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Top 10 Venture Capitalists In Nigeria

Raising funds has been the major reason why people with ideas could not function as they ought to but the truth is there are ways out of it.

Whether you are starting a new business or trying to expand, money will always play a major role to make it happen.
Venture capital firms are in Nigeria to help your business idea become reality or existing business continues to grow.

Alternatively, you can also apply for a credit facility or bring in angel investors. Choosing to start a business with a loan is a huge risk and it is not something you should consider except you have no choice. A new business takes time to start generating profits and there is not enough time before you start paying back. Aside from that, the cost of borrowing could put the business at great risk.

To avoid this, you can select from the best venture capital firms in Nigeria. They can provide you with cash support provided your business qualifies for it.


A venture capitalist (VC) is an individual or firm that provides funds to entrepreneurs who need capital for new business or funds for expansion. Venture capitalists do not own the funds they invest in, most of these funds are from professionally managed firms.

Venture capital firms receive funds from high net worth individuals, insurance companies, pension funds, and so on. They find investments that can guarantee high returns with the least risk. For their effort, they receive a certain percentage of the profit usually called management fee.

This is one of the reasons why they do expect higher returns than angel investors as they will be looking to have their decent cut. Most VCs in Nigeria will rather invest in established companies rather than new businesses to minimize their risk. Nevertheless, if a venture is promising, they are ready to give it all the support it needs.

venture capital firms in nigeria


Unique Venture Capital

Unique Venture Capital is one of the best venture capitalists in Nigeria. The venture capital firm was founded in 2004 by 5 major banks in Nigeria to provide equity financing for startups and companies that primed for growth. Other services offered by Unique Venture Capital are management consultancy, financial advisory service, and project management.

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For the good work being done so far, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) recognised the efforts of Unique Venture Capital in 2007 and awarded her the best venture capital company in Nigeria. It is one of the places you could easily get money to start your business and are open to the idea of investing in any location in Nigeria.

  • Office Address: 15B, Joseph Harden Street, 8th Floor, Eleganza Building, Lagos. P.O. Box 2150, Marina, Lagos, Nigeria.
  • Phone number: +234 (1) 4540218, 0803 312 9113.
  • Email:
  • Website:

TL Com Capital

TLCOM is another top and reliable venture capital firm you can count on to provide you with the seed capital to begin your project or funds to expand your venture.

This venture capitalist was established in 1999 with the main mission of providing capital to innovative entrepreneurs that leverage tech to provide a fix to challenges. TLcom has been able to help entrepreneurs in Africa, the United States of America, Israel, and Europe, they are committed to ensuring that dream is not just a dream but the beginning of something great.

Therefore, if your idea could benefit the technology sector, most importantly, helping to shape the present and future of Nigeria, then this is one shot you cannot afford not to take.

Since it started, it has invested over $300 in startups and existing businesses. As a tech entrepreneur, you can get between $500K AND $10M.

  • Lagos Office: 304 Borno Way, Alagomeji, Yaba, Lagos. Nigeria.
  • Phone number: 07042974131.
  • Email address:
  • Website:

Venture Garden Group

If your idea is about aiding the African technology ecosystem and has the potential to be the next big thing, there is another venture capital firm, Venture Garden Group, that could help you to quickly find your feet.

Venture Garden Group (VGG) has a very deep interest in technology. The company is one of the top tech companies in the city of Lagos and has been known mostly for providing solutions to issues such as reconciliation and payment processing inefficiencies in various sectors.

Through GreenHouse Capital, you will be able to get funds plus other resources that could help as you become a household name quickly. However, like most venture capitalists, the company has experts that will analyse the operation and if viable enough, then you will be funded.

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Corporate Office: Vibranium Valley42, Local Airport Road, Ikeja, Lagos

  • Email:
  • Website:

Growth Capital Fund

Growth capital fund is one of the best venture capitalists in Nigeria with its office located in Lagos, Nigeria. It is Nigeria’s first social innovation fund with the main motive of influencing social change in the country. They do this by investing in startups, and businesses with high potential which will advertently cause economic growth.

Among the top companies in Nigeria that Growth Capital Fund has invested in are Life bank, Riby, Edves, Delivery science, and Drugstoc.

