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My MTN App- What you should know, benefits + how to download self care app

If you are on the MTN network, you can download My MTN App. The app is for all customers on MTN who want a simple and better way of doing things.

There are lots of USSD code on the MTN network and it is always hard to remember them all. With MY MTN App, you can have them in one App. It is simply your personal MTN self-care app.

How about the convenience that comes from it and the simple fact that you can save some cost?

Check out this scenario, your airtime or data suddenly finishes during the wee hours of the day and you now need to refill as soon as possible. The business talks can’t wait or it could be that you need to take care of things with your loved ones.

What do you in such a situation? You would understand that you have a lot of options, thanks to apps like palmpay and chipper cash. However, we will be concentrating on the MTN’s official app, otherwise called MYMTN App.

My MTN App is a self-care app from MTN that lets you manage your account, subscribe to products and services and perform other functions as allowed by the network.

With My MTN App, everything is just made simple. The app is available for both IOS (iPad & iPhone) and Android users.

Benefits of My MTN App

1. Checking of Airtime and data balance

Who needs ussd codes when you can easily check the balance the easy way? This is just among what My MTN App let you do on the app. With the app, you will be able to check the full information of your Airtime and Data including their validity period.

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On login on your My MyMTN app, you will be able to view the information on your dashboard.

2. Migration to MTN tariff plan

There are lots of tariff plans you can migrate to on the MTN network, the issue is knowing their respective codes. Now that you have downloaded the app, you just need to click on whatever tariff plan that suits you.

The best part of it is that you will be able to see all information about the tariff plans before migration. Customers will also be able to view their current tariff plan. This self care app will surely make things easy for you if you plan to stay on the MTN network for long.

3. View account information

I have been on the MTN network for long and I no longer remember some certain information. MyMTN app is one way to find out.

You will not know how important it is until you are asked to provide details like year of activation and puk. From the app, you can even unbar your number after several wrong attempts. This helps you avoid calling the MTN customer care or even take a walk down to any MTN office near you.

You will also be able to view and download your transaction history on the app.

4. Free Data on MY MTN App

Downloading the app comes with 500mb and you can even get more by performing some tasks. You can get up to 2gb every day when you refer 10 people to download the app.

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Another way to get free data from MTN is by referring friends and family to purchase data plans on the network. You get 10% of any data your friends buy through your referral links and your friends also get a 50% bonus instantly.

5. Airtime and data purchase

As MTN customers who have downloaded and registered on the app, you will also be able to purchase data and airtime on the app, make bills payment, and even do much more on the app.

You can make payments via bank account and debit card. For the purchase via card, all you need is a MasterCard or Visa card and you can have your top up in no time. You will also be able to recharge for family and friends.

If you own a MTN router, MTN hynet flex bundles are also available on the app.

6. Sharing now makes easy

When you start getting those bothering messages like, “Please, send me credit”, then you should know it is time to share your Airtime with that sweet fellow. It might also be data sharing on the MTN network.

Whatever the demands, you can send it easily on MyMTN App without the need to remember certain codes. It is so easy that all you need is to enter beneficiary’s MTN number, pin and the value and boom, it is ready.

7. Get in touch customer care via Live-Chat

How about reaching out to MTN agent on the app? This is one of the quickest ways to get in touch with the MTN customer care agent.

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For any enquiries, feedback or complaints, you can chat with the agents for assistance. After entering your name, email and MTN phone number, click on start to begin the chat.

8. Deactivation of subscribed services

If you notice that your airtime starts missing for no reasons, then it is time to investigate on the mtn app. You could go to transaction history to view the elements or you could just visit subscribed services.

On the subscribed services section, you will be able to view the services that have been activated on your line and also take necessary action to correct it. If any of the value added service (vas) is on auto-renewal, you could deactivate with just a touch.

9. Value Added Services

You can also have fun on My MTN App, enjoy some varieties of music, callertunez, callerfeel, videos, football stories and lots of exciting value added services.

10. Play games for free

Are you a gamer like me? This is more reason why you will be making a great decision by downloading the app on your phone.

It comes with exciting games like chess master, air hockey, wothan and solitaire master. As time goes on, more games will be added on the app, giving you more ways to escape the boredom.

My MTN App Download

If you own an android or ios phone, you will be able to download and install my mtn app on your phone.

For those using androids, simply visit play store on your phone, search for “my mtn app” and install on your phone.

If you are using an iPhone or iPad, simply visit the apple store to download my mtn app.

How to download and install My MTN App

  • Go to Itune store or play store and install my mtn app.
  • After installation, launch the app.
  • Select the country you reside
  • Provide your phone and request for OTP.
  • A one time password will be sent to you which you will need to enter on the app.
  • After verification, you will be able to view your dashboard.
  • Therefore, you can now access and perform activities on the MTN self-care app.

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