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Venmo vs. Cash App: Which is a better mobile payment app?

To be candid, it is unfair to pitch Venmo against Cash App, considering that they have both been among the two best mobile payment apps in the USA.

Despite that, people want to know if there are similarities, differences, or what gives an app an edge over another. Therefore, you are likely to see questions about Venmo vs Squash Cash App, mostly on which app wins between the two?

Owing to these apps, people now have an easier way to make quick payments, receive funds, or send some cash to their family and friends. Using a peer-to-peer payment service (P2P), anyone can quickly send or receive money with just a few touches on the apps.

Below are the differences between Cash App and Venmo:

Venmo vs. Cash App: A Social Media Feature

You do not need a closer look to know that they both allow sending and receiving money into their respective wallets. Upon downloading the apps, you could easily distinguish what they are used for even when you fail to read Cash App and Venmo Review.

However, there are notable differences between the two apps. Venmo combines a social media feature alongside its basic services. On the Venmo app, you are allowed to be social while using the app, you can send emojis, comment, view transactions of friends and families, like, or send a message. This is one of the few things that you will not find on Cash App.

Regardless, Cash App is a great app to use, and sticking to the basic functions does not make it inferior to Venmo.

Venmo vs. Cash App: Supported devices

Venmo and Cash app work seamlessly on the two major leading mobile device OS, Android, and IOS.

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Having the app on your smartphone is like carrying your wallet with you. This makes it easier to make and confirm payments anytime and any day. Imagine the need to send money to a friend who needs it very urgently or a merchant that needs to be paid before goods can be processed.

Therefore, you can avoid time-wasting at the bank and do things quickly right on your phone. Meanwhile, the Cash app offers more as you can also access your account on any browser. This could come in handy when you are not with your phone or run out of network wherever you are.

Venmo vs. Cash App: Transaction Limits

Using any of the apps does not mean you are open to unlimited transactions. There are cautions placed on both apps, mostly to protect users.

After completing your Venmo registration without providing full documentation, a limit will be placed on your account until you verify your account. You will have a spending limit of $299 in a week on Venmo. After verification, the restriction will be lifted, thereby giving you an upgrade of $4,999.99 maximum limit for payment to friends and families and $2,999.99 for vendor payments and Venmo Card Purchases.

On the other side, Cash App Precisely, unverified users will only be able to send or make payments of $250 in a week. After verifying cash app accounts, users can spend up to $7500 in a week.

To verify any of the accounts, you will need to enter your full names, date of birth, and social security number (SSN).

Venmo vs. Cash App: Transaction costs

Sending and receiving money on both money apps could be completely free if you keep to the rules guiding the payment services. On Venmo, the payment could hit the account in 1 to 3 days. Going for instant money transfer means you will be charged 1% of the total funds with each service fee not lower than $0.25 or higher than $10.

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Cash App also keeps it simple and easy for users in the sense that you can send a payment for free but the service charge is a bit higher than Venmo’s. A request for instant transfer of payment will cost 1.5% of the money you want to send and with a minimum fee of $0.25.

Venmo and Cash App Users are charged 3% of their funds when they transfer money using Credit cards.

Venmo vs. Cash App: Customer Service

Both payment services, Venmo, and Cash App offer different ways that users can contact them.

Cash app has no dedicated phone number, instead, you are given a number to call 855-351-2274 that will only give you automated instructions on how to use the app.

If you must talk or get in touch with any of their support team, you will need to request a call or an email from Cash App which can be done on the app.

Venmo has an official phone number, 855-812-4430 you can use when you need to speak with any of their customer service reps.

Venmo vs. Cash App: Payment Protection

It is okay to ask questions about whether transactions are safe on both apps. The two apps use the type of protection that banks use to protect users.

Anytime you want to access your dashboard, you will get a code on your phone that you can use to access your account. Then you can enter the code into the field and click “Sign in”.

On Cash App, you can set up PIN entry, Touch ID, or Face ID to protect your account from unauthorized users. Fraud Protection will protect you from unauthorized charges.

Venmo also helps you to keep your account safe by allowing you to add additional layers of security. It also allows you to quickly remove a session when you discover your account is being tampered with. You can log in to the app, go to settings, security, and remove the session from the app.

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With any of the security methods, it will be difficult for anyone to access your account. Meanwhile, never share any sensitive information with a third party.

Venmo vs. Cash App: Investment Opportunities

Not many mobile payment services offer users the opportunity to invest and make money as we have seen with Venmo. But Cash App pulled off a great one here, as it offers its users investment opportunities.

On Cash App, you can invest in bitcoin – knowing when to buy and when to sell is a plus if you want to make money on your cryptocurrency trading. You can also deposit or withdraw your BTC at any time. Start your trading for as little as $1 of Bitcoin and gain massive profits on your investment.

Another opportunity you will find on Cash App is Stock Investment that bears a zero commission. You can buy as little as $1 of stock from top United States Companies. On the app, you will be able to track how your investment portfolios are going.

Venmo vs. Cash App: Ways to pay and receive

Cash app provides more ways to pay than Venmo. On cash app, you can pay using the following methods: credit card, debit card, bank account, apple pay, and google play. If you are a Venmo user, you can only pay or send money using a bank account, debit card, and credit card.

Both Venmo and Cash app users will be able to receive or withdraw funds to Bank account, Debit card, Mobile wallet, and ATM.

Venmo vs. Cash App: Supported Countries

The two apps are yet to become a force in all countries like Paypal as they are only dominant and allowed in the United States (USA). Notwithstanding, Cash app still allows limited transactions between the USA and UK.

Whereas, Venmo only has supports for people living or working in the USA. Nevertheless, they are both great apps for all residents in the country.

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