Top smartphones with unique features

Top 10 Smartphones with Unique Features

With the increase in demand for products, smartphones have become a necessity in our lives. Smartphones have dominated us, from research work, graphic designing, photography, school, and college classes, and almost everything is done on smartphones. Smartphones make our daily life efficient, and it is vital to our daily lives.

It is our mass of communication, helps us in recreation through various social media platforms and music. Through smartphones, we have been able to talk to our friends from different corners of the world. Thus, having a smartphone in our everyday life is essential.

What is more important is, having it with all the important and latest features to enjoy more perks of the smartphones.

Here are ten smartphones with unique features

1. Samsung Galaxy Z fold3

Samsung Galaxy is indeed proving itself anytime and coming out victorious. This is one of the unique smartphones created by Samsung. This smartphone can be folded from the middle like a book, making it one of the most impressive smartphones. One can fold it and use it as a phone or unfold it to use it as a tablet. The phone costs $2,030.

Top Smartphones with unique features

2. Samsung Galaxy Z flip

This is also a foldable phone; only it can be folded and unfolded horizontally. This is an affordable foldable camera. It costs approximately $1,152. Although it is a bit pricey, it provides an AMOLED display with a good resolution. Its storage capacity is good as well. Thus, the phone features are unique and good, making it a good investment.

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Smartphones with unique features

3. Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

This smartphone is very much affordable and unique at the same time. It has broken the stereotype of sharp edges with curved edges, which gives uniqueness to the smartphone. The phone comes under $550, which makes it affordable. It also has HD resolution, thus making the smartphone an overall good investment.

Smartphones with unique features

4. LG G Flex

This particular smartphone is unique in its way. The most exciting feature about this phone, which makes it special, is its slightly curved body and somewhat flexibility. It costs around $680, which is affordable. It also has a 720p resolution, which is perfectly fine for watching videos.

Smartphones with unique features

5. Motorola X force

The only problem with carrying a smartphone is that it tends to fall often, which causes the phone’s glass to break. Motorola finally took care of that. Motorola X force comes with its unique feature of Shatter Shield display.

Thus, making the phone shatterproof helps us save a lot of money. Motorola has assured its buyers that it will not break or shatter even if it is dropped. It starts from $243, which is very affordable and has a good resolution, making it a perfect investment.

Smartphones with unique features

6. Yotaphone2

The unique feature of this smartphone is that it has a dual-screen. This means there is a screen on both sides of the smartphone. The second screen also can be used as an e-reader; books can be read. Other than that, one can use social media there as well. The phone’s resolution is fine and provides good storage.

Smartphones with unique features

7. LG Wing 5g

The unique feature is its swivel feature, which gives two active displays. The main display can be rotated to form a T-shape. Thus, it makes the phone more convenient to use. It has a good HD resolution and good storage. It is priced at approximately $550, making it a very great offer despite its many rare features.

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Top Smartphones with unique features

8. Blackberry passport

The unique feature of this smartphone is it is very odd-looking. This phone has a 4.5-inch display with a QWERTY keyboard just below it, making it unique. It costs under $550, making the phone affordable, powerful, and updated.

Best Smartphones with unique features

9. Dior Reverie

The phone is a luxury, and a unique feature is it has 1539 diamonds, 18-carat pure white gold, and 46 pieces of pearl. The price is set at $116,000. It also has a multi-touch LCD screen.

As far as the specs go, anyone will agree with it is worth the price despite being on the higher side and we are proud to have this smartphone with such unique features.

Smartphones with unique features

10. Cyrcle phone

A unique feature of this phone is that it is circular. The non-rectangular-shaped phone is Android 10, has dual sim support, and has 4G LTE. It has a good display and its unique design, and it makes a perfect smartphone. This is also one of the best phones with unique features that you could get your hands on if you really want to be the center of attention.

Smartphones with unique features

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