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List of the 21 Local Government Areas in Adamawa State

Adamawa State is a state located in the North-East geopolitical zone of Nigeria. The state was founded on August 27, 1991, and has 21 Local Government Areas (LGA).

It is also worth knowing that Adamawa State used to be part of Gongola State until it was divided into two and named, Taraba State and Adamawa.

The state was named after the historic emirate of Adamawa and has Yola, one of the bubbling commercial cities as the state capital.

Here are the 21 Local Government Areas in Adamawa State:

  1. Demsa
  2. Fufore
  3. Ganye
  4. Girei
  5. Gombi
  6. Guyuk
  7. Hong
  8. Jada
  9. Lamurde
  10. Madagali
  11. Maiha
  12. Mayo Belwa
  13. Michika
  14. Mubi North
  15. Mubi South
  16. Numan
  17. Shelleng
  18. Song
  19. Toungo
  20. Yola North (Capital)
  21. Yola South

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