profitable agricultural And Farming Business Ideas In Nigeria

20+ Most Lucrative Agricultural And Farming Business Ideas In Nigeria

Unlike the oil and gas sector which is gradually losing its worth, agriculture is now taking the place of prominence in the economy with the most lucrative agricultural and farming business ideas in Nigeria being maximized daily.

Agriculture is as old as the world; although it has been often ignored, it has amazing opportunities in it. People are losing the taste for white-collar jobs and taking up farming business opportunities because of the high demand in that area and the security it guarantees investors.

There are also grants put in place by the government to encourage people to be committed to this line of trade.

According to reports, agriculture made up to about 20.5 percent of the economy’s GDP in 2016 and the percentage is on the rise yearly.

Investments made into the agricultural sector barely result in a loss because food is an essential need for the survival of humans and this calls for the constant demand for agricultural products both within and outside Nigeria.

Beyond providing food for man, there is nothing that exists or that is created that did not have its roots in agriculture. Furniture, stationeries, cooking utensils, buildings, crude oil, and many more, all have their raw materials because agriculture is practiced.

The opportunities available in the agricultural sector are enormous and cannot be exhausted. The most lucrative agricultural and farming business ideas in Nigeria that you can invest your time and money have been carefully put together in this article. So you have a long list out of which you can make a choice.

Below are the best agribusiness opportunities in nigeria:

1. Poultry Farming

There are different aspects of poultry farming business and each of them can potentially yield lots of money if properly done. The areas of poultry farming include;poultry farming

– Layers Feed Breeding

Here you breed layer chickens with the motive of making them lay eggs (this is also one of the profitable agricultural and farming businesses in Nigeria). These birds require more time to attain maturity when compared to broilers.

The additional advantage you get for choosing this line of poultry farming is that you can sell your eggs at a good price within a short space of time because of the high demand for eggs and you can also sell off the layers when they have become very weak to lay more eggs.

Therefore, investing in this type of agribusiness opportunities in nigeria could earn you a lot of money and also requires just small capital to start.

– Broilers

Broilers are reared for the sole purpose of producing meat. It requires very little time to mature and you can rear to target festive seasons. For instance, if you want to sell broilers during Easter, you should start rearing your chicks by February while for Christmas, you should start by October.

There is always a high demand for broilers during those festive seasons and luckily, we have two major festive seasons. Think about how much you can make by starting now.

– Feed Production

For chickens to grow well they must eat and this makes feed production another lucrative agricultural business that you may want to consider.

Take time to learn from farmers who cover this aspect of agriculture as this will help you reduce mistakes and in turn, you will be able to save money that would have been lost in the process of trying to gather your own experience in the trade.

Target farmers around you that are into the rearing of chicken and start a business with them.

– Equipment Manufacturing

This aspect covers the construction of various types of equipment that is being used in the poultry farming industry. You can use the different types of equipment used by farmers in this field and because of the high number of persons involved, you can get a good turnover.

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– Hatcheries

This aspect of poultry farming includes farmers who specialize in hatching day-old chicks and because of the high demand from poultry farmers who want to grow more chicken, you are guaranteed a good turnover since hatcheries are all always booked 24/7.

2. Catfish Farming

Catfish farming is also one of the lucrative aspects of agriculture that deals with rearing catfish. Just like poultry farming has different areas that you can concentrate on, catfish farming has the same. You may want to focus on hatching catfishes, fish feed production, constructing equipment for fish farming, and feed production.

One of the main benefits of consuming catfish is that it manages the level of cholesterol in humans thereby making it a perfect meal for people from 40 years and above.

If you can have a mental picture of the number of persons that fall into this age bracket, you can easily predict your success in this trade.

Catfish farming may require huge capital and lots of attention to start up and maintain it but it will be worth all the stress you may need to put into it because there is an available market for it in Nigeria.catfish farming

3. Cassava Farming

Cassava serves as the raw material for making different foods popularly consumed in Nigeria. These foods include garri (which also be used for eba), tapioca (a popular drink), glucose syrup, starch, fufu, and much more.

Cassava farming also has various segments of which you may find it difficult to concentrate on all. These segments are cassava planting and harvesting, cassava marketing, processing of cassava to other forms of products, etc

You can just start with one aspect, for instance, the processing of cassava into other finished products, and gradually grow your business.

Note that there is a ready market for any aspect that you settle down with both within and outside the country.cassava farming

4. Yam Farming And Production Of Yam Flour

Yam is also an essential food that is often eaten in Nigeria. It is just as common as rice and most people cannot do without consuming this farm product.

