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NPower Recruitment 2024: Registration – Apply Now @ Portal

Steering the Youth to the forefront is one of the ways to drive forces of economic growth and social development, for this reason, Npower was introduced to harness Nigeria’s young demography by providing the requisite knowledge and skill to unemployed youths.

Npower is an accelerated training programme that provides Unemployed Nigerian Youth with the needed exposure and training that could prove to be valuable in their chosen career path.

Npower Nigeria gives the participants a chance to learn, enjoy, and practise what they will need to be an employer of labours or find fulfilling work. For instance, N-teach has been one of the most sought programmes in the Npower, this programme is another way one could gather all that is needed to be a great educator. This experience could also aid one in following such a career path.

N-Power Volunteer Corps is made up of Undergraduates and Graduates who will ensure that inadequacies in public services in health, education, and civic education are improved. By doing this, both the graduates and undergraduates will have the chance of contributing his or her own quota to Nigeria’s economic and strategic aspirations of achieving self-sufficiency.

The Npower Official Website is


There are lots of attractive skills that can be acquired by being a participant of the Npower programme. Foremost, the aim of the programme is to provide graduates, as well as undergraduates a platform where they can be equipped with skills and certifications. With these skills, they will become innovators in the domestic and international markets.

In view of the recognized importance of the quality of labour in economic development – after the programme, Nigeria will further add to the growing list of manpower in fields such as services professionals, graphic artists, artisans, building services professionals, hardware service professionals, software developers, animators, and others.


Below are the requirements needed to be slotted into the programme: 

  1. Applicant must be a Nigerian and also resident in Nigeria.
  2. The Npower is open to applicants aged 18 to 35.
  3. The programme is for both Graduates and Non Graduates.
  4. It is open for unemployed Nigerians who have no existing source of income.
  5. People living with disabilities are also encouraged to apply for Npower as they would be given preferential treatment.
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  1. Applicants will need to provide their BVN during registration.
  2. A recent passport photograph in PNG or Jpeg file.
  3. A functioning phone number and valid email address.
  4. Graduate applicants are required to upload their degree certificate and NYSC certificate.
  5. Your dedication and genuine interest in whatever area you got.
  6. Lastly, ensure you use the correct Npower registration portal.


  1. For the graduate section, applicants with National Diploma (ND), Nigerian Certificate of Education (NCE), HND, Bachelor Degree, etc can apply.
  2. The N-health and N-teach programmes are only open to Graduates.
  3. N-Agro, N-build, N-creative, N-tech are open to both graduates and non-graduates.
  4. Once you have submitted your Npower application, you will be unable to edit or make corrections.
  5. Upon submission, prospective Npower candidates will receive a unique ID number. Ensure you keep it very safe.
  6. Npower volunteer corp will need to tender any government issued identity card. The acceptable IDs are International passport, valid driver’s license, permanent voters card, and National ID card issued by NIMC.


1. Npower Teach

N-teach volunteer will help the Nigerian government improve education at the primary level. Successful applicants will be deployed to primary school within their residence and work as Teacher Assistants. During their time at their respective place of primary assignment, they will also provide valuable support in the area of administration in the school.

Only graduates that have certificate in ND, NCE, HND, Degree, etc will be able to apply for this position. The Npower latest news is that duration has been adjusted for all programmes, therefore duration for Nteach programme is now 12 months.

2. Npower Health

For the successful applicants of Nhealth, they will be required to provide support and assitance through boosting and preventing healthcare in their neighbourhood. Meanwhile, selection preference will given to applicants that are certified in health related courses such as Medicine, botany, microbiology, public health, nursing, midwifery, health education, psychology and other allied disciplined in the science.

National Diploma (OND), Higher National Diploma (HND), Bachelor’s Degree, RN, B. Tech, RM, NABTEB, SCHEW, and JCHEW are all accepted. Post secondary Institutions that are qualified under the Nteach are universities, polytechnics, midwifery schools, schools of health technology, and nursing schools.

Duration under the NPower Nhealth programme has also been amended, the duration for all Nhealth volunteer corp is now 12 months following a review by the members of the committee.

However, selected applicants will be given formal training before being deployed to their Place Of Primary Of Assignment (PPA). This will ensure they effectively carry out their duties

3. Npower Creative

If you have passion for creativity, then here is a programme on Npower called NCreative. N-creative is an idea borne out of the need to further enhance the creative industry in Nigeria. Successful applicants under the Nteach will be trained in one of the following courses – Animation, Post production, Graphic design, Script writing, Sound editor, Illustrator, Digital media publishing, Visual effects artist, Game design, Building project management, etc.

The Ncreative programme is open to both graduate and non graduate, however duration of the programme is just for 6 months. After the programme/training, some participants will get opportunities to work as an intern locally or internationally, while others will be linked to job opportunities.

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4. Npower Tech Hardware

The aim of this programme is to train successful applicants that will boost the service industry of Nigeria. Depending on their area of interest, some of the Npower beneficiaries will be equipped to produce mobile phones, computers, tablets, and other trending devices. In order to achieve this, participants will be put on rigorous training, they will have hand on training experience and several practicals. This programme is available for both non graduates and graduates.

Candidates must be ready to work in order to get the requisite skill to service devices in their community or also work as a technician in a device assembly plant. Duration for the Npower tech programme is just 6 months.

