Kwikmoney | Instant loan from N500 and up to N500,000

Getting loan does not have to be very stressful and time-consuming, get a quick loan from kwikmoney offering you up to N500,000.

Excited? I bet you do, now you no longer need to wait till payday before meeting your needs. Have a wedding to plan or you need to take care of some urgent needs such as children school fees, house rents, repair fees or whatever that came up? Kwikmoney has got your back.

The best part of it is there is no documentation and collateral required to get a loan. All you just need to do is to follow the instructions which will be provided in this article and you are good to go.

Kwikmoney is an initiative of mines, a technology company that is built on a digital platform that enables finance companies to offer instant loans to customers with low risks.

Being ignored by banks and other finance companies due to inability to meet up with their strict procedures is now over, with kwikmoney, turn your dreams into reality.

Lastly, not everyone will be able to take a loan due to some factors. Loan offers are automatically determined by the system, if you are qualified to take a loan, you will be notified of the development. The reason why majority are denied loan is due to poor credit scores or issues with BVN.

Benefits of kwikmoney

  • Quick and easy to use.
  • In partnership with high profile establishments like fidelity bank PLC, interswitch, flutterwave and others which entirely cast out all doubt.
  • Get an instant loan up to N500,000.
  • Access to loan quickly even with minimal risks.
  • Applicants can sign up for loan either on the website or using USSD option on any phone.
  • The USSD option is available on every network in Nigeria.
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How to apply for kwikmoney loanHow to apply for kwikmoney

There are two ways to go about it, applicants can use either use their webpage or USSD option.

For webpage option, follow the below steps:

  1. Log in to from your browser.
  2. Enter your phone number connected to your bank account or BVN for better evaluation.
  3. A code is instantly sent to your inbox, check your phone.
  4. Enter the code into the space provided and click on proceed.
  5. Here we have the new page, perform any action as you need.
  6. Click on “REQUEST LOAN” since the intention is to get a loan.
  7. Select the amount needed.
  8. Enter your bank account and card details.
  9. Receive an alert in a few minutes.

If you are using the USSD option, here are the kwikmoney procedures:

  1. Dial *561# on any Nigerian GSM Network.
  2. Tap on LOAN on the new dialogue box.
  3. Reply with the number that corresponds with “REQUEST FOR LOAN”
  4. The system determines how much loan offer you can get, select and continue.
  5. Add bank account and card details.
  6. Expect loan in few minutes if you are qualified.

Do note that like other loan providers, you will be limited to a small amount of cash for the first time. Your credit limit will improve as you pay back in time and build trust with the system.

How to pay back loan

Kwikmoney provides applicants with several options to make a seamless payment back. You just have to select what works best for you.

Using the ATM

  1. Go with the phone number attached with kwikmoney to the ATM stand.
  2. Insert the card into the machine and select QUICKTELLER.
  3. Select “Pay Bills”
  4. Select “Others”
  5. Enter the biller payment code 04354101
  6. Press Continue and enter the mobile number connected with kwikmoney as customer reference number.
  7. Confirm payment by tapping the key associated with it.
  8. If successful, you will receive a confirmation message.
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The USSD Payback option

  1. Dial *561# from the phone number connected with kwikmoney.
  2. Select “Pay Loan”
  3. Pay with cash over the counter
  4. Go to any of the following banks – Sterling bank, fidelity bank, wema bank, GTB, keystone bank, UBA, and access bank.
  5. When you get there, tell the cashier that you want to make a kwikmoney paydirect on PAYDIRECT.
  6. Give them the mobile number attached to your kwikmoney which will be used as a customer reference number for paydirect.

Online payment

  1. Go to on your browser.
  2. Add card payment details and pin.
  3. Go through the information to confirm they are correct.
  4. A payment confirmation message will be sent.

How long does it take to get a loan?

Most loan apps will claim less than 5 minutes but there are times when it will take longer than that.

Only in rare cases it takes more than that, there can be network failure or technical problems which can elongate loan process, but most applicants on kwikmoney get the fund sent into their bank accounts in less than 10 minutes after registration.

If you do not get the loan, it might be that you are not qualified for it after your personal data has been accessed in order to determine your loan offers. The system goes through your phone, financial details, credit bureaus and many more to determine if you meet the criteria.

What other things you show know on kwikmoney

If you are just joining the fold, you will not get up to N500,000 as loan. Kwikmoney allows applicants to get a loan from N500 and build up to N500,000 if you are able to prove you are creditworthy. The tenor is within 14 to 30 days and interest ranges from 10% upward.

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Kwikmoney’s contact details

Wrapping up

It does not matter whether the loan is needed to take care of your small business or to party hard, it is nobody’s business. All they are after is ensuring that you can enjoy credit with ease even in era like this.

The crunch part is that it may never be enough for those who need more with a longer repayment period. Thankfully, we have zedvance moneypal and the popular renmoney who are never shy away from giving out a huge loan. On zedvance, you can get up to 5m as a loan while renmoney offers about N6m credit product.

If you are not yet convinced, there are other loan apps on play store that grant you instant cash with no collateral.

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