Growth Capital Fund investors are the bank of industry, co-creation hub, omidyar network, and the venture capital company itself, otherwise known as Venture Capital Group. It has raised one billion naira so far with about ₦280,000,000.00 invested. If your business has the potential to return good profits, you can bring them in.

  • Office Address: 294 Herbert Macaulay Way, Sabo Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria.
  • Phone number: +234 (01) 2934177.
  • Email:
  • Website:

Treasure Capital and Trusts Ltd

Treasure Capital and Trusts Ltd is a financial service company established in 2009 after been licensed and regulated by SEC to carry out financial services.

Their services include Investment Advisory, Treasury Management, Government Securities Trading, Debt Structuring and Restructuring, Commodities and Currency Trading, Bureau the Change, Infrastructure Financing, Training, and Consulting.

As an investor who is willing to make use of his or her unused funds, Treasure Capital and Trusts Ltd has got you and if you are an entrepreneur or business owner who needs money for business, it is what the company does.

  • Office Address: 55G Adebisi Omotola Close, Off Samuel Adedoyin Street, Victoria Island Lagos, Nigeria.
  • Phone number: +234 (1) 7368145, 2800796, 08034050417, 08068147667.
  • Email:
  • Website:

Kord Capital Limited

Kord Capital Limited is an Investment Advisory firm that provides services such as Financial and Investment Advisory, Venture Capital Agency, Shariah Advisory, and Private Equity.
The company is duly registered by the Securities and Exchange Commission and works in line with Islamic commercial beliefs and jurisprudence.

For investors, you can go on with your other commitments knowing that Kord Capital Limited will always analyse any opportunity before investing your funds. You are guaranteed a high return on your investment with little risk.

Entrepreneurs can access seed capital or funds that could further improve the value of the business in exchange for equity.

  • Office Address: 2nd Floor, Nursing Building, 43 Churchgate Street, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.
  • Phone number: +234-1-2770710, +234-1-8418148.
  • Email:
  • Website:
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As a technology entrepreneur, Microtraction is a place to quickly get cash support for new businesses. The venture capital firm concentrates more on new business that has the potential to become big. Aside from the pre-seed funding, you can also get professional and advisory services that may help your startup in the long run.

Microtraction has a long list of Angel investors and Venture Capitalists who are looking for where to put their money to work. For their good work over the years, they have been able to add popular businesses such as, accounteer, cowrywise, buycoins, riby, bitsika, sendbox, and many more.

  • Twitter:
  • Website:

Henshaw Capital Partners Ltd

Growing business and helping new entrepreneurs find their feet is what Henshaw Capital Partners Ltd is known for. The company works by boosting the private equity industry and venture capital in the country. This is achieved by providing a platform for investors to make returns, seed capital for potential business owners, and funds to intensify the productivity of existing businesses.

Henshaw was founded by Barbara James, she believes private equity and venture capital are the important components to providing job opportunities and for growing businesses. Today, Henshaw Capital Partners Ltd is now one of the best places to get funds for a new and established business.

  • Office Address: KKH, 25 Wumegon Crescent, Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria
  • Telephone: 0810 572 2998 (Text Only)
  • Email:
  • Website:

International Finance Corporation (IFC)

IFC is a member of the World Bank Group and the largest development institution that operates globally to help private sectors attain growth. By doing this, they are able to stimulate economic growth.

International Finance Corporation (IFC) was able to achieve this mission by investing in companies, mobilizing capital from lenders and investors and give to business owners, and also motivating the government on the need to support entrepreneurs and emerging startups.

  • Email:
  • Website:

Ventures Platform

Ventures platform was established by Kola Aina to give potential and existing business owners all the support they need to function as they ought to.

Expanding your operation is a great way to reach a wider audience, find new customers and improve profits. To do that effectively you need funds. Individuals with great ideas are also welcome.

  • Abuja Office: 29 Mambila Street, Off Aso Drive, Three Arms Zone, Abuja.
  • Lagos Office: Legacy place, Plot 1619 Danmole Street, Off Idejo Street, Victoria Island.
  • Phone Number: 0809 041 5327.
  • Email:
  • Website:

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