code to check NIN number on Glo

USSD code to check NIN number on Glo phone number

If you have had your profile set up at the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) and now looking for how you could check your NIN number on Glo number.

I am happy to inform you that it is now possible. How many times have we been in a very tight spot, that the only way out is to get our NIN numbers?
If you use the internet often, you will notice that there are some websites that always demand NIN numbers or national identity number when you are setting up your profile.

However, as an 18 years old Nigerian or above, it is compulsory to register at any NIMC centres across the country. This is important for the proper implementation of the Government responsibilities towards its citizenry.

The commission responsible for the registration, issuance of cards, database management as well as authentication, are always calling on every qualified Nigerian to go to any NIMC enrolment centres for registration. This service is provided for you at no cost. You are only entitled to go with any document that can be used to identify you.

Upon registration, you will be given a slip that contains your NIN number. This slip can be used in banks, government institutions, and other organisations. Always ensure to keep the slip in a dry and safe place. It is even better if you make extra copies and spread them in different safe places.

However, it can happen so quickly that you urgently need your NIN number, you will be able to check it by using your Glo number or any other gsm number using the assigned USSD code.

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How to check my NIN number on my Glo

  • To check NIN number on Glo, simply go to your dialer and dial *346#.
  • Select “1” which is NIN retrieval, that is if you still use the phone number linked to your NIN.
  • Choose 2 which is NIN search, if you have lost or no longer use the phone number linked to your NIN number.
  • Follow the prompts and provide the needed inputs.
  • You will be charged N20 and will have the NIN number on your phone.

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