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Opay oride | Earn N10K Every Day

Just like I promised that I will continue to share ways you can make money. This time, you can earn 200k every month with Opay Oride.

Early this month, I decided to use the Opay/Oride app. It actually took a while before getting a rider but since there is a lot I want to find out. I waited until I finally got one. It eventually worth the wait as the rider did justice to the puzzles on my mind.

It is something I would have shared earlier but I want to make sure that there are enough infomation about Oride.

It was like yesterday when Oride started making waves online. Every link I opened, browsers news platform and blogs’ displayed oride ads never cease from spreading it.

It does not matter if you choose to partner as Opay Mobile Money Agent or become Opay Rider, making money on any of them is never in doubt. All you need is to be available when needed as both are marketable.

How Opay ORide Works

Let me be frank with you, it is not that simple to become Opay ORider, unlike Opay Mobile Money Agent. You are going to be aggressively screened before joining as rider.

This service is currently available in Lagos State & Ibadan but the company promises to take it to other states.

Here is what you need to get started with Opay ride (Requirement)

  • A valid rider’s permit
  • A clean slate (No criminal record)
  • Guarantes signed by high profile civil servants, or imam or pastor.
  • Ability to read and write.
  • No school certificate required.
  • Prospertive Opay rider must have known how to ride a bike.
  • A visit to any of the offices in the state where you want to ride.
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Lagos Office Address

Japaul House.
Plot 8 Dr Nurudeen Olowopopo Drive Alausa, Ikeja, Lgos

Ibadan Office Address

Classicus Inn.
1-3, Ifelodun Strt, Orogun adjacent International Conference Center UI, Ojoo road Ibadan.

Now that you have known the basic requirements needed to be a Opay rider. There are so many benefits to enjoy when you become a opay rider.

Among what you stand to get as Opay Rider are

Below are the benefits of being Opay Rider:

  1. A huawei smartphone. Yeah, you heard it right. The rider who shared the info with me told me, he was given a smartphone which will be used use to attend to orders. This expensive Huawei smartphone is fully yours and you use it as you like.
  2. Since you are just starting, you will only pay N1500 delivery fee for two months which you can even get in just 2 or 3 trips. I paid N740 on opay app from Access bank in NNPC Ejigbo to Oshodi. Imagine how much you can make after meeting the daily payment.
  3. Since the grace period is just one year, delivery fee will he raised by 100%. For the remaining 10 months, you will remit N3000 to Opay ride which is still cool if you ask me. You are now anchored with experiences on how to handle customers. When this is over, you will be paying 15% of each trip for 6 months, after which you become sole owner of the bike.
  4. Hot tea regularly at the office.
  5. You will get a work uniform.
  6. Group activities and team building to help you grow.
  7. If you own a bike below 200cc, you can exchange it at the office with Opay ride bike.
  8. Another benefit is you are paid N1800 for every new rider you invited and got approved.
  9. Cool gifts await you when you visit any of the Lagos or Ibadan offices for enquiries.
  10. Male or Female is allowed to be a Orider.
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At this junction, I have to be honest with you. Only few would be able to make close to N200,000 in a month but with opay ride, you can make not less than N100,000 even when you are not doing much.

People are now begining to enjoy using the app because of the convenience seamless payment aided by online payment. It is just a matter of time before it eventually becomes the most preferred.

Another thing I noticed when I was on opay ride is that the rider seems to enjoy freedom, unlike the commercial riders you are used to. No unnecessary stoppage from the law enforcement agents and not even a grin from the members of the union.

You are going to enjoy being an opay rider even when you are making tons of money every day. The icing on the cake is there is flexibility, that is, you can decide to cancel an order when you have other matters you want to attend to

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