet smartly and responsibly.

You can turn it to your own advantage by investing in Sports Betting. There are lots of bookies in Nigeria with Bet9ja being the most popular betting company among bettors. Therefore, if you really want to partner with a company that has the edge in Nigeria, Bet9ja it is. It is a name that most Nigerians are familiar with, and you can expect it to pull more crowds than the others.

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However, in a place like Kano, Enugu, Abuja, or Nasarawa, any sports betting could still work. I have come across a few betting shops like betking in Abuja that are making great sales.

Investing in Sports Betting will ensure that you make money every day. Also, you do not need to manage it yourself. Most people in this line of business only go to their shops when they want to pay big winnings or collect money from their Cashiers.

Stocks Investment

Investing in stocks is one of the best investment ideas in Nigeria and that is if you know exactly what you are doing. There are lots of ways you could invest in stocks, you can make use of brokerage firms but the best way is to make use of an online brokerage account.

The internet has several ones and among them are OctaFX, ExpertOption, and FXCM. You can also decide to use MBA Trades and Capital Investment Limited, that is if you just want to be an investor without being where the action is.

Understand that this is a high-risk investment as you can lose all you have if you do not understand the game well. Therefore, if you are new and you are the kind of Do It Yourself Fellow, download the Forex trading mobile app and use the demo account before you invest. The demo account will provide you with surplus funds; with the funds, you can trade while learning all you need to know. Meanwhile, this may not give you all the answers but will expose you to the basics.

Agriculture and Livestock Farming

Agricultural businesses, otherwise known as Agribusiness and livestock farming are not dead, they are still among the best investment ideas one can put time, effort, and resources on. It has been abandoned by the majority of people who believe it is only for illiterates, which is not so.

A lot of millionaires have emerged from this business because there are markets for it. Food is necessary for survival, and you can expect people to buy your farm produce no matter where you reside. In all states, there are big markets, therefore finding people to buy them is not difficult.

Although, the major issue is that people do not want to engage in manual labour which is understandable. By practicing mechanized farming, you can greatly increase your productivity and have fewer workers to pay. Besides, the government from time to time always provides business loans and grants for farmers. With the various loans and supports, one can easily acquire powered machinery.

It is without a doubt that the Agricultural business is still one of the best investment ideas anyone can put money into but may require a large capital. However, if you have space already, then you are already half done. With the right people, you should be making money in no time.

Real Estate Investment

Another way to invest money in Nigeria is an investment in real estate. To breathe life into this profitable idea, you need a huge amount of money. If you have large cash you are not using now, this is the time to take advantage of it. The most intriguing thing about this investment is that you could acquire properties and land now, and within a month, you could get someone ready to pay more than enough.

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To succeed in this type of investment, you will need to invest in attractive locations like Lagos, Abuja, Abuja, Port Harcourt, and other big cities. Every state in Nigeria has industrialized and decent locations and this space tends to command sales in no time.

Buying properties and selling later is not the only way to make money through real estate. You can also buy land with the intention of building shopping malls, hostels, apartments, conference halls, etc. After erecting structures on them, you can sell them off or rent them out.

Real estate investment is very lucrative in Nigeria and it has never been heard that lands depreciate after purchase. Instead of keeping money in the bank, you can hold it in fixed assets instead of letting banks make money from your money. Besides, there are enough pieces of evidence to show that there are needs for residential and commercial structures in the country.

Oil and Gas Business

If you are looking to invest in a huge fund, you could try your hands on Oil and Gas Business. It is common knowledge that kerosene is gradually going into extinction, and that has also given gas an edge as households and businesses are now switching.

Also, oil has always been very lucrative, especially in a country like Nigeria where electricity is still an issue in some states. It is needed for businesses or to power equipment and machinery such as generators. Vehicle owners and transporters also need it regularly.

When planned well, investing in gas and oil can be very profitable. Foreigners have been tapping into the country’s wealth for years, they understand the risks but they are willing to put their money into it because it is one of the quickest ways to make money in a country like Nigeria.

To start this type of investment, you need a large amount of money and a very good location for your business. You can also partner with any operator who is willing to take shareholders. Partnering makes it less difficult and you can both grow together.

Fixed Deposit

A fixed deposit is another alternative to consider if you are looking for where to invest money in Nigeria. There are banks where you can negotiate the interest up to 15% per month, but most banks in Nigeria would happily pay 5% to 10%.

This is one of the best investment ideas one could make without any potential risk occurring anytime soon. It is like letting your money do the work while you receive your salary monthly or annually.

For this to work as you expected, you need a good amount of money. However, the longer your money stays with the bank, the more money you make from the bank. The terms and conditions guiding it will be discussed before the commencement of the deal. This investment idea cuts out any stress or resources you would have put into a business, instead, you make money without losing out on capital.

Do realize that since it is a fixed deposit, you are not allowed to withdraw the money until the maturity date. However, if you must withdraw, you must be ready to pay a penalty fee. For some banks, withdrawal can not be made until after six months, and if you choose to withdraw your money before the due date, no interest will be paid on a fixed deposit. Do note that the penalty is only levied on the interest the bank pays to depositors.

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Transportation and Haulage Services

As an investor sitting on large cash, you need no one to tell you that transportation is a very profitable business in NigeriNig, especially in major towns in any state in Nigeria.

Go to places like Sabon Gari in Kano, Oshodi in Lagos, Ibadan in Oyo, and Onitsha in Anambra, then you will know that there exist massive opportunities for vehicle owners. Meanwhile, wherever you decide to operate, people still need vehicles to move about. You can also add haulage business to it, people charge up to NGN 50,000 per trip.

Making money is possible as you can provide services to Individuals, companies, schools, government agencies, political parties, and religious centers regularly. Vehicle owners make more money on charter than any other.

Even if you do not have the time to manage it yourself, you can find someone to drive for you anytime duty calls. This remains one of the best investment decisions you can make, although starting the project demands at least N800,000, the benefits are massive.

Treasury Bills

T-bills as often called by professionals is still one of the best ways to make money in Nigeria with little or no risk. The Treasury bill is a debt instrument issued by the apex financial institution, the Central Bank of Nigeria on behalf of the Federal government of Nigeria to finance expenditures. It is also a tool that the CBN uses to control the supply of money.

The government raises money from people to finance its own expenditures. The official minimum amount of Treasury bills you can buy is fifty million naira but there are financial institutions like banks that sell as low as N50,000. For their services, they charge a fee.

If you are ready to take advantage of this massive opportunity, you will need to go to your bank or arrange with a stockbroking firm.

Interest is paid upfront which you can reinvest, but the most intriguing benefit associated with it is that it is tax-free, and return is assured because it is backed by the Federal Government. This is another top investment idea that can fetch you money, but to make huge money, you need to invest heavily in it as well.

Money Market fund

One more option to consider among the list of top investment ideas in Nigeria is the Money Market Fund. This type of investment has yet to attain popularity like most ideas, but accountants and finance experts know and understand how it works.

Like the Treasury bill, investing in a money market fund is another way to invest your money if you are looking for an investment with low risks. When funds are invested, your returns can vary depending on certain factors but what matters most is that your capital is protected from anything that occurs in the market.

You can invest in short-term securities such as commercial papers, treasury bills, Fixed Deposits, Banker’s acceptance, and some investments with medium and high risk. However, if you are using an online trading app like, cowrywise, you are given a choice to decide what is best for you.

There is a penalty fee when you redeem within the minimum holding period. The fee is about 20% of the total amount made from the scheme.

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