Best Paying Websites For Freelance Writers

Top 10 Best Paying Websites For Freelance Writers

Freelancing has become a popular means of earning online. Freelance platforms exist in various areas online to help freelancers get gigs. Some of them are specifically for certain niches while others are all-in-one platforms that embrace diverse niches. There are freelance platforms specifically for industries such as graphic design, data entry, finance, social media management, project management, and writing among several others. If you are a prospective writer, you can discover the best paying websites for freelance writers in this article.

The websites give writers the opportunity to earn from their writing skill by connecting with potential clients around the world. So, whether you are a grounded writer or you are just starting out as a newbie, you’ll find some of these platforms suitable for your profession.

Be aware also that knowing the best paying websites to freelance your skills will also help you to avoid platforms that are laden with scammers. There are countless of them on the internet. They put out adverts for writing jobs and ask you to submit sample work, or even offer you jobs which they end up using without paying you a dime for it.

You definitely do not want to fall into the wrong writing websites. So, here are the best websites you should really stay glued to the best paying writing opportunities.


Upwork was formerly recognized as Odesk. The site is a one-stop platform for everything freelancing. You can freelance just anything you do on the platform and earn big. Clients from different parts of the world can be reached through Upwork. Researchers, web designers, developers, marketers, information security, and writers of course among a host of other freelancers.

Create a proposal which should reveal your bids and every other information that indicates that you are capable of doing a great job for your client.

Your prospective client will review the bids you put forward. You may thereafter be called for an online interview, and be offered the job once you fully satisfy the requirements. There are different levels upon which projects are requested. There is the entry level, intermediate, and expert level.

So, as a beginner, you may want to bid for the entry level. Earning good cash as a beginner can be quite hard at first, but you can build your profile by delivering great jobs to your clients. There are also skills tests for experts. Once you succeed in the tests, you can have it displayed on your profile to boost your reputation on the platform.

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Upwork is trusted by over 5 million businesses with over 60k jobs posted on Upwork every week.

Sign up here.


Newbie writers should consider this website to get good paying writers. iWriter is quite easy. Simply sign in, do a test, and then get your hands on articles and start writing once you pass the test. The website also has its own way of rating its freelance writers.

iWriter writing tiers range from Standard to Elite Plus. You don’t make much as a Standard writer but your earnings increase as an Elite Plus writer. Focus on dishing out steady quality jobs and your ratings will increase. You smile better as an Elite Plus writer because the pay gets better.

The writing tiers on the platform are Standard, Premium, Elite, and Elite Plus. The opportunity provided by this website will expose you to bigger jobs off the site.

Register on iWriter here.


Freelancer offers jobs in more than 1800 categories. They boast of 48 million professionals on demand! That’s massive! But you know what? Freelancer is constantly readily to welcome new freelancers to the platform.

After signing up on the platform, you can get jobs by following only three steps. Browse for jobs that match up your skills – as a freelance writer, search for writing jobs. Go on to apply for the job and get working when hired.

You can get started by either signing up with your email or Facebook account. Employers are often looking for jobs that require the lowest price and still give them the best quality. Some of the projects will keep you constantly working because of their hugeness.

Signing up here.


Flexjobs is a leading job board for freelancers searching for remote work. As a user, you should create a profile that matches your specific needs. Pick the category you are going for, the level of your experience, work schedule, and more information to boost your search results to meet up with potential searches.

The company has a focus of making jobs flexible for everyone. Jobs available are in about 55 categories and can be in entry or executive level. Jobs listed undergo screening to cut out potential scams. This means that joining the site exposes you as a freelance writer to authentic opportunities from anywhere in the world.

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You may also activate alerts so that you do not get uninformed when new jobs are available for your industry. Flexjobs isn’t free, however, subscription cost is quite insignificant. You can get started with just $14.95 per month or $49.95 per year.

Sign up here.


ProBlogger allows freelancers to peruse their job board for potential online jobs. They have a wide range of jobs that are being listed at almost every minute. However, unlike Flexjobs, the jobs listed here are not screened, hence, you need to do your extra findings on prospective clients. But then, it is observed that the jobs listed are largely from serious employers especially bearing the mind that the site isn’t even free for employers who want to enlist jobs.

It was set up by Darren Rowse who is also a problogger and skilled writer. It is absolutely free with no sign up process for freelancers. And you also do not even have to create a profile. Just look for suitable jobs listed and apply.
ProBlogger also has great features bloggers can harness to improve their own blog. They can share and learn from the experiences of other bloggers. With the high profile ProBlogger has in the blogosphere, finding big-time writing jobs on the job boards is very possible.

Check out the site here.


SolidGigs is a productive tool on one part and a job board for freelancers on another part. They work at hand-picking the best jobs from all over the web instead of making you go through the stress of scouring several job boards everyday.

Their pool of best gigs which often include remote jobs are compiled into a weekly email. This helps freelancers save tons of hours daily while still arriving at the best opportunities.

The platform isn’t free. Subscription costs $19 per month while a trial month is offered for $2 only. Aside from being provided with opportunities as a writer, you’ll also receive several lessons on freelancing and learn from freelancers who have succeeded in their fields.

Sign up on SolidGigs here.


As a freelance writer, FreelanceWriting is one of the best paying websites you should consider when searching for potential clients. It has a long list of jobs that are constantly being updated with new offers. And whether you are an expert writer or just starting out, you have dozens of jobs on the platform to pick from. Get jobs that fit into your own requirements and apply.

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FreelanceWriting was founded in 1997 and has ever since been a potential platform for delivering daily and real-time opportunities to writers. Their job sources as revealed on their site are Ed2010, FreelanceJobOpenings, Craiglists, Indeed, BloggingPro and more. So, whether you are a blogger, copywriter, editor, proofreader, social media marketer, journalist, or technical writer there are openings for you here.

Check out their website here.


Constant-Content helps companies find writers to help them handle their content marketing. This could be blog posts, social media contents and others. They claim to have provided over 50, 000 businesses with over 100,000 professional writers who have provided great jobs to them.

As a new user, you’ll need to create your profile. Provide a short description of your writing skills and past experiences. Then apply for jobs that meet your criteria and payment rates. You’ll build long-term relationships and a solid reputation on the platform as you provide clients with great jobs. Your confidence grows and your career as a writer or digital marketer continues to advance.

Sign up as a writer here.

Writer Access

Writer Access helps businesses discover skilled content creators. They boast of over 15,000 writers who have covered a wide range of assignments. They also project efficient business tools for keyword research and web development.

They have restrictions on location but VPN users can conveniently bypass this restriction. Start by creating your profile and complete a writing test. You’ll be approved after your expertise and proficiency is verified, and jobs start rolling in.

Apply here on Writer Access.


Guru is a leading freelance marketplace for freelance-writing and other job offers. Start by creating your profile and showcase your previous works, so that prospective clients can peruse before going ahead to hire you.

As a writer, you can also set your own standard rates for ease of hiring and onboarding. Select expertise and skills that can help your profile rank high when businesses are searching for freelance services that meet your own criteria.

Check out their website here.

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