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Myfreemp3 is one of the best audio sites where you can listen and download mp3 songs for free. On the platform, you will come across various genres of songs such as Blues, Hip pop, Rock and soul, Asian, African songs, and more.

It is basically a website where you can have access to any songs without any limitations. Also, it is straightforward and not time-consuming, users are not asked to enter their personal information before listening or downloading music. Sites like Audiomack and Spotify would have requested such before you are given full access to the site. This is one of few advantages that it has over others.

Users can build a full album or playlist of songs they want to put together right on myfreemp3. Besides, while searching for your favorite artist name, you might come across other pieces you have no idea exist. If your favorite music hub is yet to upload a new release, myfreemp3 music site has a better chance as they work with several servers to ensure you can always access content, whether old or new.


If you have used the popular mp3goo, using this music hub, myfreemp3 should not be much of an issue as well. It is becoming a competition between these giants when it comes to optimizing the site for speed and easy navigation.

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The site is unsurprisingly very fast and easy to use to the extent that even a newbie on the internet will find it very easy to use.

When I first discovered the site, the first thing I did was input my favorite artist on the search bar and within a few seconds, I had a great list of results including the newly released songs.

Upon investigation, I realized that myfreemp3 works in such a way that when a user requests a song, the content will be accessed on sites like youtube, but you will be able to download it as an audio file into your devices such as smartphones and computers. This is great cutting-edge technology, thanks to the youtube data API technology, which means you can get almost any video in audio without the need to download and convert yourself.

The site uses ads. Being a free mp3 music online streaming and download site, the revenue from the advertisement is to ensure they continue serving you content at no cost. The ads could be a little annoying tho, and it comes up mostly on download pages. If you click on a link and you are taken to a different page, all you just need is to close the page you are redirected to and go back to where you are.

Also, myfreemp3 opens effortlessly on all browsers such as Chrome, Opera, Firefox as well as on any Android and IOS Browsers.


It is easy to get confused with many sites out there having myfreemp3 as part of their domain name.

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The truth is the correct myfreemp3 website used to be, but it is no longer working. However, we have been able to track their other links. You now have a plethora of links to enjoy all free songs from your favorite artist from around the world.

Myfreemp3 music page website links are:



1. Visit any of the myfreemp3 websites provided in this article.

Now that you have the correct links, the first step to downloading from myfreemp3 is to visit the site. It is difficult to pick out one that performs exceedingly better than the others, as they are all good and are designed with the main priority of ensuring a better user interface for website visitors.

For this article, we will stick with The site loads in seconds. When you also click the menu > top charts, you can get the top 50 music from around the world. This should give you something to start with if you have no particular songs in mind.

2. Enter the name of the songs or artists on the search bar

Once you are on the homepage, enter the song name or artist in the search field. You can even choose to do both for more accurate results. Meanwhile, there is no limit to how much mp3 you can search for. You are free to spend as much time as you want on the site.

Spotify is magnanimous enough to allow users to enjoy some minimal benefits, but this is where you can get them all at no cost and even have them shared with friends and families. It is not tagged “My free Mp3” for no reason.

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3. Click the download button

The results should be ready by now. Once you have found what you are looking for, simply click “Download Button” under the song to save the mp3 file on your device.

You can easily create an album or playlist without paying any money. All you need to do is prepare a list of songs you want to download and do justice to that apiece.


Maybe you only want to listen to the song right on the site instead of downloading it on your device, you can press “Play button.”

Website visitors at times choose to play the mp3 music first to know if it is exactly the right mix. Once it has been confirmed, they then switch to the other button.

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