mtn biz class tariff plan

MTN biz class tariff plan: charges, benefits + migration code

If you are a business owner or someone who is running some side hustles, then you will love MTN biz class tariff plan.

You will agree with me that some certain businesses demand for more talk time and data to succeed. MTN Nigeria in their usual generosity decided to come out with this plan for prepaid customers that need more firepower.

MTN biz class is the most effective way to get the best prepaid mobile voice and data service for business owners and their workforces.

This is not your average MTN tariff plan- For most of us, this might be the first time of hearing it because it does not receive much attention as the likes of MTN pulse, MTN beta talk and MTN XtraSpecial. However, it is as cool as the rest of the batch.

Benefits of MTN biz class tariff plan

  1. Make calls without paying for first-minute charges or daily access fee.
  2. Easy migration via SMS or USSD code.
  3. Sharing of voice minutes with employees who are also on the plan.
  4. You will also be able to share data with any prepaid customer irrespective of their tariff plans.
  5. Customers can also protect their voice and data using a personal pin.
  6. Option to renew bundle subscription if needed.
  7. Customers can also set their bundle to auto-renew.
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Charges on MTN biz class tariff plan

MTN biz class is a prepaid plan designed for small and medium businesses and offers a call rate at 13.31k/sec to all networks in Nigeria and customers would also be able to enjoy business headline news.

SMS to all local networks in Nigeria is billed N4/SMS. If you are calling international destinations, you will be charged at their normal call rate.

The business headline news could be beneficial for those who deal in stock, shares cryptocurrencies and bonds. It is a way to keep ahead of what is happening in the market. Tips on how to improve businesses can also be shared which could give entrepreneurs and business owners a competitive edge.

Migration to MTN biz class is free once in every 30 days. Subsequent one will be charged N100 upon dialling the MTN biz class ussd code.

Reviews of call rates on MTN biz class

It has already been established that MTN biz class is charged 13.31 kobo per second. Let us now look at the analysis using an N100 account balance.

0.1331 multiply by 60 seconds will give us 7.986. When a customer uses 12 minutes, the bill will be 95.832 and we still have about N4 left in the balance.

One could say it is one of the best MTN prepaid tariff plans considering there won’t be a need to pay for the daily access fee or first-minute charge.

How to migrate to MTN biz class tariff plan

  • To opt into MTN biz class tariff plan, dial *460# from your dialler’s pad.
  • Select 1 for tariff migration.
  • Choose 2 to move to the plan.
  • You can also just dial *460*1*2# to migrate to MTN biz class tariff plan.
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