Some occasions are incomplete without having pounded yam. This is common with people from Ekiti and Ijeshas in Osun State, Nigeria.

The era where yam is being cooked first and pounded with mortals is gradually going extinct since the introduction of yam flour which is much much easier for most people to make their pounded yam.

This also has created another avenue for making money to entrepreneurs beyond just planting and harvesting yams. With #5,000, you can start this business. Just make sure that you relate with someone who is already in the business or is willing to put you through the production process.yam farming

5. Meat Processing

Companies that are into processing meat are not so much in Nigeria and you can take advantage of this opportunity of processing and preserving meat in a hygienic environment, making it safe for consumption and this is because most of the meats that are often sold in the country are usually stored under an unhygienic condition.

If you cannot rear the animals yourself because of the capital that may be involved, you may easily get your livestock from livestock farmers.meat processing

6. Palm Oil Business

Most Nigerian soups are incomplete without the use of palm oil. This helps you to understand the importance of this agricultural product.

Although there may be a lot of people in this line of trade, notwithstanding you will always have your market because of the high demand for it.

Learn from people who already are experts in it and then you can start by being a distributor to oil retailers. And in case you don’t want to go into the production aspect, you may also operate as a retailer by buying from those that produce it and sell to the consumers.palm oil business

7. Honey Business

Honey is one of the healthy foods that offer various benefits such as the lowering of high blood pressure and it is a perfect sugar substitute.

You can purchase in jerry cans from those that produce high-quality honey and sell in small quantities to consumers.

Your customers are mostly people of ages 40 and above and those who are conscious of their health. Once you can provide original honey, you will win the heart of those who cherish honey and this will also help you to increase your turnover because original honey is hard to get.honey business

8. Fresh Vegetable Business

This is one of the easiest and most lucrative agricultural and farming business ideas in Nigeria. This is because Nigerians consume a lot of vegetables daily hence giving rise to the demand for it.

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It is very easy to start with little capital and small space that can be cut out in your compound. It takes less than seven weeks before you begin to harvest for sales and there’s a ready market for it making the turnover guaranteed.

You can start by supplying green vegetables from door to door to save you from having leftover already harvested vegetables. Vegetables that are often consumed in Nigeria include Ugu, okra, scent leaf, waterleaf, and spinach.fresh vegetable

9. Farm Products Marketers

To be involved in the sale of farm products is also an agricultural business idea that you are certain to make great sales from. Although it requires a lot of money to get the various products from their producers, you can still start with whatever you can afford and keep growing your business.

Since these products are what people consume daily, you are certain of regular sales with maximum profits.
Farm products that you consider include but not limited to garri, beans, frozen livestock, yam flour, palm oil, vegetables, and products marketers

10. Snail Farming

Snail has great nutritional benefits. It is often expensive when compared to beef and some other fishes that are often consumed by humans. This agricultural product has been ignored overtime whereas it is one of the best foods that should be taken regularly.

It is very easy to rear and easy to maintain. You can get small snails from farmlands, villages, or farmers and nurture them to your desired size. The bigger they become, the more the money. Interestingly, the growth rate of snails is very rapid.snail farming

11. Farm Machineries Rental

Farm Machineries Rental is one of the most lucrative agricultural and farming business ideas in Nigeria that is often ignored. Many people desire to take up farming as a trade but they don’t have the resources required to start up.

If you have enough money to purchase major farming equipment like tractors that many farmers find too expensive to acquire. Start letting them out for use to farmers at a cost. It will surprise you that you will possibly get back your money in multiple folds before the pieces of machinery get old and you can get the money gathered to get new types of equipment. This is another agribusiness opportunities you can invest on in Nigeria.

farm machinery

12. Charcoal Business

The demand for charcoal is increasing every day because individuals and companies such as bakeries are gradually adjusting to the use of charcoal instead of firewood.

Individuals make use of charcoal in place of gas and kerosene. It is used to prepare foods that require a longer time to get done such as beans, maize, and herbs.

Charcoal leaves the vessels used for cooking neatly when compared to the effect of firewood and it can be used within the house.

There is also a high demand for charcoal outside Nigeria and this can be exported at a higher price hence increasing your profits. charcoal business

13. Start eBooks On Agro Niche

This is also one of the most lucrative agricultural and farming business ideas in Nigeria that is often ignored.

With eBooks, you can focus on providing detailed information in the agro niche that will be useful to people in the farming industry both within and outside Nigeria.

Existing and intending farmers can purchase your eBooks to guide them in their areas of specialization.

