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Samsung cloud log in: access Samsung cloud account storage login | Samsung cloud sign up

Samsung cloud log in: How to access my Samsung cloud account storage login

How do I access my Samsung cloud account? There have been several reports about users finding it difficult to access their cloud storage account on their mobile phones. The Samsung cloud is common with Samsung galaxy devices, and its main function is allowing users to sync, backup, and restore from the cloud.

With this backup and restore service by the platform, one could have his or her images, documents, contacts, or video in safety pending the time one needs it. Contrary to what people think, access is also available on any other smartphone like iPhone aside from Samsung Smartphone. It can also be used on a computer.

The cloud service is not actually on your Samsung smartphone but has a separate server set up virtually for safety and access from anywhere. It is only easier to use via a Samsung device since it almost feels like the Samsung Cloud service is inbuilt within the gadget. Although images and photos integration on the virtual storage has been discontinued, you can still manage other files including contacts, music, and audio. Users can get up to 15Gb worth of free data space on Samsung Cloud while additional storage costs some bucks.

How does the Samsung cloud work?

Your phone device is full of many memories and you do not want to lose that to a simple factory reset or upgrade. Another way is being stolen or lost which could mark the end of it. Samsung cloud is your best defense against it as you can set it up to back up your phone or tablet data and restore them from the virtual storage when you need them.

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Samsung cloud will ensure that you won’t lose your data even when you change your device as you will be able to restore the data across devices.

Once you have backed up your phone data to the Samsung storage, a restore point will be automatically created which can be used to get back the files or data you have saved.

To back up data, files, or folders to Samsung cloud, simply go to settings Accounts and backup/Samsung Cloud/Cloud and accounts > Back up and Restore > Back up data > Select the data or files you want to store into the Samsung cloud and then tap “Back up”

Users can also restore their data from their Samsung devices. It follows almost the steps as the backup process. For better understanding, we will get you up with the guide.

Locate settings on your Samsung device > Select Accounts and backup or Cloud and accounts or Samsung Cloud > Select Back up and Restore or Restore > Tap Restore data > Choose the file or data you want to restore and click Restore.

Samsung cloud can also be accessed by logging in with your login details via the Samsung cloud web login. If you choose to recover your data through the website, the site to visit is

How to sign up on Samsung Cloud

If you have not yet created a Samsung Cloud Account, below are the steps on how to sign up on the Samsung Cloud Storage Account:

Method 1: Creating a Samsung cloud account on your Samsung phone

1. Tap the “Apps” icon from the main screen.

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2. Next, proceed to Settings and then tap “Cloud and accounts.”

3. Click Add Account to Create your Samsung cloud account.

4. Select the services you wish to use on the Cloud.

5. Press the HOME key. Now, your Samsung cloud account is ready.

Method 2: Register for Samsung cloud account on the website

Another way to create an account on Samsung cloud storage is by visiting the Samsung cloud login page. Once there, click Create Account and tap ‘Agree’

Complete the details and click Next. Follow the online prompts to sign up as a new user on the site.

Method 3: Sign up with Google

Another way to set up an account on the Samsung cloud website is by using your Google Gmail account. Go to the Samsung Login page and tap Continue with Google.

Give access by providing your Gmail account. If you have your Google email account running on your Android phone already, you will only need to click through and follow the online instructions to connect. If not, enter your Google account login details for access.

Samsung cloud account sign in

Users will be able to access their gallery data from the Microsoft OneDrive app or the Samsung Cloud app. For access, you will need to sign in using your Samsung cloud login details.

Sign in to your Samsung account by visiting through your web browser.

Samsung cloud log in – How to login on Samsung Cloud

Follow the below steps to login and access your Samsung cloud account:

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1. If you have already created an account, you can access your Samsung cloud by visiting the Samsung cloud sign-in page.

2. Copy and enter on your Web browser.


4. Click Sign In

5. On the Sign to your Samsung account, enter your email and password and click ‘Sign in’

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