5. Npower Tech Software

Npower Tech software is another way Npower grooms selected participants as Techies in the area of software development. Participants will have their hands on various foundational software development tools and also given the required resources to thrive as would-be software developers.

Ntech programme will seek to provide the platform for the budding software development entrepreneurs to learn all they need to know about software development. This programme is open to both Graduates and Non Graduates that aim to be certified as Web Developer, App Developer, Game Developer, Computer System Analyst, and Software Tester.

Participants will undergo 6 month training, After training, the participants would also be linked with various opportunities within their proximity.

6. NPower Agro

Maybe you have been dreaming of a career path in Agriculture, then Npower Agro is exactly the stepping stone to become feeder of nation. As an Npower Agro volunteer, you will become adviser to farmers within your region after receiving the essential training from the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. Participants will also be charged with gathering relevant data that concern Nigeria’s assets.

Do note that there is no selection preference for this program, therefore, both non graduates and graduates will be able to apply under this programme. With Npower Agro, they can aspire to become Agro-entrepreneurs, Farm managers, Seed fertilizer and other input aggregators, Consultants, etc. The duration for the programme is now 6 months

7. Npower Build

Applicants with passion for constructing things will find N-power Build very attractive. Npower build is a programme that will train and engage young, unemployed and dedicated nigerian youth in Construction, Aluminium and Gas, Automotive, Utilities, Building Services, Built Environment Services, etc.

The successful applicants will be made to pass through practical training and experience related to their occupational field; after the training, they will become service professionals, craftsperson and technicians. This opening will enhance their chance of being a job creator or work as part of a team in a construction company.

In order to be admitted into the Npower build programme, applicants must be currently unemployed and there will be no degree or diploma Selection preferences. The major requirement is to have interest in fixing or creating things.

Duration for Npower Build Programme is 6 months.

8. Npower Tax

Imposition of compulsory levies on individuals or entities by governments is one of the ways by which any Government generates revenue for the state. The business of tax is a serious business for any government as it will ensure they are able to provide for the Citizens. As a Npower Tax Volunteer, you will be charged with the responsibility of ensuring that all concerned individuals or entities pay their appropriate tax to the government.

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Selected Npower beneficiaries will be working as Community Tax Liaison Officers in their state under the state’s tax authorities. Graduates and Unemployed Graduates are qualified to apply for the programme, however, selection preference will given to holders of bachelor degree or HND in Law, Economics, Psychology, Finance and other related courses.

Candidates who will be vying for the position are expected to have knowledge in microsoft office, good spoken and written english, and some basic knowledge of tax laws and its administration. Duration for Npower tax programme is just one year after its amendment from 2 years.


  • Visit the Npower Registration Portal to apply for any of the Npower Programme.
  • Click “Apply For N-Power”
  • Enter your Valid email address and create your password.
  • Click “Register”
  • Click “Log in” to start your Npower application process.
  • Enter your email address and password.
  • Click “Log in to portal”
  • Validate your BVN by entering into the field provided. If successful, your names will be automatically slotted in the next page.
  • Fill in the necessary information required from Npower registration portal.
  • When asked, “are you employed?” Choose No and also set monthly income to N0. Apparently, if you have no monthly income, no one is depending on you.
  • Where applicable, upload your passport photograph, govt issued ID card & certificate and NYSC certificate.
  • Carefully go through all your information. If there are errors or mistakes, simply go back to make corrections.
  • After submission, you will be unable to make changes again.
  • Upon submission, you will be provided a Npower unique ID number. Keep it very safe.
  • Wait for the Npower to send you a confirmation message into your email. This might take days before the mail arives.


To reach out to Npower customer care, use the following channels


Can two applicants use the same email address when registering for Npower?

Two applicants cannot use the same email address for registration. Each applicant is expected to create/have his or her Email address.

I am over 35 years of age, can I apply for any of the Npower Programme?

Npower application is only open to only unemployed applicants aged 18 to 35.

I was asked to input my BVN during Nportal application, is my account safe?

Do note that no one can use only your BVN to steal from you. The reason why you were asked to provide BVN is only for identification purposes. Meanwhile, never reveal your ATM card details to third parties.

Can I register multiple email addresses on the Npower registration portal?

Applicants shouldn’t use multiple email addresses to register. It is automatic disqualification.

Is it only Graduates that can apply for the N-power?

No, both graduates and undergraduates can apply. However, it is important to read through in order to know where you fit in.

Why is it that I didn’t receive any mail after the successful completion of my Npower application?

The mail will be sent later to every applicant that has successfully registered.

If I got the N-power job and a better job comes up, can I resign from N-power to take the other Job?

Yes, you can resign when you get a new job, Npower always encourage people to do so.

Can the previous batch still re-apply?

No, they will be screened out during the selection process.

Do I need to pay before applying for the Programme?

Application is FREE. Do NOT pay anyone to apply on the N-Power portal. However, you may pay for a service fee if you are registering in a business centre or cyber cafe. Meanwhile, you can do it on your phone or PC.

I am an SSCE holder, what Npower programme can I select?

SSCE holders can apply for the following categories which include N-Build, N-Tech, N-Creative and N-Agro.

How much is my salary as Npower beneficiary/volunteer?

Successfully applicants in the graduate section will receive a monthly salary of N30,000 to 40,000 depending on the programme undertaken. Those in N-tech, N-creative, N-agro, N-build, etc are paid N10,000 to 40,000 as stipend depending on factors such as qualification and programme.


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