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MTN Tru Talk tariff plan – Charges, Migration Code + Benefits

If you’re searching for a tariff plan that offers affordable rates for voice calls to any network in Nigeria, then MTN Tru Talk is the plan for you. It’s designed to provide you with more value and savings.

MTN has done a great job with this plan, recognizing the importance of having a competitive strategy to attract more customers. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen MTN introduce a low-cost tariff plan. We can also attest to the benefits of MTN Pulse, another excellent tariff plan that charges the same rate as Tru Talk but comes with even more promising advantages.

What then is MTN Tru Talk?

MTN Tru Talk is another tariff plan from MTN Nigeria that allows you to every network in Nigeria after paying daily access fee of N7.17.

Once the daily access fee has been deducted, customer will be able to call all day at 11.26k/sec – once 12 am kicks in, the timer resets which means you will need to pay for another to enjoy calls at a cheaper rate.

Benefits of MTN Tru Talk Tariff Plan

  1. Customers will be able to make calls very cheap on MTN True Talk.
  2. You can enjoy 1 free migration every month you want to opt into the plan.
  3. All prepaid customers can migrate to the plan and enjoy access to all MTN products & services.
  4. On the day you do not initiate a call, N7.17 daily access will not be deducted.
  5. Mtn prepaid customers on Trutalk will also enjoy Awuf4U offer.
  6. Share and sell service is also available, unlike mtn betatalk plan.
  7. Free 10MB Monthly Data Bonus on the First recharge or First call of the month.
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Charges on MTN Tru Talk Tariff Plan

Call charge on MTN Tru Talk is 11.26k/second after paying a daily access fee of N7.17. International calls will be charged at the standard international calling rate.

When a customer initiates a call without having up to N7.17 access fee on account balance, the call will be charged at 15.36k per second.

The cost of sending SMS to any network in Nigeria remains N4 per second. SMS sent to an international destination is charged at N15/SMS.

Call analysis for MTN Tru Talk Tariff Plan

For a customer to enjoy discounted rates on all local networks in Nigeria, a charge of N7.17 will take effect. This ensures your call session to be charged at 11.26k/sec on MTN TruTalk.

For instance, if you have a balance of N40 and you want to make voice calls with a duration not less or more than 3 minutes. Once you initiate call, the N7.17 access fee will be instantly be deducted from your balance which left you with N32.3. Meanwhile, there are lots you can do with what you consider small balance left.

A one minute call is equal to 6.675 when you multiply 60 seconds by 11k. Therefore to get the value of 3 minutes, that will be multiplying N6.675 by 3 minutes which will give us 20.27.

19.8+7.17(access fee)=27.44. Therefore, we have spent N27.7 and still left with 12.56 which is enough to get us 2 minutes of another voice calls.

How to migrate/activate MTN Tru Talk Tariff Plan

  • Any customers on a prepaid plan can migrate to MTN TruTalk.
  • Postpaid customers are not allowed to migrate to this tariff plan.
  • To migrate to MTN Tru Talk, customers can use the USSD or SMS option.
  • For migrating using the SMS option, send ‘TT’ to 312. For USSD option, dial *400# or *123*2*6# to migrate to MTN True Talk tariff plan.
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How to leave or opt-out of MTN Tru Talk

You can migrate out of MTN TruTalk anytime. To leave mtn trutalk tariff plan, you will need to get the migration code for any of MTN Pulse, MTN xtraspecial, MTN betatalk, MTN mpulse, and MTN xtravalue.

Once you have dialled the migration of any of your preferred tariff plan, you will be immediately moved. Do note that you are entitled to free migration once in 30 days, another migration within the same month will be charged N102.

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