Ensure that the information that you provide is genuine because one of the things that guarantee you a constant sale is the results that your customers get as a result of adhering to the principles provided in your eBook.ebook farming business

14. Extraction Of Shea Butter

This is a wonderful agricultural product that you can invest in because there is a growing demand for it since it is used either directly on the skin or as a part of raw materials for skincare.

Shea butter is also used by confectionery and pharmaceutical industries, therefore your efforts towards making it available are very important.

You can start on any scale that you can afford small, medium, or large. The demand currently exceeds supply so making it a good area of investment.
There is also an international market available for this product which you can take advantage of in the long run.shea butter business

15. Selling Of Cooked Farm Products

Selling Of Cooked Farm Products is another profitable agricultural and farming business ideas in Nigeria that you can take advantage of because it can never go into extinction.

People are getting busier every day as a result of the need to meet up with the needs of life. Even some farmers who go all out to cultivate and harvest the farm products sometimes rarely have time to cook these products for their consumption.

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Making available already prepared farm products to the public will not only put food on your table but also help to meet your future needs because the proceeds from it are very reliable.cooked farm product

16. Pig Farming

Pig farming is another lucrative agribusiness opportunities in Nigeria that yields lots of money for entrepreneurs in that line of trade. Although it requires a lot of money to start as compared to other agricultural business opportunities that you can start with little or no capital.

Pigs are known for their rapid growth. They attain maturity within the space of six months and can be sold at a good and profitable price.pig farming business

17. Production Of Bean Flour

The love some people have for processed beans such as Akara or Moi-Moi has been forced to diminish because of the stress involved in getting it done.

Bean flour is gradually taking the place of the stress required to wash and peel off the back of beans.

With the bean flour, any of the bean products can be made at any time. This is an opportunity that you can take advantage of knowing well that there are lots of people who desire to consume bean cake and other reformed products of beans.bean flour

18. Potato And Plantain Business

This is one of the trending businesses that you should consider in Nigeria. Plantain and potato can be eaten as food or reformed into different types of snacks that are enjoyed by the public. These snacks are often sold in traffic, provision stores and supermarkets

You can be involved in supplying potatoes and plantains to those who turn them into different snacks or you may be directly involved in the production of these snacks, produce them in bulk, and sell in small quantities to supermarkets and stores.

19. Flower Business

Flowers are used by individuals for the decoration of their houses while other business owners such as hotel and event hall owners make use of flowers to beautify their buildings making them attractive to existing and potential clients.

More hotels and event centers are springing up in their numbers making the demand for flowers increase. You can start planting flowers for sale and also charge extra cash for those who will want you to help them transfer it from the nursery into the permanent soil.flower business

20. Rice Farming

Rice is more like the major food of over 200 million Nigerians. It is rare to see an event where rice isn’t the main food prepared although other foods can be cooked alongside it.

Despite the increasing price of rice, people will rather look for the money to purchase it rather than ignoring it. In a nutshell, rice is consumed by an average Nigerian at least twice a week and it is eaten by both the young and old.

This will give you a good knowledge of the success that you will secure when you invest in this business.

It is almost difficult to record a loss in this line of trade because the demand is much more than the supply. More so, you will enjoy the grants put in place by the government to encourage rice farmers.rice farming

21. Fodders Growing Business

Fodders are usually grasses such as alfalfa, clover, and wheat which are often used by livestock farmers.

They require these grasses to feed their livestock, hence you can take advantage of this business by planting these grasses and selling them at a cost to the farmers.fodders business

22. Agro Transporter

Farmers require a means of moving their goods from the harvest point to the point of sale. With this, you can acquire a lot of money because this is a business that takes place every day.

A lot of money is required to start this business because you will need a solid vehicle that is strong enough to move majorly farm products from place to transporter

23. Spice Cultivation

Spices are ingredients that are used to make food tasty and enticing. Spices like nutmeg, thyme, and curry can be grown, blended, and packaged in small quantities.

These spices can be supplied to food stores, supermarkets, etc. You can also sell them to companies in large quantities.spice thyme curry business

24. Farming Consultants

This is an aspect of agriculture that cannot be ignored and this makes it one of the most profitable agricultural and farming business ideas in Nigeria.

You can build up yourself in an aspect of agriculture to offer guidance to other farmers who may be stuck in the middle of their business.

When you render consultation services to farmers, you do so at a fee hence enriching yourself while also helping others.farming consulting

25. Cotton Cultivation

Cotton is used for clothing. No matter how beautiful a cloth may be, it will soon fade and wear out. This, therefore, shows the importance of cotton to the human race as no one in his or her right senses can afford to go about naked.

An investment made in this direction is not one that will be regretted. You can start up a cotton plantation and identify those who may require your products as their raw materials.cotton farming in nigeria
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