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Keystone Bank Nigeria Customer Care Phone Number, Email, and Live Chat

Are you looking for the best ways to contact Keystone Bank Customer Care? Do you have an inquiry and cannot get the information? Do you have an issue that needs to be quickly resolved but finding it difficult to visit the bank?

Keystone bank customer service representatives are on hand to resolve all your service needs. They are available at any time and any day.

Whether you are existing or potential customers, you can reach out to Keystone bank customer care through their phone line, email, live chat, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

This is better than going to the bank every time you have issues or complaints to sort out. Besides, most issues can be resolved online. Therefore, I see no reason why customers should visit the bank often except when they want to resolve issues that demand their presence or when they have no choice but to go.

Below are the various ways you can contact Keystone bank customer care:


Calling the keystone bank customer care phone number is no doubt one of the best ways customers can communicate with the keystone customer service. One of the reasons has to do with the fact that responses are almost instant. This makes it easier for customers to get answers to their enquiries or support if there is any challenge.

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Despite being the best way to contact them, one has to pay for each second spent on calls since it is not toll-free. This may not be good for those who have low airtime balance because any disconnection means they will have to start all over again which may not be ideal.

If you have ever put calls across to the MTN customer care, then you should know how it works except that you pay for calls.

To contact Keystone bank customer care representative through their phone line, call +234 700 2000 3000.


Social media is also a good option if you wish to get in touch with one of the customer care representatives at Keystone Bank.

As an existing or potential customer, your bank is just a social media away from you. This is good especially if you do not have enough airtime to call.

Below are how to contact Keystone Bank via social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Whatsapp).

Contact Keystone Bank Via Facebook

Facebook has been known to be a platform with the most users. Therefore, if you are on this page, I will assume you own Internet supported device like a PC or Smartphone.

Although, not my preference if I need to contact Keystone bank customer care but it has a certain advantage. 9mobile, Airtel, and MTN allow customers to use Facebook for free. This could be helpful on days you do not have data or airtime to reach out to the customer care unit.

Customers can get in touch with Keystone Bank Customer Care by visiting

Contact Keystone Bank Customer Care Via Twitter

You will agree with me that Twitter is a wonderful place to be on and it is currently getting the ovation it deserves. It is a place where you interact with friends, gossip, and even get the latest stories from around the world.

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Since Twitter is now gathering momentum, big brands and businesses now have an online presence on this platform which could boost their profile.

Your bank is now on Twitter. Therefore, for any issues or complaints, you can tweet to @keystonebankng. You can also send a DM as well.

Customers should refrain from sharing their account details via tweets. If at all any private info must be shared, take it to their inbox. Besides, the bank will never ask you for details such as your debit card number, CVV, or ATM card pin. Keep an open eye when exploring the benefits of technology.

Keystone Bank Customer Care Via Whatsapp

Everyone has come to love Whatsapp because it has a good interface for chatting and sharing of contents but unfortunately, Keystone bank does not have a WhatsApp number.

Customers who need an alternative way to chat could use keystone bank online live chat. It could be a good substitute for WhatsApp.


This is the closest you will ever get if you are looking for the best alternative for a Phone call. It is because the response is instant as soon as you are connected to keystone bank customer care.

There is no need to wait for hours before being attended to. It is also affordable as data is not that consumed during the online live chat.

To chat with Keystone bank via online live chat, go to Keystone official website at and click the ‘live chat’ button. It is at the bottom of the page.

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Another way to get support from Keystone bank is through their email support. I love sending messages via email because it is cheaper to maintain and for its flexibility as well.

When sending a message through the email, the platform allows users to add additional files or documents which could help the customer care representatives at Keystone bank to understand how to help the bank customer better.

It has demerits, but the most notable one is that customers will need to wait for some hours before getting a reply. Therefore, if you need things done quickly, I am afraid this is not the platform for such. Customers have the keystone bank customer care phone number for such and also online live chat.

To get support via keystone bank official email, send your inquiries, requests, or complaints to


If ever there is an issue or complaint that has remained unsolved for months, customers can take it up with the keystone bank’s head office. The centre is known to be a place where aggrieved customers of the bank can lodge complaints.

You can expect the bank to work as quickly as possible in a bid to ensure continued bank and customer relationships.

Keystone Bank Corporate Head Office Address:

No. 1, Keystone Bank Crescent,
Off Adeyemo Alakija Street,
Victoria Island,
Lagos, Nigeria.

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