MySNHU Login

MySNHU: Login online at for | SNHU Student Login

MySNHU: Login online at for | SNHU student login

MySNHU Login is an entry page for Students of Southern New Hampshire University. If you are finding it difficult to access this page, we are here to aid you with the process and with other important information that both intending and existing can benefit from.

The SNHU Login is not only restricted to only Campus students alone; Online students and Competency-based Students can also make use of the page.

It is a valuable platform for prospective and existing students to get some important information including tuition, an online bookstore, SNHU financial aid, online library catalogue, learn about the SNHU program online, the school email address, phone number, online courses, transcripts, term dates, and more.

And if you are already a bonafide student of the Great SNHU, then it becomes a must for you to familiarize yourself with the environment after login. Intending, old and new Students can also get the latest news about tests, exams or stuff that have to do with their affairs.

This article will be a review rather than citing the My SNHU login page address. We will be covering some major aspects as already stated.

What is My SNHU?

My SNHU provides information about the school, educational material, resources such as Brightspaces as well as login access for students of Southern New Hampshire University.

SNHU has been accredited and is one of the best online schools for quality education leading to the awards of Bachelor’s Degrees and other certificates. It offers some of the best courses with standard personnel to ensure you get the quality education you deserve.

The school will be ideal for those who are working and still want to earn a degree in preparation for a better future. Whether local or immigrant, you can always work your way into getting a certificate from Southern New Hampshire University.

Additionally, it also offers on-campus education. However, it does not matter if you are for online or on-campus education, SNHU is a great school that cares about its students. They will do all they can in ensuring that you have the best of them.

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How to apply for admission at SNHU

1. To apply for admission at Students of Southern New Hampshire University, go to

2. Tap “Apply Now” located at the top of the page.

3. Select the applicable one among the options – Online Students, International Students, and Campus Students.

4. Proceed with your registration by providing relevant details.

MySNHU Login Process

The login process is simple. First, you need to have an internet-enabled device like a PC, Smartphone, or Tablet with a browser already installed on it.

Then go to the SNHU Student login page and provide your username and password to sign in on My SNHU. This page is only available for use for Students that have been granted admission at Southern New Hampshire University.

How to log in to MySNHU

my snhu sign in

Use the below guide for access to the SNHU login portal:

1. Go to the Southern New Hampshire University webpage at

2. Tap the one applicable to you among the following options – Online students, Campus Students and
Competency-based or Stride Students.

3. Enter your username. Your username is your Email address, phone number or skype linked to your SNHU login account.

4. Next, provide your SNHU Password.

5. Click Submit to access your SNHU student account.

About SNHU Brightspace

SNHU Brightspace is a personalized learning system used by Southern New Hampshire University to give enrolled students a better and modernized education.

Brightspace has helped many schools by delivering a better learning experience anywhere including online. It is cloud-based, making it easier to be used on mobile devices which is a plus for Online students.

As a tutor, it has enough tools to help design interactive content that is likely to increase engagement as well as a deep understanding for students. The online learning management system is very deep as it makes tutors’ jobs very easier through the many features on it. Among them are designing courses, grading, creating content for students, and many more.

If you have been admitted to SNHU as a Student, you can access the SNHU by following the guide below:

1. Sign in on SNHU by providing your username and password on the website.

2. Tap ‘Brightspace’ located under the “Applications” menu.

3. Now, explore the content table for you on the SNHU Brightspace.

Alternatively, you can quickly access Brightspace by following the link. On the page, you can access Discussion, Assignment, Learning modules, Grades, Announcements, and more.

What is SNHUConnect?

SNHUconnect is an online community for Students running online programs at Southern New Hampshire University. This platform is a place to act as if you are in a physical classroom, thereby giving you a chance to deliberate together, gain new insight, and share interests.

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On SNHU Connect, you can find people that can give you valuable help as regards your studies. Find people who offer the same course as you, and even extend the community by creating a social media group or arranging to meet for Group studies which can be very helpful.

