How to verify google my business

How to Verify My Google Business via Phone, Mail, and SMS

Account set up on Google My business is not the end, you will still need to go through the verification process before you can have the perfect online presence you crave for.

When most people were registering, they assumed it was going to be a smooth ride but Google would want only legitimate businesses to get their online shop, therefore accounts would need to be verified. It is similar to how Content creators verify their Google Adsense.

If you have a physical office where there will be a need to carry out the business right there, this kind of business will have to be verified by mail. In this case, Google will send a postcard containing the code which you are to enter on the GMB verification page.

However, other verification methods are also available which we will be providing more details plus how to use them. Meanwhile, only businesses that fall within service area businesses will be able to adopt these methods.


Without verification, there is nothing much you can do with your listing. By verifying, you will be able to manage your information as well as ensuring your business shows up on Google Search and Maps.

Also, unverified Google business account owners will be unable to add photos, posts, and respond to reviews made by customers.

To remove all forms of lock on your account, A GMB verification code will be sent via email, postcard, phone call, or text message depending on the nature of your business. Once received, you will need to enter the code and confirm your account.

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Also, it is worth noting that a business that has already been verified will enjoy more confidence than even most business sites. By gaining the trust of your customers and prospects, your sales will skyrocket.

Lastly, verifying your business ensures that no one can make claims to what is duly yours. You do not want that, and it is pertinent you complete your verification as soon as possible.


how to verify google my business listing on phone

There are several ways to verify your Google business listing, but the applicable one for your business will depend on the type of service you provide.

After completing the registration process, you will need to confirm your account using a unique verification code provided by Google. Below are the possible ways you can confirm or verify your business on Google:

1. Verification by mail

Verifying using the unique code sent by Google through postcards is the most used way by which local businesses get their online presence online. However, not without some difficulties especially for regions outside tier one countries.

The most common issue arising from using this method is postcards getting lost in transit or delays as a result of the inefficient post offices. Normally, it should be gotten within 7 days for some regions if everything goes fine. Note that it could also take one to two months for some countries outside Europe and America.

Once you have selected this method, you should see a notification on your screen stating, ‘A postcard is coming’

How To Complete Google My Business Verification After Receiving Mail

  1. Once you have gotten the postcard, open it to reveal a unique 5 digit verification code.
  2. Go to via your computer or mobile browser.
  3. Find the business you want to verify, select and click Verify now.
  4. Provide the 5-digit verification code and click ‘Submit.
  5. Alternatively, you can also download the official Google My Business app and log in to validate your profile.
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2. Verify a business on Google by phone

Businesses will be able to verify their Google My business via phone, but unfortunately, this is not available for everyone. If you are eligible to use this method, then you are in luck as this only takes a few minutes to be done with.

You have two options, automated phone calls or SMS sent to your phone. When you select a phone call for your GMB listing, you will get a call voicing out the 5 digit verification code while the SMS option ensures the code is sent to you as SMS. Normally, the SMS option is mostly favored by many as foreigners sometimes have issues hearing the codes properly through phone calls.

However, there have been several cases of fraud, mostly during the verification. Never reveal any information that may put your account at risk. You only need to get the codes and nothing else, Google will never ask you anything that may compromise your account.

Also, it is free to set up and verify.

How to Verify a Business on Google By Sms or Call

  1. To confirm you are the owner of a GMB listing account, visit on your browser.
  2. Sign in using your Google login details connected to the Google My Business Listing.
  3. Go to the business you want to verify, tap Verify, and then your Phone Number.
  4. Ensure your phone is currently active as may receive calls or text from Google largely depends on what you selected.
  5. Provide the code you got and enter it in the field.
  6. Now, verify your account by submitting it.
  7. The GMB app for Android, iPhone, and Ipad can also be used to verify your Google business profile.

3. GMB verification through Email

Another way to confirm that you are the owner of a business that is about to go live on Google map and search results is via email. However, not everyone will be eligible to verify through this method.

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If your business is eligible to use this method of verification on My Google Business listing, you will see the option that normally displays like this, “Verify by email”

How to Verify my Google Business via Email

  1. Visit the Google My Business website on your computer and login into your account.
  2. Click ‘Verify’ once you’ve located the Business you want to validate.
  3. Choose ‘Email’ from the list and follow on-screen prompts.
  4. Remember, this is not made available for all businesses. If it does not come up as an option for you, use another method.

4. Quick Verification Method Via Google Search Console

You can skip the above if your business website has been verified using the Google search console. However, some businesses or regions may not be qualified to use this method.

To confirm if you can use this method, log into your Google business account using the email connected to your GSC.

5. Multiple verifications at once

If it happens you have several business’ locations you want to verify, it is also possible to request for Google my business bulk verifications. However, the minimum number of locations for bulk verification is 10 and must relate to a single business as stated already.

Once your account has been verified, all locations in your GMB accounts that have not been claimed by anyone will be eligible for verification. This implies that no one can have them again unless you delist them.

How to verify multiple locations on Google My Business

  1. To take action towards carrying out a bulk verification, simply login to your account via
  2. Go to ‘Get verified’ next to the location you want to verify and tap ‘Chain’
  3. Complete the verification form with relevant information and submit it.


You may believe you are done with the verification process of your business profile, but you should still check if the Google business account has been verified.

how to confirm my google business listing verification

This is a simple process as Google has a tool that you can use to confirm it. To confirm if my google business account has been verified, simply visit go to the GMB verification status page and confirm using the email you used for the Google My business set up.

If it has been verified, you will see a ‘green tick’ or ‘verified’ shown on the page. If otherwise, then you need to go back to the drawing board again. Normally, instructions will follow.

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