How to access SNHU Connect

1. Upon login to your SNHU, click the SNHUconnect student icon under Newsfeed.

2. Tap the SNHUconnect Menu and then proceed to “Tutorials & Manuals”

3. Follow the online instructions. You can watch the available tutorial videos for tips to make use of the SNHUconnect.

SNHU Students Contact details

1. School Address: Southern New Hampshire University, 2500 North River Road, Manchester, NH 03106.

2. SNHU email address: For Online Students: (, For Campus Students: (, Admission enquiries email: (

3. SNHU phone number: 800.668.1249. The phone number can serve for general issues or enquiries such as financial aid, admission information, and more.

4. Student Financial Services number: 877.455.7648

5. SNHU admissions contact phone number: 888.327.SNHU

6. SNHU Login phone number for password-related issues: call 1-855-877-9919.


Is SNHU a private or Government school?

Southern New Hampshire University is a non-profit, privately owned, and accredited school in Manchester, NH. As a self-sustainable institution, it relies on contributions by the public, students’ tuition, and donations to realize the goal of providing a world-class education to students. Being a well-run school, SNHU tuition is reasonably low and there are over 200 courses available to pick from.

Is SNHU legitimate?

Yes, Southern New Hampshire University is legitimate. Therefore, you should have no reason to doubt any certificate earned from the school. Southern New Hampshire University is accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE). All programs offered by the School passed through regional accreditation.

NECHE, being a reputable institutional accreditor in England, is enough reason to dissolve any talks about SNHU not being legit. The accreditation covers both on-campus and online education.

How much does it cost to school online at SNHU?

This is among the likely questions often asked by Aspiring Students wishing to school at Southern New Hampshire University. If you are among those considering going to SNHU for online education, it is fairly priced as mentioned before in the article.

It costs students of the online undergraduate classes $320 per credit hour and or $960 per course at SNHU. The online graduate class students are to make a payment of $627 per credit hour or $1,881 per course.

Students who are yet to gain admission into SNHU will be able to apply for free. Fees will apply once your application is successful. However, it should be noted that the fees do not reflect the overall costs as there may be adjustments due to the cost of resources made available to students.

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Can I get financial aid like a Scholarship or Grant opportunity at SNHU?

SNHU has a Financial Services team on the ground to help students access financial aid as well as find ways to reduce their tuition.

If you ever need financial aid, you can always contact them and they will provide you with the options available for you. You are likely to be qualified for a Grant or Scholarship. If you are military personnel or your spouse is one, you could also benefit from SNHU 30% tuition discounts.

What is my SNHU ID number?

After successful application and registration at the school, you would be given a School ID Card. On the card, you can view your 7-digit SNHU ID number.

If it happens you are not with an ID card, an alternative is to log in to the school website and check online. Go to my My Profile and tap “View My Student Profile” to check your SNHU ID number. If you are unable to view it, you can send an email to

What is the duration of the online classes at SNHU?

If you are in the Undergraduate online class, you are going to use 8 weeks while Graduate online class students are to use 10 weeks. However, you can always avail yourself as the school always have multiple terms starting every year and a good chance of one coming up soon.

Is an online degree earned from SNHU respected?

It is all about where you are getting the certificate from. SNHU has been accredited and deemed fit to offer one. However, for those who might be looking to use the Certificate outside the country, you might need to research well to know if your well-earned online degree from SNHU is well respected in the country.

Moreover, the reputation of the school is quite amazing, it is more likely for employers to give your degree a nod of approval. A school recognized and accredited by The New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE) should not cast any doubts.

What is the my.SNHU Login for Students?

SNHU Students who need to make use of the login page should visit from their Device’s browser. From the page, they can sign in to their account provided the correct login details are slotted in.

How can I visit the Admission Portal Login?

SNHU serves a different portal for its Admission portal login and you can access the page by entering on your web browser.

Does SNHU have an app?

SNHU has chosen BrightSpace as an online platform and app that Students get the best of their online education. The decision was arrived at when it became clear for the school to upgrade the learning management system (LMS).

For years now, Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) has been doing reasonably well when it comes to online training. One would expect such a big move considering how highly determined the school is. Besides, brightspace has always been a good choice as instructors could make use of the platform to create content that would fit in well with devices like computers and Smartphones that are known to be widely used by students every day.

The Brightspace app is on the Store. However, we have provided the right link to save you some time looking for the app:

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